Crimson mark IV

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Crimson Leading a Team of heroes against the Lost.
Crimson Mark IV
Player: @Sokarus
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 13
Personal Data
Real Name: '
Known Aliases: '
Species: Human/Daemon Host.
Age: Confidential
Height: Crimson Was born A giant, Even before the sealing.
Weight: 200
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: Black hair in a pony tail
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Ex-wyvern agent, Paragonian Knight.
Place of Birth: New Jersey
Base of Operations: Avon by the sea.
Marital Status: none.
Known Relatives: '
Known Powers
Arrows/Trick Arrows.
Known Abilities
Very Fit, Allowing him to move faster then most humans.
Wyvern-modified S.L.I.N.G.E.R bow.
No additional information available.



None as of yet.

Supergroup: Paragonian Knights


Before the CoT Sealed the Demon, Crimson was a Brash, Hot-Headed Youth, Now, since the Sealing, He is an emotionless man, Akin to His Sealed Demon


All of Crimson mark's Powers are based around archery. he is able to project some daemon fire on his arrows at times...


Due to the Sealing, mark has a very precise aim, hitting targets from very far off. Almost making him the ultimate Assasin.

Trick Arrows

Mark's second set of Arrows, Are his personal favorite, One of the only things he seems to remember of his life before the sealing, These arrows cause mayhem when they are used to full force

Cursed Red Sky Demon Seal

The Seal Created upon Mark's face to contains The Demon Iiuloecogg'gardherzeuow, A greater Behemoth, The seal takes the form of a giant Black scar across his face, and is designed to Keep the demon contained inside it's host, Even till death, it allows the demon to transfer energy to the host, incase of a Life-threatening conflict, which will morph the look of the host to be like the demon, Only temporarily.

Character History

Crimson Joined Wyvern at the age of 16, when manticore himself went to his hometown to recruit and demonstate Wyvern's skills, Crimson was in awe how fast they shot their arrows into the targets...They seemed like gods among men.

now seventeen when the Rikti struck, Crimson was eager to join against the fight against the Rikti scum, following his squad through the battles of newark, and other areas of note in his jersey home. On a mission, Crimson was hit with a rikti version of a flash grenade, blinding him, he was out-fitted with Reversed engineered Eye implants that allow him to see, Including ultra-violetly.

a year later,During on incursion with the circle of thorns, Crimson came upon a behemoth sealing ritual, Taking down as much Cultists as he could. The leader of the ritual, seeing no other option, Binded the demon inside Crimson's skull, forming the seal that gave him his name. He went roque and retreated into the rogue isles, where the demon controlled him, until the hero Numina as able to track him down and unseal the demon, to defeat it.

Crimson was saved, but his personality wasn't, nore his memories. The remants of the demon Affected Crimson's personality, and have been known to put him into a beseker status. Crimson left wyvern on an honorable discharge, and took the path of a wanderer. until he heard of the Grae Academy. he hopes that they can help him Find his true purpose.....

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