Clarence Arkdine III

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Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology.
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Smart troll is Smart
Clarence Arkdine III
Player: @Saice
Origin: Science
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Clarence Arkdine III
Known Aliases: None
Species: Troll (Superadine Addict)
Age: 38
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 145lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Green
Biographical Data
Citizenship: USA
Occupation: Research Consultant
Place of Birth: Paragon
Current Residence: Paragon
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Parents Alive, Younger sister, three cats
Known Powers
Psychic and a library of knowledge
Known Abilities
limited dimensional sight
Nothing of Note



Clarence before

Like father like son. Clarence was a lot like his father in his youth. He as young, smart, full of life, and overconfident to a fault. Like his father he got straight A's in school and got into collage on a free ride with all academic skills. And like his father once he was done with that he dropped into the real world and traveled around for a few years picking on a world view and life experiences to round out what would be another Arkdine power house to add to the family's business. But unlike his father Clarence took a slight detour that would change his life forever.

The addiction

Starting at the family business after touring about for a few years Clarence started in a posh job as a research consultant. He specialized in data analyst. For the first year it was day in day out easy work. But as more and more projects where dropped in his lap Clarence found in harder to stay on top. That is when a co-worker suggested he try something that was going around the club scene called Black and gave him a few black pills. He at first thought nothing over it and tossed them into a drawer. But as he started to fall behind in his work one late night to many he gave them a try. Unknown to him this was Superadine and the effects were powerful. He got the boost he needed to get back on track and he told himself it was just this one time. But soon he find himself dipping into it again... and again... and again. The downward spiral was fast before he knew it he had formed connections with a club scene dealer and had a $1,000 a day habit. But unlike most addicts he was not getting bigger or green. His overconfidence assigned this to some natural gift or that his habit was truly not all that bad.

The wake up call

Then the visions started to come. First just dreams but then day dreams and finally full blown waking visions of strange vistas. This gave him pause but it did not stop his use as by now he was fully in the grips of a Dyne addiction. What finally got him what his family politely refers to as 'The Event'. Late one night working Clarence had what he would learn later was a trans-dimensional jaunt. He in full view of co-workers vanished in a flash of green light. He was found twenty miles away raving like a lune by PPD. He also was found with a large amount of Dyne on his person and the jaunt had finally caused him to show the signs of trollism. He was taken to the hospital monitored and once given a clear bill of health arrested for his drug possession. He was given a light sentence and forced into rehab.

Thinking mans Troll?

During rehab his family was supportive and understanding of his troubles. But he was still having visions even though he was off the superadine. And more troubling to him was he believed he was going mad because he was hearing voices. Then in his darkness hour he was visited by an other worldly entity weather this was all in his mind or real he has never fully understood and he has never encountered this entity since that time. The entity explained to him that his only hope at saving his own mind was to learn to channel the mental and dimensional energies. He quickly learned to channel and focus these and cast them out as bolts of pure psychic power. As he regained himself he slowly learned to channel other powers quickly gaining skills in many areas of psionics. he learned the voices he was hearing was uncontrolled mind reading. By the time he was finely released from rehab he was a fully classed Psychic. Since then he was both returned to work in his family business and has taken up working with Hero corp from time to time.

Current events

I want a new dyne

Lately Clarence has been using his research connections to find out more about superadine. He is convinced that there can be a cleaner safer superadine. Hero corp already has limited amounts of superadine that is used by a few supers in Paragon. While uncut dyne is still to much for people to take he believes dyne cut down to a more medically safe level can have a use. While he does not suggest anyone get hooked he is trying to find something to help the already effected troll population.

Other Data


Troll is TROLL EENK A group of trolls trying to help out the public image that trolls are people too.


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