Colonel Theraslayne

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Colonel Alistara Theraslayne
@Alistara Theraslayne
Activity Level: Inactive
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: 31 Mastermind
10 Corruptor
Personal Data
Real Name: Alisa Gaudiosi
Known Aliases: Alistara Theraslayne (Current)
Alice Lane (Former)
Species: Human
Age: 35
Height: 5'8
Weight: 66kg
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Charcoal Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Italian¹
Place of Birth: New York, United States
Date of Birth: 14 April 1972
Occupation: Soldier
Squad Leader: Fireteam Alpha
Base of Operations: St. Martial, Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Deceased
Satchel, Assault Rifle, Tactical Belt, Shoulder Harness, Winged Boots, Com Bracers
¹As of 16 January 2004, Alisa has given up her US citizenship. She currently holds no citizenship but claims Italian nationality.

Alisa Gaudiosi, who would become the murderous and vengeful Colonel Alistara Theraslayne, was the daughter of Frank and Giada Gaudiosi, Alisa's first murder victims. Most of her life has been filled with abuse and betrayal, which ultimately led her to a fate filled with bloodshed and misery.



Personality and Weaknesses


Alisa is generally stoic. When left alone, she can blend into the crowd, speaking only when she thinks it will benefit or amuse her. She seems to have two different personalities. On one hand, she is absolutely civilized. On the other, she is full of anger, hatred, and she can be very rude.

She has an immense hatred for Longbow. Her hatred for Longbow is so extreme that she will go out of her way to murder any Longbow soldier she happens across. This can make her either a very useful ally, or a rather dangerous one, as she can be reckless when she does this.


Due to a lifetime of physical and emotional abuse, Alisa has become very emotionally challenged and hides under a shield of anger. Though she tries to keep her true feelings to herself, underlying emotions are easily picked up by others. She thinks very little about herself and tends to make others angry so she can take her mind off her own anger and depression. Her emotional issues make her very easy to manipulate.


Teams Prime and Echo

When Alisa joined Irmine, she was sent to Italy on an assignment for the zealot. While in Italy, she hired six mercenaries and formed a group called Fireteam Alpha. They have been trained to be completely obedient to her and are called upon only in the most important tasks.

Fireteam Alpha is divided into two sub-teams for insertion and neutralization purposes. Prime is the forward unit with the primary objective of insertion. Echo is the cover team. When dealing with hostilities considered super-powered or extremely dangerous, Prime and Echo will work together to neutralize the target.

Traps and Devices

Alisa has never been one to play fair during any kind of engagement, particularly when the engagement in question includes super powered enemies. Since she has no super powers of her own to assist her against these powerful foes, she relies on traps and devices to aid her. She is not above using traps that would be considered inhumane.

Notable Traps



Alisa is very rarely found outside of her military clothing. She has three sets of camouflage: Woodland, Desert and Urban. None of her clothing bears any rank insignias or badges. She does not carry her rifle with her if she is not on duty, but she does carry her pistol at all times.

Spoiler warning: Details about story arcs or other game content follow.


The Gaudiosi Murders

Alisa Gaudiosi's early years are anything but pleasant. She was born in 1972 in New York to parents, Frank and Giada Gaudiosi, both of whom hated her. They showed it often enough by beating her, starving her, or locking her up in her room until they deemed it necessary to let her out. Whenever she could, Alisa would sneak out of her home and find anyone she could, often homeless people, to beat and steal their meager amounts of food and coin. This continued for months until the police caught her picking the pocket of a drunk homeless man lying on the street.

Alisa used her arrest as a way to try and escape from the Gaudiosi residence. She explained her situation as best she could and even showed the bruises and her bony frame to the officers holding her, but all she could get was a simple "we'll look into it". When they escorted her home, they decided to give it a quick looking into and rather negligently investigated Alisa's abuse claims. They declared that there was not enough evidence to support Alisa's claim and denied her request for relocation.

By the time Alisa was 13, she was tired of being under the control of these people who did not even like her. Fortunately, Frank could provide some assistance with this. After picking the lock on her door, she broke the glass case that housed Frank's H&K Mark 23 handgun, loaded the gun and crept upstairs into the master bedroom. Frank and Giada only had a moment to glance up at her before she shot them both between the eyes, killing them instantly.[2]

United States Marine Corps

Alisa soon found her way to New Jersey and created a false identification card, identifying her as 19 year old Alice Lane. She used this identity to enlist in the United States Marine Corps four years after the murder of her parents. Her single aspiration as a Marine was to join the elite SEALs. But because she is a woman, she could never become a SEAL She instead trained as a sniper, a job she excelled in. She enjoyed being a sniper, but she felt that her potential as a soldier was restricted.

Eleven years had passed since she enlisted and she was now a colonel. However, she was tired of being part of the military and was unsuccessfully seeking her discharge for service. Continual refusals led Alisa to attempt to desert. Unfortunately, she was discovered, arrested, and convicted of desertion by a military tribunal. She was court-martialed, dishonourably discharged from service, and sentenced to fourteen years of jail time in a military prison. After two years, she escaped. She pretended to have passed out in her cell and when the night guard came to check in on her, she strangled him with her prison clothes, stole his keys and fled from the compound.

The 13th Brigade

Now Alisa was a fugitive on the run and had adopted the name Alistara Theraslayne. At the first opportunity, she left the mainland and went to the Rogue Isles where she learned about the Arachnos organisation. She enlisted into their military and was accepted into the 13th Brigade, a strike force mainly used to attack various Longbow strategy points. She showed much promise to Arachnos, quickly rising in ranks and eventually, she became the leader of the 13th. Her prominence as an Arachnos field commander was growing, as was the jealousy inside the 13th Brigade. Alisa was a masterful tactician, but none of that mattered inside the 13th where most of her men hated her anyway. She tried to handle the situation as best she could, but it never worked for her. Her men were plotting against her.

Arachnos ordered the 13th to Sharkhead to infiltrate and clear a Longbow base off the port, giving the traitors the perfect opportunity to strike. When they arrived inside the base, they found their submarine surrounded by several Longbow soldiers. The traitorous soldiers of the 13th all drew their weapons and tried to force Alisa to surrender to Longbow. All though she was the only opposition to Longbow, Alisa would not go down without a fight. She took out six Longbow soldiers on her own during her last stand, but eventually fell to them. She was promptly arrested and incarcerated within a remote holding facility off the shores of Sharkhead Isle.[3]

Colonel Theraslayne, Grandville


Due to her continual strikes against Longbow during her tenure in the 13th Brigade, Alisa was considered a special prisoner and eventually moved into solitary confinement two years after her apprehension. Since the solitary confinement cell was so far away from the other cells, Longbow could beat her without worrying about other prisoners or guards. Longbow's brutal treatment of Alisa forced her memories of her time at the Gaudiosi residence and the incompetent police officers of New York to resurface, memories she would rather have left buried. Because of this, Alisa developed a seething hatred for any law enforcer, the Freedom Corps, and Longbow in particular.

Three years passed since she was first incarcerated and locked in her cell. She had grown accustomed to Longbow's mistreatment of her. Longbow was in her cell with her the night Arachnos assaulted the facility. The familiar sound of Arachnos rifles blasted through the corridors. The door to Alisa's cell was broken into and her captors were quickly beat to the ground.

Alisa was very lucky that these soldiers were sent here. They had evidently been sent to clear out this facility and she happened to be here.

Squadron Gamma

Upon her arrival in Grandville following her rescue from Longbow, she was met by Arbiter Jackson to discuss her future within Arachnos, a future she really did not want. Though she tried to stay away from the organisation that had betrayed her, the Arbiter would not allow her to and she was eventually forced back into service. She was given command of an elite tactics and weapons unit under call sign Squadron Gamma. The six soldiers that were placed under her command were handpicked by Arbiter Jackson.

Despite her sudden promotion, Alisa had become discontent with Arachnos since serving with the 13th and even began to despise the organisation. Secretly, the six soldiers that Arbiter Jackson picked were not there for Alisa's benefit, but for the benefit of Arachnos. They had orders to spy on Alisa and ensure that she did not attempt to break away from Arachnos.

A Second Betrayal

Within months of Alisa's promotion and assignment to Squadron Gamma, she had learned the true nature of the soldiers picked by Arbiter Jackson. Their surveillance of Alisa had been very loose at first, but as time passed, it grew immensely. Altercations between Squadron and Alisa were imminent.

A raid on a warehouse inhabited by Marcone allowed them to show their true purpose. Gunfire erupted between the two parties and the Marcones were swiftly dealt with. Squadron Gamma to carry out their orders from Arbiter Jackson following the Marcone carnage. As she was following her soldiers out of the warehouse, they suddenly turned to her and raised their rifles, ready to fire. Just before they could, they were interrupted by a militaristic woman. She quickly killed them all and saved Alisa's life.

The woman identified herself as Irmine Tocharen the Ariosophist and promptly began delivering a speech about herself and her ideals. Following her speech, she pressed for Alisa's recruitment to her cause. Since Alisa no no longer had permanent ties to Arachnos, she decided to throw in her lot with Irmine.

Miscellaneous Notes

In Character Footnotes

  1. If Alisa is not wearing her winged boots, she cannot (and will not) jump as high as she could if she were wearing them, and as such, she will be forced to run to her destination.
  2. Alisa was officially declared the murderer of her parents, but was never arrested as she disappeared the same night they were murdered. Longbow is the only agency that is actively persuing Alisa's arrest, however she has continuously managed to avoid being captured
  3. Despite conflicting Longbow and Arachnos records, Colonel Theraslayne has never been to the Zig and was not held there.

Out Of Character Notes

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