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Da Corleones“Power through profit”

AKA The Corleone Syndicate or the Corleone Group

“Da Corleones” at first glance seem to be an offshoot of the Family Mafia that inhabits the Rogue Isles and Paragon City. The organization participates in the traditional “Family” activities of gambling, extortion, black marketeering, and money laundering. In an world occupied by Arachnos, the Council, and the Circle of Thorns, traditional mafias seem like out of date relics.

This is how Da Corleones like it. The truth is Da Corleones is a modern criminal organization possessing technology equal to Crey industries and magics equal to the Circle of Thorns. Possessing a modern information network and a variety of agents located across the globe. Unlike more traditional villain organizations, Da Corleones do not seek outright conquest of the planet. The primary goal of Da Corleones is to be the “invisible hand” of the world’s economy, spreading their influence with the expansion of Human civilization on Earth.


Da Corleones are based out of the Wild Card Casino and Showroom located in downtown St. Martial. The Wild Card specializes in off-shore sports gambling and video gambling games including slots, poker, blackjack, and mahjong. In an attempt to garner more business, the casino’s gambling machines are marginally less crooked then most of the other casinos in St. Martial.


The group was originally formed by a group of Ex-Family Wiseguys out to make their mark on the world. The founders included Jimmy “Blue-eyes”, Tony “Six-gun”, Tommy the Tank, and Roger the Minja, another notable personality at the time was Nadia Mindshot.

Eventually, leadership of the organization fell to its present leader Graf von Geiger, a radioactive mutant who had once worked for the 5th Column. This change in leadership caused the organization to rethink itself in global terms. The organization now specializes in information and power brokering in addition to its regular criminal and legitimate enterprises.


The membership of the organization is a colorful collection of career criminals. Although the organization contains ex-members of various Mafias and crime families, it is not solely limited to them. Da Corleones membership includes robots, ninjas, demons, unscrupulous businessmen, aliens, pirates, as well organized crime figures from all over the world.

Codes and Guidelines

Like most organization of any appreciable size Da Corleones has guidelines that members must follow in order to retain membership. The two most important principles are Loyalty and Respect. As long members do not work at cross-purposes or disrespect any allies that the organization has made, criminals are free to pursue their own agendas and plans. Similarly, an atmosphere of originality is a encouraged in terms of personal style. Occasionally, members might sport an ensemble that is similar to a “Family” suit, while socializing in the casino; however there is no set uniform or dress code.

Current allies

The Silvermoon Pub and Inn (Group Disbanded) Survivors of Vega (Not in direct coalition) Blood Artists Sin Enterprises Watchers of Fate Twilight Consortium Forsaken Syndicate

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