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Global: @Alistara Theraslayne





These characters are, for the most part, retired.

Stories and Art

About the Player

I am a female gamer from San Diego, California. I have been gaming since I was around six years old, my first games being Duck Hunt, Excite Bike and Final Fantasy. City of Heroes was my first MMORPG ( started playing in 2004 during CoH Beta ), followed by a month of fishing in Final Fantasy XI, followed by two years of World of Warcraft, then back to City of Heroes/Villains.

In my free time, I enjoy drawing, reading and writing. Some of my artwork is available to view online ( Link is above ).

Also...I am dyslexic and a bit slow minded. It may take me a bit to understand things being said to me and I may require clarification.


Preferred themes vary with the characters I play, but I'm pretty open to almost anything. This does not necessarily mean I will do it, however.

I prefer to play male characters, but I enjoy playing both genders. The concept and the design of the character are the decisive factors concerning gender. I generally dislike playing heroic, righteous characters, and as such, I tend to play misguided or dark characters.

My characters can be outrageous and offensive. However, I (the player), am not as outrageous or offensive as my characters are. If you are easily offended by my characters, or how I play them, feel free to not interact with me. I am really a very nice person.

And finally, I will only acknowledge "comic book" elements present in the City of Heroes and Virtue Universe. Neither myself, nor my characters, will acknowledge the existence of characters from "real life" comic book companies.

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