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Devil's Night Syndicate
Founder: Dollar & Myca
Side: Villains
Motto: Fire it Up!
Leader(s): Dollar
Logo: Red Devil's Face on Black
Group Colours: Blood Red & Ebony
Levels: All
Play style: Mature (Ultra Violence)
Roleplay: Expected
Timezone(s): Any
Recruiting: Always
Contact: @Kinetic Rush, @Steel Frost
No additional information available.


The Gemini Mask

The DNS has two sides to it's coin, one is the face side or what it shows the mundane world. This is the DNS of old and the one that has earned it the respect and fear it has on a street level. Based out of the club Devil's Night, the gang is known as much for it's brutal attacks on order as well as it's intense drug and sex soaked parties. DNS or The Devils have a long standing history for having the single goal of dragging the city they are in at the time into an abyss of crime and mayhem. They seem to do it just for the sake of doing it, true enemies of justice and or peace.

The other side of the coin is the tail or the back of the gang. This is the higher power of DNS and it could be debated the most dangerous. Few know, though it is no great secret, that the crime syndicate is ruled by a single "Street Prince" by the name of Dollar who once was thought to answer to a shadowed select few called Carnal Lords. It was from The Carnal Lords that the new danger sprang from. Nearly all were Chosen of respectable power in one or more ways, with a history in most cases of working together in the past. This had lead them to focus more on a shared goal than fighting for power. This shared goal seemed vague on the surface and you would have gotten a few answers. Power. Spreading Fear. A source of Food. Pleasures of the Flesh. They all claimed to have wanted the same thing that Dollar wants. Discord. The Carnal Lords all shared the idea that their wants outweigh the wants or happiness of outsiders.

Where as Dollar's people move to hunt the streets the Carnals wove their tendrils through political as well as military powers. At this higher layer Devil's Night Syndicate was more well known as DNS Holdings which has it's hands in a few small companies that can come and go in the night as needed. DNS Holdings is what it uses when it does not want to scare off more white collar victims to be. When it seeks the dirt on an oil tycoon it will offer it base treats as in whores or drugs from Dollar's layer and then the higher one will offer the same man a crack security force to protect his interests or maybe even an ace assassination squad for the same reason. As always, dealing with Devils come at a high price and one you have no idea you are going to pay.Once Dollar regained his Throne DNS holdings was broken apart by Threshold and dealt out to known and unknown parties. The Gemini Mask is not fractured with both side dealing with one another coolly. The Syndicate on the rise as DNS Holdings slowly being picked apart by it's creator.

Another common thread shared by both sides of the coin is the Mystical flavoring of the Gemini Masks. While no place near a magical organization the occult and mystical play large roles in their look as well as many of their goals. The gang was ruled by Dollar and his "Witchy" sister Myca who he relied on for her council and shamanistic aide. Even Dollar himself seems to respect if not worship the concept of "The Devil". The Carnal Lords are thought to have had at the very least a respectable amount of magic users or occultist in their number. They too had the trappings of magic and the occult about some of their dealings and crimes.

Few who wear the Gemini Mask known as either DNS or Devil's Night Syndicate show any lack of hedonism. Sex, flavors, sensations, power or knowledge, it's members seem to enjoy, enjoying themselves. Some do it openly and preach to the masses about it while others fine more of a thrill and wearing the face of calm and balance in public and becoming a beast in private as they drain magic power out of an object or force a Soldier to dress as a sheep while they dance and sing. There is no limits to the depths one can sink or heights one can climb. The only reason seeming to be it's own sake. This is nearly like an infection in the ranks as it tends to spread as the members look in on and share their "hells" with one another as well as outsiders who are sometimes lucky enough to catch sight or doomed to be a part of one.

DNS Holdings

A Crown of Thorns productions:

A Dark Fetish film company with a massive underground following that has now gone international. The psychology and abstract way of filming launched the films into a small but growing internet following as well. To spite the violent and often horrific subject matter few international laws are broken allowing this company to stay "legit". A small core group of elite fans have ordered specialty films at high prices. Threshold has used this company to lay the hidden ground work for other companies to hide, grow and move funds.

Domain: Eros Bliss

Jagged Edge Records:

Most of the artist on this label would not be touched by main stream labels. Either due to a history of being hard to work with or something making them too hot to deal with for public relations. Lance saw past the "small hitches" to the fact that none the less the skill and raw talent of the bands, singers and Hip Hop artist is a goldmine.

Domain: Eros Bliss

Perception Films:

A small independent film company which has mad a name for itself with the sleeper hit "Mutable Concepts" about the psychological similarities of so called Villains and Heroes. The film was met with scorn by critics and Paragon media but none the less broke sales records in it's third week of release. Unlike many indie studios they do have access to a sub par SFX studio. Once a year Perception offers an unknown film maker a chance to have their vision come to life through the Perception Awards.


Etoile Escort Service:

Has a reputation for being able to have a tailor made escort that is exactly what the client desires within a day of placing the order. EES serves mostly the wealthy of the Isles, from CEOs, Capos and Arachnos High Officers. Unlike many escorts the ladies and gentlemen of EES seem to have training in their craft like the Geisha of old. Conversation as well as sensuality.


Smith, Jones & Johnson attorneys at law:

There is no Smith, Jones or Johnson, all are simply names and numbers in a data base. The cliche of Lawyers being the devil holds truth in this place. The base of this company was built was a core group of lawyers that were either in jail or on their way to prison in their native countries. The Syndicate offered them a second chance on the isles and in some cases a new face and identity. From there they have spread into other countries, mostly the United States as well as the EU. SJ&J tends to deal mostly with high profile criminal cases and white collar crimes since that is where the money is but much like the DNS they have layers and a big fish, little fish set up.

This is an arena of mental sharks and the game of houses. The lower rung deals with simple and petty cases of note to DNS like keeping useful gang bangers or gang leaders out of jail all the way up to the protection of vile CEOs. SJ&J deals with nearly all of the Devil's legal matters and has a close working relationship with Jagged Edge Records and it's talent.


Omega Defensive PMC (Private Military Contractor):

The most active tendril of the Devil's Night Syndicate out side of the City of Villains. This small military contractor has been hit with a list of sabotage as well as flat out open sanctions from Arachnos.While not forbidden from working in the Isles or for factions not openly opposed to Lord Recluse the forces of Arachnos has sent a clear message to Omega Defensive, "This is Recluse's House" and the message has been received so far.

Omega Defensive had a main complex on a very tiny island in Nerva and two smaller complexes under an office building in Port Oakes and hidden under the earth in Shark's Head. The Port Oakes office was destroyed in a powerful explosion and the company has been racked by attacks as well as corruption from within. The Terrorist faction, Zodiac-13 has all but destroyed or rotted this dying branch. Omega Defensive trained and supported mostly so called third world military forces. Their small size as well as the strikes of Arachnos and Zodiac against them has kept this company from growing as fast and doing as well as it should have. None the less their collection of Meta-Humans and access to tech and magic has gained them a small and lucrative following in the third world. The future looks bleak for this company.

Like most PMCs Omega does more training and security than combat in most it's said.


Impervium Security:

An out growth and clearing house for Omega Defensive. The idea of the wolf spiders struck Lance Richards as a very good idea. A pool of dangerous riff raff that would act as a Darwinist nightmare. The best of the best tend to rise and feed on the weaker aspects. It is the very best that are then trained to join Omega Defensive. Others under that skill level or placed as security for company offices or the private sector.

While the bottom of the rung issued as night watchmen at other locales or as front jobs for parolees in The Syndicate. It is common for internal sweeps to come through it's ranks to remind the officers the drawbacks of stealing from clients. After Dollar's rise to power Impervium has undergone hard times. The sweeping changes Wrathchilde and Erika made to it has been undone in one night as key new players disappeared. Their Leader Wrathchild was lost in DNS's war with Pride.


The Preservation Foundation:

A rival of Omega Defensive for the most active branch outside of the City of Villains. They travel all across the globe and in many cases dimensions and times in search of lore and artifacts to preserve or replace. On the surface they are mostly a foundation that tries it's best to save art and knowledge from being lost in war torn areas or to grave robbers and pirates. They tend to keep their noses clean as best as they can since many of it's members are rich and powerful people from many countries and can not afford the negative press.

While they often run afoul groups like M.A.G.I. and not as often The Legacy Chain they do not peak too many interests being an international gathering of treasure hunters and protectors of art.Under the surface of course DNS has it's goals. Items of power, mystical, of the mind and even trans dimensional. What can not be stolen flat out is replaced in a bait and switch or just "kept safe" in their vaults. Like Impervium they too have weathered a storm at the hands of Zodiac-13 it seems. The High Seats of The Foundation have closed ranks and may be on the verge of breaking free of DNS Holdings.

Domain: The High Seats of the Houses for now answer to Madame Samedi


The ranking system of DNS is shrouded in symbols like most of what they do. In this case they have taken to the use of chess pieces to inspire a clear pecking order in the organization and to imply the subtle moves as well as power plays that take place within it.

King: Unlike Threshold Dollar does not share power. Does not believe in balanced scales or looking at things from different views. He is a Tyrant. A task Master, an Adversary. He is admirer of the concept of Satan. The idea of Lucifer. He rules in Hell and does not Serve in Heaven...or Earth. His word is Law his whims met and his will be done. He is not above shooting anyone for stepping out of bounds or beating a woman to make his point. He's had barmaids shot in the belly to make a point and beaten New Fish for thinking they were Sharks. Thankfully very few Devil's ever deal directly with Dollar. He speaks and then awaits his orders to be carried out leaving the day to day contact with Rooks and lower to Queens.

It's best for everyone... mainly you.

Queen: Once this Rank was known as the "Royals" at time the Carnal Lords. That was in the era of Threshold but now Dollar has once again found himself at the head of the Syndicate he gave life to. Placing himself at the top of the food chain and removing two of the four seats he left room for only two to fill this rank. A White Queen and a Black Queen. Queens hold power second only to The King and are charged with keeping the Rooks in line as well as enforcing the Will of The King. Their comings and goings are a mystery to all below them and none know when a Queen maybe picking through their affairs. Whores of Babylon they ride the horned beast that is The Devil's Night Syndicate pointing it towards rivals and foes like a weapon, laying waste to anything in it's way.

Rook: The Tower. The stronghold of the DNS power structure. Rooks play the role of CEOs of corporations. They are the Street Princes of large gangs and the Arch Dragons of Sects. The Rooks wield the full might of their chosen domain. It is at this level of immersion that all things are possible, that nothing is beyond their grasp. Their world is one of indulgence and power. It is also one of control and loyalty for just above them the Carnal Lords watch. The Rook is the brain of the beast, one of the many heads that rise from the sea adorn with crowns to lead the masses in the Syndicate and manipulate the ones controlled by it. Rooks are given leave to use the organization to further their goals. By this level of power their goals and the goals of the Syndicate are almost always the same. Only the most cunning and depraved minds make it this far. The best of the best and true children of chaos. They seek little more than to tip the scales and plunge it all into the abyss of Discord. A Rook is the very symbol of the Devil's Night Syndicate. A person who is driven to have anything and everything they want and who has long ago shrugged off the limitations of any moral compass or the rules and laws of man, nature or God.

Knight: Division Heads - High Priests - Commanders. The Knight is the wall. They are the very first door to true power within DNS and they guard that wall with fervor. A Knight is perched between the commands of the higher ups and the envious dreams of the ones beneath a Knight. Only the very best of Bishops can even dream of becoming a Knight. The role is a busy one with having the day to day needs of the higher ups seen to and being sure it is done by the Bishops and their Pawns. Knights tend to be Ganglords or Generals. They are the most cunning of the Corporate sharks and the most gifted of Cult Leaders. A Knight will be placed in an area and expected to see to it all on their own. Their own little web of DNS to look after and most of all protect. This is the end of the line for most in DNS and not a bad place to stay for the more talented ones. The more talented and the more hungry look towards more. A Knight has both the tasks of keeping the Bishops in line and on course as well as being the trouble shooters of DNS. A Knight will make surprise checks on a dummy company to ensure things are running smoothly. A Knight will arrange inspections of troops hours before a combat op. A Knight will call an inquisition in a Cabal to root out the weak or unfaithful. A Knight can pop up anywhere at anytime in DNS.

Bishop: Street Captains - Squad Leaders - Priest - or Project Management. The Bishops oversee the day to day functions and carry out the orders handed down from on high. If Pawns are the backbone then the Bishop is the nervous system. Chosen out of the most intelligent, powerful or ruthless of the Pawns The Bishop is the overseer of the projects. Bishops will be placed at the head of gangs or put in as the center of a cult. The Bishop is the face of most of DNS's activities as far as the world at large knows and that is just how it is meant to be. A Bishop is a doorman to higher secrets and access to the core of DNS. It's through a Bishop that most people are even allowed to interact with anyone higher within DNS. Bishops keep close watch on Pawns and will keep an ear to the grapevine for others out there to bring into the fold.

Pawn: The rank and file. Pawns have shown a spark of something that the Royals may find useful to the goal. While at the bottom of the ladder, they are still above the faceless criminals and nameless suits that make up the gears of this Syndicate. Although they have broken into the higher layer of the Syndicate they are just at the door of the real power.


The Mu: A small circle of Thirteen Mu have a bond with Threshold for an unknown reason. What is known is the 13 are always replaced when one falls and tend to speak to only each other or Threshold. At times of danger one will appear in a flash of magic too defend Lance or even give it's life freely and without regret. The fallen Mu is replaced at time of death to keep the circle at thirteen at all time.

The House of Mirrors: A faction within The Carnival of Shadows lead by Dark Ring Mistress Valerie.


The Hellions

The Family



Members of Note

Dollar: Leader of The Syndicate.


Crush Hour:

Wyld Rose:

Erika Stavros:


Karen Miller:

Eros Bliss:

D-GEN R 8:

Fun Facts

DNS started as a simple place to just store the alts of two friends.

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