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A tall, almost 8 feet, armored figure in dull grey and red enters the lab, walking towards the bed, where the still figure of the defeated Condor Azul, awaits unconscious.

She begins prepping him for surgery, removing his equipment and clothing, setting them all aside. Most of it will be given back to him, save the clothing... a tailored set would have to do. She set to work quickly. A small metallic disk was put on the back of Condor's neck. It would paralyze him from the neck down. He'd feel no pain, but if he woke, he'd be unable to do much beyond speak.

She pauses for a moment to look at his naked body, there are old scars on his chest and arms, some on the legs too, reminders of the action he has seen. By the time he wakes, he's naked, on a raised table with the faceless Techsuit quickly working on him. There's the scent of sterilization chemicals and the faint smell of blood in the air. His scars would be removed. Nothing but physical perfection would remain. She was checking on the base-work, the hormone distribution and control systems, various cellular generation and genetic augmentation systems.

Condor Azul open his eyes and looks at the faceless techsuit, trying to move but not feeling his body... grunting at the headache he is getting after the way Condor Negro… Nicole captured him.

- “Wha... what the hell are you doing?” He speaks weakly.

- “Cellular tissue regeneration, genetic whole-scale augmentation, joint manipulation, skeletal reshaping, and some plastic surgery.” Responds the Techsuit in a metallic voice, and then adds “At the moment, I'm trying to improve the filtration capabilities of your liver.”

After hearing this, Condor tries his best to remain as calm as possible, trying to get as much information, at least he was not to get killed… soon.

- “Ok... that one is not a bad idea... but what makes you think I require all the other? Who is paying you to do this?”

- “Paying? Condor Negro has instructed that I am to remake you.” The Techsuit taps something on her wrist control, and the disk on Condor’s neck give him a mild painkiller for his headache. “That should help with the headache.”

- “Why do you even care for my comfort if you are going to "remake" me.... and ... into what?” He screams at her, now worried about what’s going to happen, and already feeling the headache fading.

- “Because I wasn't told to hurt you, just remake you. I'm to make you appear feminine and attractive. Her specific wording was "Sissy slut", though I don't much care for her tone on that. I was also told that you should be awake for this. I've managed to finish up the work on your face and neck, and much of the base work on your body, so you needn't experience getting cut into where you can see it.”

Condor then falls silent, pondering on those ominous words; he can’t move or do anything to stop this… robot? No, she seemed more like a person. The techsuit keeps working, until she finally makes a pause, her blank faceplate “looking” on his direction.

- “The human body is remarkable, is it not? A few new instructions, some surgical skill, and a dermal tissue regenerator. I had to shave down your cheekbones a bit, but I think I did a good job overall.” Looking at his new thinner frame she seems to ponder. “I was given some liberties as to how you should look... Do you want to be busty, or more tomboyish?”

Condor looks at the techsuit, a sense of reality hitting him… it was really happening, so he ignores the question, focusing on something far more important on his mind.

- “Why is she doing this... what does she want...? This is not her style…”

- “She wants to humiliate and destroy you for something she believes you did. She says you murdered her father, scarred her face. Frankly, I think she's deluding herself, but I don't have a great deal of Choice in the matter.”

- “It was a heart attack... I was going to take him into custody.... and the face... that was Puma... one of my former team... after her bots ripped the arms and broke the spine of a friend.” He snaps warily… that bitch can’t still be blaming him for that.

- “That sounds about right. She's not terribly well balanced.”

The Techsuit continues her work, carefully installing pre-grown tissues from a tissue regenerator, adding breasts, bone-mass and circuits. She looks over her work on the breasts a moment, looks at Azul, sizing him up, and adjusts one.

- “Common mistake, making them perfectly identical makes them look too fake. One is almost always ever so slightly larger than the other.”

- “Why are YOU doing this... what are you getting out of this..?” His voice seems weaker, breaking into more femenine tones as you continue with your work.

- “I don't suppose you're familiar with the Warsuit? The Warsuit has an occupant. One Jennifer Green. The suit was designed to rehabilitate criminals by... well, more or less, brainwashing. Cybernetic interface electronics and an artifical intelligence control the occupant. Makes them little more than a slave. They start out resistant, angry, willful. Then they give in. They break. That's when the AI rebuilds them, makes them into what the AI wants. Originally, it was supposed to be a hero. Condor Negro stole several suits. Reprogrammed them. Once in the suit, it's more or less permanent. It's only a matter of time. No matter how much you hate her, you eventually give in just to make the pain stop. Given enough time, you just want to do what Condor Negro says.”

- “Are you on one of those... suits? Has she really sunk as low as to use slavery...?”

The techsuit seems to hesitate for the first time, before answering, her matter of fact way of speaking fading.

- “.... I am not wearing this because I am cold. I'm folded up inside of this thing. It runs off of my knowledge, but it does what Condor Says.”

The techsuit then resumes her words and begins to speak; apparently doing so while she works seems to comfort her.

- “... I think I can bolster your muscle density, let you keep all of the strength you had before... move where it attaches to the bone... Force hair growth so you don't look too butch... adjusts your hips to get more of a backside...”

Condor then shakes her head, trying to gather her determination as she eyes the working techsuit, clearly trapped, though in a different position.

- “I could try to free you from that suit... if you stop what you are doing... maybe there is still a chance” Pausing for a moment getting a more pressing concern on her mind “This can be reversed right...?”

- “If I stop this, I will feel intense, blinding pain. It will not stop until I resume. The suit will try to continue where I left off. It is... well, frankly, you'd be lucky if you didn't look like Vazhilok got to you.”

Condor just shakes her head, feeling defeated, the whole ordeal overwhelming as she sighs in frustration

- “So... we are both trapped...”

- “Perhaps” Interjects the techsuit, cutting Condor’s words “... I was told to make these changes. I was not told to keep you captured.”

- “Wait… let me go... like this?” Moves her head as much as she can, trying to signal her altered body.

- “I can let you go, yes. You wouldn't want to change back after this... these changes are permanent. There's an awful lot of very powerful tech under your skin... any changes you make would just go back after a few weeks of rather immense pain. You won't scar anymore, though. You can handle far, far more alcohol, and you don't need as much food. I made you as strong as I could, physically, and I'm increasing the density of your epidermal layer... you'll be soft to the touch, but harder impacts won't mean as much.”

- “That’s clearly not on her instructions... you are making me even more effective as a crime-fighter than before... why? This will just make me more determined to bring Nicole to justice... after a well deserved beating...”

- “... What did you say this will do? There's your answer. I'm not under Nicole's sway, as much as she thinks I am. But when I told her that I wouldn't do this, she put me in one of these suits, after I finished modifying it. She said if it couldn't be done, then she'd kill you, and hunts down your loved ones. Better you look like a girl, and she thinks you harmless for a while.”

As Condor absorbs what it is being said, the techsuit seems to be wrapping up, doing the finishing touches on her work, occasionally pausing to look at Condor’s new face, and then decides to share something with her “patient”

- “I can leave this suit at any time. I'm waiting for the perfect moment... she still has some avenues of power left to her. Once I've gotten my way into all of her security and all of her machines, then I will step out and remind her who I am.” Condor looks surprised at the techsuit, but nods in understanding. “Undercover... so... I guess I'm just collateral...”

- “You were... an objective of opportunity. Her original plan was to kill you. I provided an alternative so I could give you some Soldier Boosts. You'll be tougher and stronger than before, and she'll think she's ruined you. So long as you're strong enough to handle being a beautiful creature, you stand a much better chance of doing something about her.” The techsuit removes the disk behind Condor’s neck, and stands back admiring her work, preparing a copy of Condor’s uniform and adjusting the old equipment to fit the new body.

- “In a few minutes, I will be finished... Understanding what I have said, is there any changes you would want made? I won't tell anyone what you ask for, and so long as it doesn't violate what Negro has told me, I can do it. And just so you know, a lot of your new tissue is accelerated growth tissue. It's essentially cloned from you, grown in a chamber designed to accelerate the growth process, then surgically implanted where it belongs. A modification on Rikti technology.”

- “There is no way to reverse this, right?”

- “Correct.”

- “Then I’ll need help adjusting to my new… situation…” Condor hesitates at this point, meaning he… she accepts that there is nothing that can be done to reverse this, and must now move forward.

- “I've already thought of that. I have a friend in the DA's office that’s going to help set you up. Paperwork, clothes, an apartment, all off the books. Think of it as "Witness protection".

Then, after a brief conversation regarding her future and adjustments to her new life, the mysterious techsuit let Condor go, to return to what’s left of his life… and begin her new life.

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