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Cherry 9
Agent of S.C.O.R.P.I.O.
Player: @Ran Kailie
Division: Spec-Ops
Rank: Deputy Director
Origin/AT: Natural Blaster
Security Level: 50
Agent Personal Data
Real Name: Rikki Jericho
Known Aliases: Cherry 9, Jericho
Species: Normal Human
Age: 29
Height/Weight: 5'9" / 140 lbs
Eye/Hair Color: Hazel / Red
Citizenship: US Citizen
Current Residence: Skyway City, Paragon City, Rhode Island
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Lillie Kettler (Mother, lives in Baltimore, MD)
Known Powers
Training / Abilities
RED HORSE Combat Engineer with specializations in demolitions and heavy munitions and training awards in small arms. She is airborne certified and has jump status with both parachute and air assault training which includes training to rappel from a helicopter. Rikki is a seasoned combat veteran with both armed and unarmed combat experience and experience with combat command.
• Wrist comm unit
• Head-Up Display, or "HUD"
• MediPort beacon
• Personal cloaking device
• Morita Smart Rifle, 7.62 MM
• S.C.O.R.P.I.O. Standard Spec-ops uniform

Merry Cherry, ordinance and rye,
Kicked the boys and made them cry.
When the Rikti came out to play,
Merry Cherry blew them away.
Cherry was created after receiving an invitation from Cyphre to join his new project, S.C.O.R.P.I.O.. I've always wanted to create the hard as nails female soldier who was equal parts Private Vasquez, Tank Girl, and GI Jane. Cherry is the epitome of the female soldier that can hold her own right along with the boys. She is what every little girl who grows up as a tomboy wants to be when they get older, able to leave the boys in their dust.


Born and raised in the suburbs of Baltimore, Rikki Jericho was the notable, abrasive, vocal and outgoing fiery red head of her hometown. Rikki was the party girl, with hell close on her heels. Perpetually the center of attention and almost universally liked she was also the top of her classes. Many of her teachers commented that she was the most highly motivated and driven student they had ever seen.

Anyone though who knew her was well aware of why she had an almost indomitable drive to succeed, her home life. Mom was a drug addict and more often then not Rikki was left to take care of her. Dad was absent, mom probably didn't even know who it was to begin with. From the earliest age Rikki was taking care of her Mom, and driven by the desire to get the hell away from the festering pit that was her home life.

Its pretty much exactly what she did, she graduated the Valedictorian for her class and shipped out for boot camp two days later. And she was ready, after years of track and field the rigorous physical trials of boot camp were nothing. She's never once regretted her choice to enlist in the US Air Force. Rikki again graduated with merit and honorable mention and left boot camp to join her new squad USAF RED HORSE Squadron 202.

Squadron 202 provided her with training in demolitions, combat maneuvers and the M-60 Machine Gun. It was during this time that she would also receive her call-sign. A minor mathematical error on the carbon range of the kerosene in a live IED during her demolitions training that almost killed her would earn her the unique call-sign she still carries with pride.

Determined to ensure she never made the same mistake twice her trainers took to calling her C9, the carbon number she'd forgotten. Her squad mates turned C9 into Cherry 9 for both her flame red hair and her newbie status. The nickname signaled her acceptance by the squad into the 202, and her beginning as just another one of the boys.

Passing her courses with honors, Cherry became an integral part of the 202. Her commanding officer who recommended her for air assault training, the required course for entry into the elite airborne section of RED HORSE. It was also a course that no woman had ever managed to pass muster on. Like everything else however she gave the rough special operations style training her all and passed. Receiving her air assault badge and commendation as the first woman in the RED HORSE airborne she would join up with the 823rd RED HORSE airborne squadron as a demolitionist.

Any and all celebrations were short lived, and after only a month the 823rd found themselves thrust into the middle of a war with the Rikti. The 6 months of the war were perhaps some of the most defining of her life. The 823rd went 5 months in the European theater without losing a single person. They're missions were some of the most successful and were often decisive victories for the forced allied against the invaders.

Cherry herself also quickly became an expert in Rikti technology, securing and rerouting portals and disarming bombs and other modifying Rikti weaponry. Her knowledge put the 823rd in demand for secure and destroy missions on Rikti portals. Many lives were saved by the 823rd, and the squad distinguished themselves continuously. It would be her knowledge and the squads distinction that brought them to a pivotal mission against the Rikti in November of 2004.

Over half of the 823rd was lost during the single mission in Paragon city. The job had been simple, secure and reroute a portal and ensure safe passage by members of a unit designated Omega Team. However as the portal destabilized, and the Rikti ambushed, the 823rd found themselves fighting to survive. Twenty of her squad mates died in a tense 5 minute period. It was a shocking hit to the squad, and had it not been for her quick and decisive action its possible that none of the 823rd would have survived.

The 823rd received the Air Force Cross, Air Force Distinguished Service medal, and a Presidential citation among many other commendations for their actions in the first Rikti War. Cherry exited the war with the field rank of Technical Sergeant, but all of the medals and the rank seemed hollow with the loss of so many soldiers that had become more like her family.

Her military record contains only a single demerit, for throwing the Air Force Cross in the face of a 3 star General and storming out of the award ceremony. It was only by the order of her Colonel, Steven "Saint Tact" Lyons, and his almost pleading with her, that she even agreed to take the medals and awards. She keeps them in a box and refuses to look at them. To her those medals represent her own failure, and the grievous loss of her comrades at arms.

First Rikti War


(Strategic Command Objective for Research, Protection + Interdictive Operations)

Rank: Deputy Director


The Wraith


Artwork Gallery


"Cherry always overwhelms with her energy, intelligence and desire to order everything around her. Don't let the foul mouth and brash attitude fool you, its a well played front to a cool, calculated and utterly analytical mind. "
- Col Steven "Saint Tact" Lyon - 823rd RED HORSE Squadron

MBTI Personality Classification: ENTJ [2]

Determined, logical, critical, they love a challenge, especially one that will allow tangible improvement in productivity, efficiency or profitability. They are direct, finding the quickest, most direct path between what is and what should be.
They excel at implementing ideas and are often on the lookout for good ideas worthy of their attention. They are quick to organize, orchestrate, find resources, coordinate, and follow through to the end of a project. They love a problem, especially one that will make full use of their competencies, their logic and sense of order, justice and fair play.
Many find competition to be stimulating and fun. "These are the rules of the game now let us play." Fairness is sharing and respecting the same set of rules, so may the best one win. And since they readily acknowledge that there will be a winner and a loser, they would simply much rather be the winner. So they hone their strategies on the fine knife of experience and sharpen their skills to meet the next challenge head on.
They love having greater challenges bestowed on them as a result of having successfully met the last, as this attests to their competence and skills. They appear dispassionate because of their impersonal and objective approach, but close observation will reveal deep passion and enthusiasm as well as sensitivity, especially to cherished ones. However they expect others to roll up their sleeves as they do and meet the task in spite of personal hardships or discomfort.
They have little tolerance for personal whims that threaten a smooth running operation. They are direct and honest with most things that displease them and expect others to do the same. Their humanity shows in their sense of fairness and justice as well as their love of humor.


Cherry possesses the normal human strength of a 5'9" 140-pound woman, who engages in intense, often brutal physical exercise. Cherry uses a regimen of calisthenics, Katas and firing range practice daily, maintaining her combat skills and honing her abilities. She does not drink alcohol often [3], smoke, or do any other type of drugs.

Cherry is also well versed in the conventional art of warfare and hand to hand combat. She prefers to use Krav Maga, a fighting style she learned during her training for RED HORSE airborne and air assault training. Prior to military service Cherry was already fairly adept at non-formalized fighting, as such she took very quickly to Krav Maga and its no hard-and-fast rules methodology.

Beyond her skill in Krav Maga, Cherry has shown adept skill in Muay Thai, and has received a bit of training in Ryabko's Systema, a Russian combat system. Push comes to shove she's extremely good at traditional fisticuffs, and has no qualms fighting dirty to win in a life or death situation.

She is also extremely well trained in most conventional weapons, a variety of guns, and in knife fighting, she might not be the best but she can hold her own against most easily. She is ambidextrous, and an exceptional marksman, and she possesses an attention to detail and level of intelligence beyond that of even most above average people.

Military Service

Branch: USAF
Unit: 823rd RED HORSE Airborne
Rank: Technical Sergeant
Specialization: Combat Engineer - Demolitions Specialist

Training Awards

Small Arms Expert Marksman with Bronze Service Star - Qualified expert in small-arms with an issue handgun and m-16 rifle.
Basic Military Training Honor Graduate - Graduated in top 10% of training flight.
Air Assault Badge - Successful completion of the US Army air assault training.
Air Force Good Conduct Medal - For exemplary conduct during first three years of active military service. (Rated excellent or higher in character and efficiency)

Medals & Honors

Air Force Cross - Actions in Paragon City in support of Omega Team.
Air Force Distinguished Service - Actions in Italy during the beginning of the Rikti War, resulted in saving more then 100 civilians while risking her own life.
Presidential Citation - Unit commendation for actions in Paragon City in support of Omega Team.
Rikti Campaign Medal - For service during the first Rikti War.
Combat Readiness Medal - Awarded to the 823rd for sustained combat readiness.
Outstanding Unit Award - Awarded to the 823rd for outstanding and distinguished service above and beyond other RED HORSE units.


Rifle: Heckler & Koch G36A2

A custom modification to the highly successful G36, it has become Cherry's go to rifle. Fitted with a picatinny rail sight and a AG36 Grenade Launcher, it is the multiple purpose sort of rifle necessary for combat in Paragon and the Rogue Isles.

Socom mk23.jpg
Personal Handgun: Heckler & Koch MK23 Mod 0

Originally developed for special operations units in the military, Cherry was allowed to retain her MK23 upon joining Scorpio. With a suppressor, and as a semi-automatic .45 caliber gun, its not something any perp wants shot at them. Generally her MK23 remains at home, secure near her bed.

Operations Sidearm: Heckler & Kochler USP Compact Tactical .45

HK USP Compact Tactical 45 A.jpg
Based on the original Mk23, the USP Compact Tactical is a smaller, lighter version of the original. It, like the Mk23, comes with its own suppressor, and is designed specifically for special operations teams. This gun has been consistently called a counter-terrorism weapon and given its concealable size is Cherry's choice for carrying day to day.


  • Jack Slayton - "Slayton is one of those old school, cold war black ops hard asses. The kinda guy they base blockbuster movies on and write best selling novels bout. Very few people I'd willingly walk through hell fer, Jack's one of em, but even he needs someone to disagree wit him sometimes."
  • Echo-3 - "Army grunt, and bein' honest he's on the short list of people I'd want at my back in a shitstorm. Calm and cool under fire Echo runs things with the the sort of efficiency that would make any Marine gunny proud. Probably never goin' to see eye to eye, but I wouldn't want anyone else as my second."
  • Obsidian Bowman - "Kowalski... most people askin me how I can justify keepin' a mad man like him on get told he's a tool to be utilied effectively, nothin' more. Reality however is that world needs people like him. Some jobs, some decisions, not the sort yer average person can make, in those situations you got people like him.
  • Agent Mackenzie - "Mack's got a decent head on her shoulders most of the time. Girl has a hellva set of legs on her, an' I don't just mean their pretty, she could kick a man hard enough to make him a woman. "
  • Celtic Arrow - "Huntin' humans? Ain't nothin' but nothin'. They all run like scared little rabbits. RUN RABBIT RUN!" [4]
  • Colonel Hero - "A verifiable god damn boy scout. They don't make em' like this anymore. After they made the Colonel they must've pitched the mold it into the sun. For a Supe he's pretty modest, actually he's extremely modest maybe too modest. No ego whatsoever but he's damn good to have in a fight. Like a god damn tank with legs. It don't matter what they toss at him he shrugs it off and keeps coming."
  • Mirror Mimicry - "On the topic of scary sons of bitches let me just bring up the Agent known as Mirror Mimicry. Reliable as hell, efficient as they come, and more like a machine then a man."
  • Magnum Max - "There are jus' some people who don't know when to keep their mouth shut. Max is one of em'. Don't get me wrong, he's damn good at what he does, but he doesn't have an ounce of common damn sense bout keepin' his trap shut. He's also got a problem with takin' orders, he's either gonna shape up or end up dead, or maybe even worse."
  • Argent Marksman - "Like every damn army jockey I ever did an airborne jump with, more opinions then common damn sense. Still hopin' he's alright."

Cherry shooting.jpg


Cherry 9: why are we enterin' the bank from a... ah fuck it nevermind
Brou: Account closure is serious business exiting
Brou: Don't forget your credit card.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Cherry 9: Confusin' me wit your ex wife now? Shame grunt I ain't that ugly.
Echo-3: No, my ex at least left me on a good note. She took that fucking dog out of my home.
Cherry 9: *laughing* herself or was there a four-legged one running around too after you mated wit her?
- - - - - - - - - - - -
*after cherry's stealth being broken by an Overseer, despite it being smoke-naded*
Cherry: "Don't tell me... They can see us."
Echo: "Cherry... They're giant, flying EYEBALLS..."
Cherry: "... Well aren't you a comedian."
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Mercy Guevara: Interesting. The great Cherry needs back up.
Cherry 9: *laughs* 'ear that bowman? Even the upstart greenhorn knows yer my lackey
Obsidian Bowman: More like human shield, way you run on missions..
Cherry 9: Ah you like it, keeps life interestin'
Obsidian Bowman: Yeah, makes me glad i trashed that "light armor" crap.
Cherry 9: *chuckles* you could probably jus' breath on em and they'd keel over an die from tha fumes, who needs armor wit that.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Obsidian Bowman: I'll be good
Cherry 9: Liar
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Mercy Guevara: *After being told she has to work with Obsidian Bowman* You're serious. I have to go with.... *her voice dripping with disgust* him.
Cherry 9: Fate worse'n death I'm sure.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Flame Speed: You'll learn to love my wit...everyone does, in time.
Cherry 9 shakes her head and looks at her coffee cup wondering for a moment if there is enough coffee in the world for this job for probably the millionth time, "I'm sure, jus like every other witty sunnvabitch thats walked inta this place."
Flame Speed: Yup...but my brain is full of other juicy tid-bits, like Flouride in toothpaste is used by the government to track us via satellite.
Cherry 9: Oh goody, we can fill that paranoid conspiracy theorist spot that has been vacant since Marksman went MIA. I'm sure the grunt is gonna love ta hear that.
Cherry 9: Right, an where exactly is this proof?
Flame Speed: Aeon mainframe...well, not the "main" mainframe. More like a secret mainframe...kinda Arachnos-linked.
Cherry 9: ...
Cherry 9: Keep going astro boy sounding more'n more believable by the minute *sarcasm*
Flame Speed: Fine, you want proof?
Cherry 9 shakes her head, "Not particularly no."
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Cherry 9: Welcome ta the real world, it don't fit in a box, it ain't planned and it sure as hell ain't going ta stop fer you to get that head of yers on straight.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Cherry 9: Go get yer present Bowman. Enjoy tha readin material
Obsidian Bowman: Two bucks says she got me a penthouse.
Cherry 9: Nah not smutty enough
Flame Speed cocks his head up.
Cherry 9: Definitely Hustler fer you Kowalski.
Obsidian Bowman chuckles and disappears towards the armory and his lock box.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Cherry 9: You tryin' ta be a smartass Johnson?
Aaron Johnson: I am a Satyr, not a donkey
Cherry 9: Not from where I'm standin'
Aaron Johnson looks around
Aaron Johnson: well Ms. Jericho, i say that with utmost respect and no as a smart ass
Cherry 9: Fine, an I'm tellin' ya don't call me Ms. anythin'
Aaron Johnson: and...Cherry Jericho is right out?
Cherry 9: Jus' Cherry is fine or rank if ya have some undying urge to give me some sorta honorific.
Cherry jumping.jpg

Contact Info

VirtueVerse: Ransim
Official Forums: ransim
Global ID: @Ran Kailie


  1. Current Status: Cherry 9 was found by SCORPIO Agents moments after she was apparently killed, execution style, by an Operative named "Face". However later investigation seemed to imply that the Cherry they saw die was merely her Praetorian and that she had been taken to Praetoria. Unfortunately intel from Praetoria hit a dead end, and without knowing whether she is alive, or dead Cherry has been labeled as MIA. For details see Transitioning.
  2. Personality Pathways: ENTJ
  3. Consuming Alcohol: Cherry does not drink often. For a long period she was known to not drink ever, however in recent months she's been seen to enjoy the occasional beer.
  4. Quote from House of 1000 Corpses. Using her stealth field Cherry successfully ran circles around Andrew McConnell during training sims Taunting him "Run rabbit run" before taking a pot shot at him. He would later get his revenge but the nickname Rabbit has stuck.
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