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[August 2002 - Bulgaria]

Cherry crouched in the empty stairwell catching her breath, her head pounding in time with her heart. Under the helmet she felt the head wound begin to seep through the bandage she'd haphazardly placed there. Right now panic would be bad, possibly even lethal, the adrenaline however was wearing off and the pain was beginning to kill her focus.

Sucking in a deep breath she slide another magazine into the gun her fingers as steady as expected. A noise outside of the blown out stairwell caught her attention. Raising the gun she leveled it to where someone enterings chest might be. The door groaned on broken hinges as someone pushed it open.

Letting go of her breath slowly her finger caressed the trigger before a voice called out, "Jericho!"

The gun sight dropped and she instinctively hit the safety, "Varnell? Well if you ain't a sight for sore god damn eyes."

Pushing the resistant door inwards the newer arrival stepped in and pushed it shut behind him, "Camp's crawling."

"Tell me somethin' I don't know, " reaching into her pouch she pulled out a small kit and began assembling. "You're suppose to be wit the squad Varnell."

"Couldn't let you be the hero on your own Jericho."

Glancing up from her current project she glared at him and went back to work, "Didn't need help Varnell."

"The blood dripping down past your ear says that plainly, " Varnell crouched down near her and eyed her handy work, "Not bad, not going to do much though."

"Just needs to take out the generator."

"You're nuts Jericho, how exactly do you plan to get close enough to it to place a charge."

Setting down the makeshift bomb she gave him a dubious look, "No idea Varnell, you got a better idea, because really I'm listenin'." Silence filled the stairwell for several moments before she went back to work, "Thought so."

"Its suicide."

"No shit Sherlock, why else do you think I offered to stay behind, I wasn't expecting to walk away. But if we don't take out the generator we won't be seeing any reinforcements anytime soon."

Finishing a few connections she slipped the charge back into her pouch and moved for the door.

Varnell hesistated before grabbing her arm, "I'll distract them, you get the charge down."

Eyeing him for a long moment she finally nodded and disappeared out of the door gun in hand.

The distance to the generator from the stairwell wasn't far, it was however crawling with Rikti. Thankfully it seemed to be mostly conscripts. Dropping to a crouch behind a container about 15 feet from the generator she waited. The sound of gunfire came soon after as the distraction Varnell promised started.

Waiting another few seconds she watched the conscripts run towards the noise before sprinting across the clearing yanking the charge from her pouch and falling to her knees working to get the charge set.

"Come on, come on you stupid piece of..." the shadow from behind her fell over her, quickly turning to dodge the coming blow she barely got a chance to turn halfway the butt of a rifle slamming into her already wounded head. Blackness was immediate.


Blinking, the harsh white light of the room burned, she forced herself to look. It was a sterile room, her whole body hurt, especially where straps held her to a gurney and were a IV was poked into her arm.

Struggling for a moment against the restraints she heard a voice across the room as a burning sensation poured into her arm. The anesthesia was quick her head falling to the side and the approaching figures nothing more then a blur.

"Subject 19, she's a fighter, double the dose."


"Get up Jericho!"

Someone was shaking her, but she was so tired, her whole body felt overwhelmed with sudden weakness. She weakly tried to push them off, her voice incoherent mumbles.

"JERICHO, get up!"

There was a new urgency in the voice, it was familiar. Forcing her eyes open however she only saw blurs of a figure moving around her. A pinch came before her eyes started to clear, the IV was out. Blinking against the light she felt the weight lift from her as the restaints were removed.

"Shit." The figure moved away for a moment before returning and picking her up, "We gotta go Jericho, you need to get your shit together."

Reaching a shaking hand up she touched his face her voice still slurred and mumbled but somewhat recognizable, "Varnell?"

"Yeah its Varnell, we gotta get the hell outta here." He moved towards the exit of the room. There was noise, and then sudden bone chilling cold. "We're out... now just to find out where here is..."

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