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Circleofburkeslogo.png History

The Circle of Burkes was founded by Matthew Burke's clones, specifically Harry Burke and Lynch Burke. With some convincing, Harry and Lynch managed to coerce all but a few Burke clones to join their organization. Although branching off into another organization, they are still under Matthew Burke's thumb, and they are still loyal to him when the chips are down (he needs help because one or more of his lackeys got him in trouble... again). They also perform food-related activities for Matthew Burke, such as taste-testing food, getting Harby's takeout for him, and buying him all kinds of food.

Needing more assistance, the Circle of Burkes opened their doors to more than just clones. Criminals of all kinds were invited to join the ranks, not that they did. Some villains refused to join after learning that the organization was controlled by a bunch of Burke clones. (Think about it... Would you want to be surrounded by Burke clones all the time?) Others didn't care as long as they had a base of operations.

Why am I homeless? I don't want to be surrounded by Burkes!

- Rogue Isles Times, "Homeless Villains in Cap Au Diable"

Circleofburkeslogo.png Commandments

1. Never steal food from Matthew Burke

2. Always buy food for Matthew Burke

3. Thou shalt kill all snakes

4. Don't forget the mustard!

5. Donuts are Matthew Burke's best friend

6. Matthew Burke's favorite bar is The Dirty Duck

7. Always participate in Matthew Burke-related activities (read: wash his feet!)

8. Register all meals and dinners in the Food Log (to give Matthew Burke excellent food recommendations)

9. Never sneak celary into Matthew Burke's food... The results are gaseous!

10. Always eat at Harby's

Circleofburkeslogo.png Ranks within the organization

Overlord: Ham Sandwich

Kingpin: Donut

Ringleader: Mustard

Taskmaster: Harby's

Enforcer: Cheeseburger

Flunky: Dirty Duck

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