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For Admissions inquiries and other info, contact @Scourge, or @Jade Defender (Global Chat Handle), and or visit the Paragon Wiki site at Longbow for Uniform design and powersets.
Founder: Crossbow Winston
Side: Hero
Motto: '
Leader(s): Crossbow Warden, Crossbow Medic, Crossbow Winston, Crossbow Shocker
Logo: Unknown
Group Colours: Sanguine and White
Levels: All
Play style: Casual
Roleplay: RP-Lite
Timezone(s): Any
Recruiting: actively recruiting
Contact: @Scourge, @Jade Defender, @Warp Master, @Gold Danger Ranger
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Crossbow Inception


Crossbow, is an Elite Division of the Longbow Special forces of Paragon, dedicated to the safeguarding of its peoples.

"Longbow Roots"

Organized by Ms. Liberty, the Longbow division of Freedom Corps is bent on the destruction of Arachnos. This militia extends its presence to every corner of the Rogue Isles, acting as a military support network for super-powered beings in the struggle against Lord Recluse. Drawing on those who want to be heroes, this organization is comprised of volunteers from around the world. Longbow thrives on the never-ending stream of idealistic youth who believe they are on the front lines in the battle against evil.

The strength of their ideological conviction, coupled with the advanced training and munitions provided by NATO, render the Longbow soldiers a force to be reckoned with. This righteous fervor has driven Longbow agents to establish strongholds across the Rogue Isles, interfering in Arachnos operations at every opportunity.

According to intelligence gathered by the Arachnos spies, Longbow is a highly organized militia broken down into specialized units. Rifleman, Minigun, and Flamethrower units are the foot soldiers of Longbow. Their Eagle units act as long-range specialists. The Spec-Ops, Chasers and, Nullifiers utilize specialized equipment to carry out their operations and the elite Ballista agents have potent energy powers. These teams are often led by low-grade, super-powered heroes.

Viewed by Recluse as a mere annoyance, the Longbow units slowly hope to establish control over the many contested islands just off the coast of Paragon City. With well-established bases in Warburg, Siren's Call, and Bloody Bay, the Longbow wage a war for control over the precious resources of these isles. Extending beyond these contested regions, Longbow agents in their signature red and white costumes can be found on all of the Rogue Islands, ever vigilant for any sign of villainy that they might destroy.

Main 2


Tools for RP/Chat

We're 50/50 on the roleplaying/Out of character talk. If you absolutely must speak out of character, make sure to put double parenthesis around your comments, such as ((afk)).

  • The Scripting for the ((OOC)): startchat bind is as follows;
    /bind [ "beginchat ((OOC)): "

(note: it is important to mention that there must be a "space" after the : and before the " at the end of the bind, also there is no spaces between the shift+enter.)

  • Another fun Bind is the AFK bubble message, useful for displaying RP info about your character while you are typing, it is as follows;
    /bind enter "afk <your message here> $$startchat"

(note: it is important to inform you that the <,> brackets are not necessary for the bind, nor are the words "your message here" instead type the message you wish displayed above your character whenever you begin to type or are AFK, and also that a "space" must be after the afk, and before the $$.)

  • You can add some fun Macros with this Binding, allowing you to identify your current target (in game brackets) into your speech! It is best to demonstrate this Binding with an example;
    /bind F7 "local Your Crime Spree ends here $target!"

(note: It is important to mention that the "$target" part of the bind (which identifies in text your current target) needn't be at the end of the bind at all, or be followed by the "!". Insert the "$target" part of the bind, whever you wish the target to be identified in your macro. It is also important to mention that the ("local) beginner need not be local, in this example it was used to automatically say this bind in the local channel, there are many different channels... The Bind requires a "space" after the channel and again before the "$target".)

  • You can add emotes into your binds simply by dividing the parts of the bind with "$$" and beginning the emote with a simple "e". Example;
    /bind shift+i "local Your Crime Spree ends here $target!$$e point"

(note: It is important to mention that there are no spaces between the end of any part of your bind and the $$e, beginner of your emote.)

  • You can also add your own powers into your binds with "powerexec_name <<the power>>", you can find <<the power name>> in your Powers list tray from the pop-up menu... Example;
    /bind shift+i /powerexec_name steamy mist

(note: It is important to mention that unlike emotes, powers do have spaces between each word in its name. Nor do you need to use the <<, or >> in your binds.)



(story teasers, tidbits, etc)

The Crossbow Leaders

Blake Sands was a Longbow agent who Liasoned for the Warburg area of Paragon, who was seriously injured during an Arachnos raid two years ago. The Veteran Soldier and Heralded Leader was subjected to the Gene Therapy program, which subsequently saved his life. His natural empathy and leadership qualities were escalated to superhuman levels and he was transferred to the Crossbow Division.

Bruce Winston was a Longbow officer who was born with fire abilities he struggled all through his years of school. When he was startled he would burst in to flames this did not help his schools equipment at all. Bruce now being age 19 went to a camp to train to be a Crossbow Officer he later became a leader of the Crossbow and became the base architect. His family dies while he was in camp in a tragic Rikti Raid to this day Bruce goes around Paragon City searching for the aliens who killed his mother, father, and two sisters.

The Crossbow Members

The Crossbow Base


Members Gallery

This is a local Gallery of some of the exciting things we do daily in the Crossbow! Be sure to check back here regularly for all the newest updates and events, as the site is updated weekly!

If you are just learning about The Crossbow Division, you should take a look at our Crossbow Costume Gallery, with plenty of costume design images of all the great Longbow designs in CoH! Its Your first step to creating YOUR Uniform and joining the ranks today!

CBaction1.jpg CBaction2.jpg CBaction3.jpg CBaction4.jpg CBaction5.jpg CBaction6.jpg CBaction7.jpg File:.jpg [[Image:]] [[Image:]] [[Image:]]

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