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They have been called cultists, worshiping at the altar of some mad new philosophical pseudo-religion; terrorists, whose only purpose is to sow doubt and fear; heretics, defying the true word in favor of allowing the savages to continue to wage their endless wars; monsters, wantonly slaughtering everything that stands in their way. In truth, they are all of these things, and far more. They are the brutal, sadistic, and disconcertingly noble members of Charon's Tally, and they're saving the world, one corpse at a time.

Origin and Purpose

Charon's Tally has one true purpose: the restoration and preservation of human autonomy. Its founder, Lord Gorgon, will no longer abide the manipulation of humanity by dark gods, fey overlords, or other supernatural or otherworldly beings who see mankind as tools, slaves or fodder. Even the lowest-ranking members are recognized as Executioners, tasked with the extermination of such creatures. Whether Kheldians or Nictus taking bodies by force, demons possessing people, cultists or aliens brainwashing humanity into being their servants or conduits, or supernatural creatures forcing subservience through agreements (such as fairies) or force (such as vampires, werewolves, and other creatures), none of these beings will be allowed to rule over humanity. This is the age of man, not the age of subservience to gods.

The single greatest tenet of Charon's Tally, and one of the philosophical pillars on which the entire group stands, is the concept of free will. Everyone must be allowed to exercise their free will and right to change. If a religious leader sways a person with a reasoned argument or the promise of something that person has been seeking, this is not a violation of free will so long as these promises are kept. There is no threat here until said religion begins to force itself or its principles upon others without their consent. Charon's Tally recognizes the right to exercise free will in an attempt to stop them, but anyone who does so will promptly be killed. Diplomacy is a useful tool, but murder is faster and generally more efficient.

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