Cognitive Reform

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Cognitive Reform
Player: @Malastus
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Dominator
Threat Level: Classified
Personal Data
Real Name: Elena Westings
Known Aliases: Cognitive Reform, Cog, CR
Species: Human
Age: 24
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 134 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: U.S. Citizen
Occupation: Unemployed
Place of Birth: Langley, Virginia
Base of Operations: Langley, Virginia
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mother (Living), Father (Living), Two Brothers (Both Living)
Known Powers
Psychic abilities including but not limited to; psychokinesis and telepathy. Powers are highly unstable and unpredictable. She has limited control over it.
Known Abilities
Not very physically fit outside of her suit, she is no different than a normal human sans psychic abilities.
High-Tech U.S. Government Suit offers her resistance to most types of assault and aids her psychic abilities. Also allows her to use energy offensively in controlled bursts.
No additional information available.

Cognitive Reform is the product of a shamed woman with nothing to lose deciding to take it upon herself to undergo an experiment so radical that it changes her life. Through this experience, she has deemed the world unfair, despicable, and only desires to cause mayhem and destruction.


Character History

Elena Westings began her life like any normal suburban American family. She had a Mother, a Father, two Brothers and a family dog. The family was heavily involved in the U.S. Government and Military, not to mention being born and raised in Langley has that sort of affect on someone.

Throughout her childhood she was surrounded by the military and Pro-American beliefs that, of course, she would want to pursue her future through the American way and have a taste of the American dream. Her Father was a high ranking Officer with the Marines, and her Mother, a honorably discharged Medic who was with the Army Reserve. Elena's two brothers both a few years older than her, currently serve in the U.S. Army Reserve. Elena was a bit too afraid to enter the armed forces, wanting to pave her own little path for her family, she set her eyes on the FBI.

At the age of 16, Elena realized the rigorous requirements to join the FBI and worked hard towards, making sure to keep her record impeccably clean, even sacrificing the teen milestone of underage drinking. At the age of 23 she managed to achieve her goal of a four-year degree in psychology. Armed with what was necessary to apply, she made the effort and sent in her application. Whilst working hard towards her goal, she managed to oversee the rigorous physical requirements and, unfortunately, failed horribly come testing.

Distraught, downtrodden, and morose about the whole situation, Elena Westings was approached by a scientist within the FBI. The government had been working on a experimental suit geared towards individuals who have undergone a specific surgery. Elena couldn't bare to return home with news of her failure so she signed the waiver and went under the knife. The contents of the surgery were 'kept under the most strictest of security. The process involved alternating her brain synapses with an experimental drug and the use of nanomachines within her body. Of course, with everything experimental comes consequences.

Initially the surgery was a success, Elena was able to move objects ever so slightly with the use of telekinesis as well as read simple numbers with the use of telepathy on scientists. When the work on the suit was finished, they connected her to it through the use of various small wires protruding from her neck connected to her spine. As with the initial testing, this was a success. Elena melded well the use of energy from the suit and was able to sprint well to 40 MPH. Then came the failures.

Elena began to withhold information on her symptoms, she had begun experiencing painful headaches 24/7, to the point where she would have issues breathing and speaking. This was caused by extended time within the suit, despite this, the scientists wanted to keep her in the suit for more testing for mass production. More and more Elena grew more irate, lashing out and even harming innocent testers. They began to restrain and sedate her more, forcing her to conduct test after test until their guard was let down during a routine inspection. The government official requested a personal meeting with Elena only to have her assault his mind until death.

Escaping with the suit on her back and nothing else she made her way out of the country, taking a boat from a bay in Virginia to the Rogue Isles. Elena has no idea what her goals or motives are besides causing enough pain to everyone else around her in the hopes of drowning out her painful headaches.

Personality and Reputation

Elena's personality is very angry and snarky. She is not keen on making friends unless it is a means to an end for any specific objective on her agenda. Swearing is a very big part of her vocabulary, though this was not a side effect of her condition, she merely comes from a military family so it was always prominent in the household. Elena really has no reputation as of yet, she prefers to remain in the background instigating as much conflict as possible.

Goals & Motivations

The only goal Elena has in mind is cause chaos and mayhem whenever and wherever she can. Bank robberies to assaults in Paragon City have become routine, as with most villains. The only motivation she has for her wrong doings is that she was mutilated by the government she grew up to love, despite her signing up for it, which only serves to feed her frustrations.

Powers and Abilities

Mind Control - Through the experimental surgery, Elena's synapses and spinal cord were tampered with enough with a drug that allows her a limited usage of psychic powers such as telepathy and psychokinesis. Though her powers can devastate unguarded minds, she only has limited use before harming herself. Also, despite the use of telepathy, she cannot read minds, only influence unguarded minds to do whatever she wishes or to simply confuse them into a blunder.

Energy Control - The suit allows Elena to utilize energy gathered around her and use it as an offensive ability. This does not affect her like her psychic abilities do so it serves as a great offensive alternative when engaged in combat. The energy eminates through her body and to her fists, allowing her to use her arms like a gun.

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