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Madame Samedi


DJ Echo

Premier Band:


Performances by:

Mask and The Machine

Exotic Performers:

Karen Miller (Headliner)


Dark Fetish Dance Club located in Port Oakes.

Devil's Night is located on the eastern edge of the Port Oakes "Sea Side" area. The part of town that hugs the coast on that side. The building itself is a converted church with an attached old style hotel building that now houses one of Impervium Securities offices and motor pools on the entire bottom floor while the upper floors act as a call center and minor halfway house for employees of EES. Down a wide set of brick stairs in what was once the chapel is Devil's Night. An overly large neon sign with the Devil Head logo spells out it's name. Band fliers old and new litter the area and walls as well as plenty of gang graffiti of The Devil's Night Syndicate or it's affiliate gangs in smaller captions.

The club is open twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. It has been closed at the whim of management for special reasons. Open or closed you will always find an assortment of people just hanging around the area. Most of them no matter their scene have a darker vibe to them. Devil's Night attracts the darker side of most genres. While the various groups might have never come together outside of a place like Pocket D they do so here as well. Pocket D provides a common ground based on a need to belong or be seen by metas while Devil's Night also provides a form of common ground. Sex, Drugs and an erotic fall into Barbarism.

Once down the wide brick steps you find yourself in the underside of the building in a sunken alley way of sorts that runs lengthwise under the chapel with bars at either end facing out. Large metal doors stand open letting the sound of hard music in most and the buzz of an always rowdy crowd out from the inside. On either side of the door stands security. All dressed in urban (black/white) camo pants and a Devil's Night T-shirt. With one doorman a meta of threat ratings from 15 to 20. Admission is considered a bit high but word of the anything goes flavor of the place keeps people coming back. Females always pay half the admission fee and "seeders" have the power to hand out free passes to anyone they wish.

There are four fire exits on each of the four sides of the building. There is no valet. There is rarely any parking and most of the pay phones in the area have been torn out. Once through the "main" doors you come into a bit of a wide open basement area where you can buy band paraphernalia, club wear, fetish gear, condoms, snacks or just hang out. Devil's night had a hard 18 or older age limit which has for seemingly no reason been lifted. Before the lifting on the ban this area had become the unofficial hang out for the "Los Boyz" a Juvi Gang of mostly young runaways with a lord of the flies feel. For whatever reason they are allowed to stay nested in this area or up in the shadows of the chapel and most leave them be. This area is blatantly watched by cameras, though not overly so.

Down yet another of four flights of stairs leads to the Club proper. It's dark down the steps but a single cam looks up from the main door in infrared. Two more security wait at the door checking admission stamps. Once through the the sounds of Devil's Night assaults you. It's a loud blue and red neon hell. A mash-up of scenes and cultures with an overpowering coat of BDSM running through it. Dark Fetish Dance is what most of the patrons have taken to calling it. Two small lines are formed down here. One leads to the bar and the other to the dance floor. Both must pass the check point which starts with an Arachnos scanner that checks for weapons and equipment and ends with a large glass sheet that has an x-Ray scanner in it for bio weapons, implants and non-metal systems. Here you drop off all weapons and state your abilities to the admissions. A quick process, then given a stamp that contains your info so you can claim your items on the way out. This stamp has a very low yield element that is traceable inside of the club with its data feed to the security outfit located "in" the walls and walkways of the club.

NOTE: Coalition members never need to pay or be stamped but must still stop by admissions to inform that they are in the club. This is relayed to staff. In other words announce in Broadcast when you walk up in our house unless you are just here for the TPers which you are all welcome to. Guest of theirs ALWAYS do. If you want to sneak past you can if you can give a way you pass the scanners that's not "Just because" or some weak move like that... yeah I got hit with that one once.

The walls of Devil's Night are thick and reinforced with passages and lifts inside to allow security to move about without giving an oppressive feel to the place. There is not enough room for rooms just a passage here and there and steps with two man lifts. The Bar. Lounge. Dance Floor. All have a observation booth above the action the keeps a close eye while feeding it to the Alert Center above ground. At some point in time at least three DNS Pawns or above are on Security for a shift. Threat ratings vary.

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