Crush Hour

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"I KNOW it was expensive and rare. That's what made smashing it fun."
Crush Hour
Player: @Belah Nain
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Scrapper
Threat Level: Classified
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Crush Hour, Crush, Thumper, The Angel of Ruin
Species: Human
Age: Unknown
Height: 213 cm
Weight: 500 kg
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: U.S. Citizen
Occupation: For-hire enforcer, Dancer
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Extreme physical strength, damage resistance, and regenerative abilities. Able to increase strength beyond measurable levels when exposed to combat stresses.
Known Abilities
Expert combatant in ancient melee weapons. Possible college education with an emphasis in psychology.
Large impervium hammer with an estimated mass of 300 kg.

She'll break a promise as a matter of course

Because she thinks it's fun to have no remorse

She gets what she wants and then walks away

And she doesn't give a fuck what you might say - Curve. "Chinese Torture"


Character History

There is very little information on Crush's personal history prior to her first arrest in Paragon City at age 18 on a rioting charge (A common practice for the PCPD when it comes to first-time offences with no injuries. The metahuman equivalent of joyriding).

Several short jail stints later, Crush was put away for twenty-five to forty in Zigursky for grand theft, aggravated assault, public indecency, and sexual assault. Three weeks into her incarceration, she unexpectedly overloaded her power inhibitors and broke out of her cell, made her way to the armory, and stole a large war hammer and shield, both made of solid impervium. The massive weights were soon overcome by her physiology, and she escaped with ease, killing two guards and fifteen inmates in the process.

The Angel of Ruin

The hammer and shield Crush made off with had been evidence being held for the case of a fence specializing in antiquities. The pair, known as the "Destroying Angels", had been created from a solid block of impervium several thousand years ago. Both hammer and shield weigh well over three hundred pounds each, and as of the time of this report, no device, magic, or element is known to be able to damage them.

Personality and Reputation

The best word to describe Crush would be "inevitable". The nature of her powers means that she will not stop until her target submits. Dangerous enough, but her attention span and capricious nature means that this can be applied to anything that catches her eye. She is a force of nature, like a hurricane or a earthquake: unstoppable, inevitable, and with the potential to strike anywhere.

Another word used to describe her (usually in hushed tones) is "slutty". Given her love of exhibitionism, flirting, and all the pleasures of the flesh, this can't exactly be denied. However, the proper word may be "empowered". She picks her partners based on how much fun she thinks she'll have with them, and more than a few unwanted wannabe partners have found themselves on the heavy end of the hammer.

Goals & Motivations

Anarchy. Pure and simple. Crush Hour doesn't seem to have any goal beyond doing whatever she wants when the urge strikes her. Money is virtually useless to her, and she has no permanent possessions to speak of besides her clothes, hammer, and shield.

Some reports have suggested she's lashing out at a materialistic society, or that she fancies herself an artist. The most widely-held belief is that she is a creature of pure desire. She doesn't break rules. She simply doesn't see any rules. Her victims can't say one way or another. All they know is that she played with them and twisted them around until they weren't sure what was pain and what was pleasure anymore. And more than a few will quietly admit that they miss it.

Powers and Abilities

Crush possesses super strength and moderate invulnerability, with a degree of rapid regeneration as well. Her most dangerous ability appears to be her ability to meet and eventually surpass any feat of strength she sees performed. If she knows a feat can be performed, then she can achieve it. Rather than happening in a rapid burst, this increase in strength appears to happen at a moderate pace. Whether this is psychologically driven by a desire to slowly and surely overcome, or simply a physical limit to how fast she can gain muscle mass is a question that can't be answered without a full medical examination. And that seems highly unlikely at the present time.

(In)famous Exploits

-Crush has gained some amount of notoriety online for videos she makes showing her criminal exploits. To date, the most popular video has depicted her dismantling a vintage '67 Shelby Mustang while the owner gradually shifts from begging her to stop, to begging her to continue.

-The superheroine Mynx recently tangled with Crush inside a Longbow installation in the Rogue Isles. Reportedly, Mynx was found unconscious in the wreckage of the command center with her claws ripped out and then used to give her several piercings.

-The art world went wild with equal parts shock and anger in mid-November, when a video surfaced of Crush destroying a Fabergé egg. The 1913 Winter Egg had recently been stolen while in transit, presumably for the purpose of ransom. Upon recovering the artifact, Crush unceremoniously smashed it with a single blow from her hammer.

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