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The history of Cupidita Regnum starts with Violet Sanders. Violet went though most of her life believing she was a Succubus. She was orphaned at a young age and went though a series of foster homes and orphanages until finally settling in with St. Joan of Arc Catholic School and orphanage. Run by The Templar Order. This school was a special school that was actually a haven for children of various supernatural origins who were being cared for and in some cases trained by the Knights Templar to eventually become operatives, using their powers to protect mankind. Violet came to care for many of the students there, and finally felt as though she belonged somewhere.

Sometime in Violet's senior year, the Arch-Demon Asmodeus (also known as Asmodai), patron demon of lust took a special interest in the school. Eventually it became clear that what the demon was truly interested in, was Violet. After a ward that one of the Knights used to protect the school from Asmodeus proved harmful to Violet, it became clear that Violet was not just a mere Succubus, but was actually the spawn of the Arch-demon. The Arch-demon began to awaken Violet's true potential. And this lead to a series of conflicts.

Eventually, Violet had a vision of God asking her to punish the Inquisition. A ruthless organization of religious fanatics that had taken control of the majority of the nuclear missile facilities in the United States with the intent of destroying the planet, to cleanse it with fire. Violet, having been at one time captured and tortured by this organization readily agreed. And the Knight's Templar made her a full operative. The mission she was to undertake was to use her powers over the desires of men to turn the Inquisition on one another at the crucial moment, securing the nuclear facilities and therefore saving earth. This mission was accomplished flawlessly, and with no casualties.

In Violet's vision, it was revealed to her that she had a unique choice as to her destiny. And that she could if she so chose, destroy her father Asmodeus and take his power as her own. In vengeance for what Asmodeus had done to her mother Violet agreed to this. Lucifer gave her the name Violadai, and accepted her as the new Queen of her father's holdings in Hell. His kingdom was Cupidita. Which in the ancient language of Latin means "Lust". Violadai set about either recruiting or destroying her father's former followers, and took control over the kingdom.

Cupidita in hell is largely made up of various demons who in one way or another exploit the cardinal sin of lust. Succubi, Incubi, and other demons like them originate from this kingdom. There are counterpart kingdoms like it for the various other cardinal sins, Gluttony, Wrath etc. Violadai rules her followers from her palace. And has become rather dangerous in the court of Hell, because of her style in leadership. That is that her followers are treated extremely well, and that in many cases they truly love her. Violadai is however by no means a push over, if one of her subordinates does become defiant, she will deal with it. That is of course if her followers haven't dealt with it already. The loyalty in her kingdom is fierce. And this is to Violadai's benefit as her policies regarding how her demons will affect the world is controversial.

Violadai's first edict as Queen was that her demons would stop concentrating on adultery, and other sins that had been the staple of this kingdom, and instead to focus on bringing souls to hell of those who had fallen to lust and harmed the innocent. Child molesters and rapists became the principal targets of her wrath. So far, as this still produces a steady stream of souls to hell, Lucifer does not seem to mind. However it did raise questions among others in the court.

Current affairs of the Kingdom of Cupidita

Violadai's relationship with the demons of the court is very good, as the various demon lords court her favor. This has afforded Violadai a certain degree of freedom, and has allowed her to fully turn the powers of her kingdom into a force for protecting the innocent, and her former guardians in the Templar Order, albeit a ruthless one. Violadai shows now quarter to her victims, and demands nothing less from those who serve her.

Violadai currently engages in operations with her followers to thwart the efforts of various evil beings intent on harming the innocent. Essentially functioning as Anti-Heros, while still maintaining a front in Hell of being loyal subjects of Lucifer. This delicate balance takes effort to maintain, but so far there have been no difficulties.

Recently Cupidita has become somewhat of a refuge for demons who wish to use their powers towards the same end. Although non demons are still given membership if they prove loyal.

Allies of Cupidita

The Templar Order

Violadai is secretly still an operative of this organization, and in many ways serves as an agent for them when they need information as to the goings on of hell.

Phoenix Insurrection

After recently discovering that Violadai's mortal half is blood related to Clint Sanders the leader of Phoenix Insurrection a questionable future between Violadai and this organization lies ahead. As this organization is also closely allied with the Templar Order, it is likely that this organization will be as well.

OOC Section:

What kind of characters fit in to Cupidita Regnum?

Any character in theory could fit in, but the theme of this SG is mostly dark supernatural. Demons, Vampires, etc would be the most likely fit. It should be noted that not all of Violet's subjects are "good" in the traditional sense, and many of them are just doing "good" deeds to appease Violet either out of fear or love. As such, it's acceptable to be evil, so long as you follow Violet's rules.

What is Cupidita Regnum?

Cupidita Regnum is a mature RP group. The theme often creates adult themed situations but it should be clear that if you are to be part of this SG, your character has to have a lot of depth and story. We will help you build that story if you need that help. But it is important to understand that this story is not a cheap porno. I would consider it more in line with a dark fantasy setting. In the style of Anime. Yes, we RP that we live in the Kingdom of lust, but there has to be a lot more to what you want out of this SG if your going to fit in. When I created the Violet character, I set out to prove a point, and that point was that there is much more to being a Succubus then just an excuse to have big breasts and sleep around. The story should feel more like an "R" rated action movie that sometimes has sexual situations. Not "Debbie does Dallas".

Super Group Rules and Etiquette

If you want to join our SG, there are some things you should take into account before deciding to join.

Rule #1, No drama

This does not mean people should not talk about things bother them. This means they should, in as calm and polite manner as possible. As a leader of many guilds in online games I can tell you that generally no bad situation is made better by talking about someone behind their backs and not at least trying to talk to the person in question about whatever is bothering you. You can talk to people for the purpose of getting advice on how to talk to the person, but only with the intention of making whatever the problem is better by eventually talking to the person in question. Do not get angry at someone and then make what could be a problem between you and that person a problem for the entire SG. Particularly if you haven't even tried to work it out yet. If you are not confident in your ability to talk to the person then go to an officer and ask for a mediation. What your going to find, is that initially this kind of direct approach might be a bit uncomfortable at first. But what you will find over time is that eventually it creates a social situation where people generally look into helping each other and are open and honest about how they feel about things all the time. And where people get the message that being a jerk for the sake of it simply will not be tolerated.

I realize that this will be too much to ask for many people who come to online games because their real lives are not to their satisfaction. I don't mind not having those people in our SG. Because if I want to get stressed I can go to work and get paid for it. Not pay NCsoft $15.99 a month and pay for the chance to be stressed some more.

Finally I must stress this again. The no drama rule does NOT mean staying quiet when something bothers you. It means the opposite. Do not bite down on things that bother you for the sake of not "causing drama". If someone else is being obnoxious the drama is already started. You are just standing up for yourself.

NOTE: Your character roleplaying being a pain in the rear is not the same thing as intentionally causing drama, but if you make a habit of it to the point that you are ruining the fun of other players, you will be asked to cut it out, and if you don't you will be asked to leave.

Rule #2, You get from the SG what you put into it.

I came from Star Wars Galaxies where the communities were full of people who were very helpful and courteous to people not only in their own guilds, but with the rest of the community in general. In my SG you can expect to get as much help from me as I can possibly give you. But I expect that in return. Maybe someday for example I will take your new toon to Grandville and get him a Jetpack and some starting Infamy. All I would expect for doing that is that someday when some new person is in the SG you do the same for them. You will find that this also will create an atmosphere where people help each other so much that it's like a competition for being the most kind and courteous. I don't expect my members to give anything that is unreasonable. And I do expect that what they give will be paid back in Karma in the SG eventually. If someone PLs you with a 46 bridge on farms, you should return the favor to them sometime down the road. Treat others as you would have them treat you. Pretty simple.

Rule #3, RP conflict resolution

I actively discourage people brawling each other in character. I dislike text combat and prefer to avoid it. But if you must have a conflict with another character in the SG, I strongly advise that you talk to them OOC about it first. "Godmoding" is frowned upon, but so is getting into fights with people in the SG. I could go on for pages and pages about the troubles involved with this, but I will stick to a few key points.

Rule #4, Respect the officers, and officers respect the membership

If an officer tells you to do something unless you have a very good reason, do it. If you have a problem with something an officer told you, take it up Violet Sanders. (@Templar David)

Officers, you have your positions to help facilitate the fun of the entire SG. Not to smack people around. If you abuse the authority I trust you with, then you will lose not only your position, you will likely be kicked out of the SG.

Rule #5, Power level of characters

The more powerful a character you portray, the more low key you should be with that character. If you are playing say an Archangel, then you have to have a serious amount of maturity and understand with that power comes responsibility not to make the other people in a scene feel inferior or useless. If you do not feel you can do this then don't play a powerful character. If you want to play something powerful please talk to an SG leader about it first. Templar for the most part is about normal humans fighting things that are much more powerful then them by outsmarting them. And the young children who are still learning to use their powers who help them.

Rule #6, Conduct during RP storylines

Due to recent issues, I felt a need to create a section about guidelines on how to conduct yourself during story lines and plots that other players are running.

1. First of all, if you wish to run a plot and involve the Templar Order, please get permission from one of the SG leaders. Individual members are of course free to do whatever they want when off by themselves, but if you want to involve the school grounds, church etc. Then please get permission first.

2. The GM is in charge. And anyone who is involved in that plot should go into it knowing full well that they are submitting some control over what happens to their character for the sake of the story. When I run plots I also referee the text combats that come from it. If this is not acceptable to you, no hard feelings but please don't get involved in my plots.

You are going to run into situations where your character is unable to kill something. You will have to go through a period of research and legwork to figure out how to defeat that opponent. Then after the story has caused good RP situations you will finally get to defeat the opponent.

The only thing that is scripted is that I will keep a story running until everyone who wants to contribute has. I reserve the right to determine what affects my NPC's and what does not. Let me say that again. I reserve the right to determine how my NPC's are affected.You may offer polite suggestions, in private messages. But please do not engage in arguments with me about it. I have had more then one instance where someone wants to dictate to the storyteller what is going to defeat the plot antagonist. I will not tolerate it. And not because I have a big ego, or because I am a god-moder who gets off on beating people up. But because I am not going to allow someone else with an ego who created an uber powerful character to be the avatar of their self esteem cheat everyone else involved in a plot out of getting a chance to have their moments to shine.

As a GM my intention is to entertain people. I understand that some people get more entertainment out of stomping a mudhole in everything that crosses their imaginary path. I will warn you ahead of time if that is what you want you will not be happy in my storylines. So no offense, just don't get involved. If your not having fun, I fully recognize that not everyone likes to work for their victories. And some people plain just don't like my storytelling style. To each their own. Just don't crap in the cornflakes of the people who are having fun.

Real story comes from epic victories that come after crushing defeats. Imagine how interesting Star Wars would of been if they blew up the Deathstar in the first thirty minutes? Consider for a moment how lame it would of been if the player who played Princess Leia went on a tirade in the middle of the encounter because her ship had no chance of fending off Darth Vader's Star Destroyer? How much more lame would it of been if Princess Leia's ship was able to one shot Darth Vader's Star Destroyer?

Recognize that there are going to be things in the story that you cannot defeat without hard work and good RP.

About my personal NPC's

I don't play my characters with the intent of having characters that are "me" in the game. My characters are meant to be tools to help develop the story of other people's characters. I have a lot of them. They are distinct. They have their own strengths and their own weaknesses. They are all loyal to the school and to the church. They come in power levels from Fairy to Archangel. Some of these NPC's may or may not be more powerful then your character story wise. You can defeat them if you want to fight them but my guideline is that it has to make sense. Trying to walk up to Angela Wilson (who is a Vampire with military training and has made martial arts her life) and one punch her is probably not a formula for success. So rather then bellyaching about that, find another solution to your problem with her. Or maybe, just maybe, RP with her rather then trying to beat up everything. If my NPC defeats you, it's not me defeating you. It's an NPC who is part of the consistent world that I offer to the people I RP with being more powerful then you in the situation as it was presented. If you are not happy with a world where you may not be able to pimp slap everything in the world you are in, you are also once again more then welcome not to participate in my story telling.

Consistency is what is most important to me when this becomes an issue. If you are attacking a being that is immune to fire with fire, I don't care how much you complain to me or how awesome it would make you look to win, your not going to win.

Rule #7 Mature RP and ERP

Cupidita Regnum is a mature RP SG. Due to it's theme and storylines mature situations often arise. As such I felt the need to place the guidelines about this activity here.

1. If you want to ERP, nobody is going to stop you, however please have the tact to do so privately.

2. Do not ERP with minors. Period. Not only is it immoral, it's illegal and you can actually be sent to jail for cybering with a minor. If your a minor, please do not engage in this sort of thing with adults. You are putting their REAL lives in danger. And officially, we do not sanction minors taking part in this sort of thing at all.

3. Do not ERP in situations that involve minor characters. This is inappropriate.

4. Please try to keep any such activities to only what is appropriate for that larger story. If your looking for an SG exclusively to ERP, you will not be happy in Cupidita Regnum or the Templar Order.

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