Darkheart Imp

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Darkheart Imp
Player: @Darche
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Master Mind
Threat Level: 46
Personal Data
Real Name: Eric Griswold
Known Aliases: '
Species: Human mutant
Age: 26
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: amber
Hair Color: light brown/dark blond
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: official: invester
Place of Birth: '
Base of Operations: '
Marital Status: girlfriend: RoboGirl
Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.
Known Relatives: father: Raemond, clergy; mother: Aurelia, home maker; brother: f. twin: Ernst, goes by Erin, hero (Drifting Imp); sister: younger: Leilani, college student
Known Powers
Known Abilities

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Darkheart Imp is currently second in command of the group known as xXThe V.I.P. ClubXx. While few seem to know why he originally joined this group, he has of late made an increase in the overall power of the group and its members, at least those who have proven loyal to RoboGirl and himself. As for the others, many have not been seen for some while now.... He has been seen in the company of several members of Global Co. and the Chaos Syndicate, perhaps the most notable being Seeing Darkness, Gona Bust You Up, and the Odious Soul. Dearkheart Imp is often seen in the company of his girlfriend RoboGirl, the leader of what is simply called "the club."


His personality has taken a bit of a turn as of late: when he first came to the Rogue Islands, he was a bitter man full of hate and vengeance, and cared nothing for anyone who'd get in the way of said vengeance. However, during his time in the V.I.P. Club, he slowly began to change back to his original personality, the greatest change being after his vicious attack against his brother, the hero Drifting Imp, leaving him for dead on the streets of Talos Island. While he can still be seen at times leading his robotic army on a destructive rampage on some random island, killing all he encounters, his girlfriend and "pet" both seemed to have found ways of calming him; making these much less frequient. The reason for why this may be discoused below.


Robotics and Force Fields

His primary mutant ability lies in the fact that he is a technopath, he can not only merge his mind with almost any mechanical or computer based item, but can trans-mutate them as he sees fit; this being how he creates his robots and weapons. Mechanisms that he so crafts using his powers retain a link with him, not only drawing power from him if need be (and he wills it) but sharing sensations as well. He can literally see, hear, and feel whatever they do as they do. He has since mastered this later ability to allow himself to be in more than one place at the same time, though he complains of terrible migraines if he over-taxes this. He can also control energies of pure kinetic force, though unlike his brother he has very little control over these, and can only manifest a few such powers.


He can manipulate energy fields around him, allowing him to fly, though the recent mutation of his wings fully growing in seems to have made him faster allowed better control.


He has the ability to manipulate time/space around him for a short distance. While he himself can not seem to enter into these, he can move both friend and foe about has he pleases. Where as allies whom have been so teleported describe it as simply jumping, or falling, through a doorway; those who were less agreeable have described it as feeling as though they were grabbed by the back of their collar, or scruff of the neck, and violently pulled backwards.


By altering the energy fields around a target, he can cause light to bend around them instead of reflecting off of them. He has also learned how to apply this to himself.


As noted before, he has increased flight speed. Also he seems to have gained some regenerative abilities, not only recovering from injuries at an increasing rate, but he has been recorded as having regrown a hand at some point in the recent past. Also he has gained a near limitless amount of energy. Not only does this mean that under "normal" circumstances he never tires, but no matter how hard he attacks his endurance will not be taxed (though he can still be drained for a short time). He now only sleeps to dream, his physical body never itself seeming to need sleep. It has been wondered as to where this energy comes from, is he like a group of other mutants, who basically have reactors for hearts, or is it something less fantastic, such as unconsciously drawing the power from nearby energy grids....

Mu Mastery

He has been taught the secret to protecting himself using Mu charged armor.

Character History

    ((warning, contains some mature content))

Born Eric Griswold, along with his fraternal twin Ernst. At first, they had a fairly normal childhood and life. Their father worked for the clergy of the local catholic church, and they lived in a relatively quiet neighborhood. All was good until he and his brother began to show signs of their mutations. In the beginning, they were able to hide their fledgling powers, odd incidents where easily explained away as something else. However, as they reached puberty, they began to mutate in more than just gaining abilities. Their skin tones changed to purplish hues, and they began to grow tails and other "demonic" appearances. To their father they were no longer his sons, but demons sent to infiltrate his home and through him the church, and he would not hear of any other explanation. He had them excommunicated from the church, and threw them out of his home onto the streets. It could be said that this is where their lives truly began.

Life was hard for them there, they had to steal food and sleep wherever they could find a place, always afraid and never feeling safe. About a year passed like this, and neither boy seemed likely to survive for much longer, when he found them. While hiding from the rain in an alleyway, a Chinese man saw them as he was walking past. They had no way of knowing who or what he was at the time, but all they did know was he offered to feed them and give them a warm dry place to spend the night. They later learned that he called himself Master Foon, and he, like them, was a mutant.

Master Foon, had an innate ability to sense when he was near another mutant, which is how he picked up on those two. He had been gathering together those who where rejected by normal society for a few years now, mostly mutants and machine life forms, the latter of which were rarely treated as living beings by those around them. While it is true that he helped train them to develop their powers, and gave them a safe haven and peace of mind, this was no "comic book" school for the gifted. He also gave each of them who he took into his care a purpose: if the world would not accept them for who and what they were, then they would just carve out their own place in the world, and invite all who were outcast, and any that wished to join them in turn, to live in this new land in peace. They viewed themselves as freedom fighters, though to the rest of the world, they were more like terrorists.

Master Foon took to personally training Eric, as he discovered that the young boy was like him, a technopath. He had the ability to not only merge himself mentally, and with training physically, with various form of tech; but he could change the form and structure of such items as well. Though the latter would require much training and study for him to be able to master, as he had to know what it was he was trying to construct before he could begin to trans-mutate it. He could not, for example, turn a TV into a Computer unless he know how to make a computer to begin with. As such, he not only trained Eric in how to use his powers, but tutored him him in all he knew about computers, mechanics, programming, and of course robotics. The eager young technopath did all he could to learn, soaking the knowledge up like a sponge, proving to have a near photographic memory, perhaps as another aspect of his mutations, or just a natural gift, who can say?

It was while with this group that the boys took the names Darkheart Imp and Proudheart Imp; and where a young Darkheart met Foon's daughter, Su lin, who went by the name of Gama Radiant. Dark used to make fun of her for having such a common name, and she in turn would find no end of things to get onto him about, though in truth each had begun to have feelings for the other. As time went, these feelings grew until they finally decided to "be together". It was during this first coupling that he learned that she was in fact a cyborg, not a true flesh and blood girl, as he accidentally linked their minds together during the act. Not knowing what she was at the start, he didn't close off parts of his own mind to begin with, and as young as he was may not have been able to anyway. Afterwards he knew the truth about her, that she had been involved in a terrible accident, and her body had all but been destroyed. Her father was able to keep her alive on life support, but there was nothing that could be done to save her for long. He used his powers to construct a new body to house her internal organs, thankfully all of which had survived. At first it was a crude shell, but as he learned to develop his own powers he made her better and better ones until he managed to construct one for her that could duplicate almost every aspect of a flesh and blood body, even growing, though it could not truly age. While Eric, or Dark by now, was at first horrified by what he had done, she herself did not mind and forgave him, and as they spent time in their now shared state, their love grew and they were secretly married, though with her father's blessing. It was kept a secret from the rest of the group to help keep certain tensions down that the couple felt may have been stressed too much over if they had been too open about it.

Time went by, and they managed to build a respectable base of operations, gathering more of the supplies and supporters that they would need to finalize their dream, when Ernst, aka Proudheart Imp, decided that they were perhaps going too far. He didn't want to see the war he was sure would be the result of their course of actions, and didn't want to see his new family likewise killed by it, but had no idea how to stop it. In desperation he contacted a Wyvern agent that he was supposed to be distracting for a mission, and asked for Wyvern's help to stop them. Giving them info on the group and all who were in it, they in turn somehow constructed a device that could semipermanently suppress all mutations in a given area, as well as deactivate most forms of known tech. They then asked him to help them set up his group, so that they could use the device to get them all at once. Why he agreed to this Dark never learned. The place chosen for the ambush was already equipped with a special dampening field, so that no powers beyond a certain level would work. This meant that Master Foon would not be able to bring his assault bot, Celestrial Dragon, with him into the field. Knowing this he instead tied the assault bot into the base's power grid and left it to help guard their home. They broke up into several teams, 5 teams of 6, to achieve all their goals as quickly as possible. Foon, Gama, Dark, Proud, and 2 of their brute friends were on the team that would take the central area and secure the target once the others had disabled the defenses from their locations. They were surprised to find Wyvern agents guarding the facility but pressed on, spurred on by Proudheart's easy victory over a group of them that first interfered. However, once they were all in place, the true trap was sprung. By this time most of them had noticed that their foes weren't using their signature trick arrows very often, and while some simply credited this to their easy wins over them, others began to worry, but by then it was too little too late, and the device was activated. Suddenly they all began to feel weak, and lost their powers and abilities. Gama Radiant, who depended on her tech to keep her alive, began to die right there on the spot. Both Foon and Dark tried to reach her, to use what little of their power remained to them to try and stabalise her, but as he fought his way past them, Wyvern arrows pierced Foon's heart, and Dark watched as the man he had grown to care for as a father dropped limply to the floor. He did manage to reach his wife's side, but was unable to save her with his tiny bit of remaining power, which was barely enough to keep the link they shared between them. Dark felt her die. It was then that he finally both heard and could understand what his brother was saying, he was yelling at the Wyvern agents that no one was to be hurt form this. His brother had betrayed them, the only family that took them in when the rest of the world had shunned them. Driven mad with grief and rage he lunged at him, but was easily put down by the unaffected agents. As they carted Dark off, he overheard reports from the other sectors telling of similar stories. Of the 30 members that had begun the raid, only 6 survived. It was a broken man that they lead to the trail, and in turn to the Zig.

Life in jail was harsh for Darkheart, but he couldn't care. Self destructive, he would constantly get into fights, and would be sent into isolation frequently for this. One group of the guards finally took to chaining him to the walls of his cell, and when that proved not enough, they anchored the chains to his flesh. ((note, some of the "older" members of the xX V.I.P. ClubXx may recall that he had chains bound to his arms for a while when seen without sleeves or arm coverings)) With his powers all but gone, and kept suppressed by various drugs he was forced to take, he sought only his own death, and to take as many with him as he could. It was during this time that Arachnos learned of him, of his abilities and of whom had trained him. Master Foon was known to have made many cutting edge robotics in his life, including not only models for warfare but for stealth and espionage, specially designed for intelligence gathering. One of their Spymasters decided he wanted this technology for his own department. He arranged for Dark to be freed when a breakout was next scheduled, and had this message passed on to him. "I know who you are and why you are here. I also know that you brother is still free, and with the heroes now for his own part in it. Work for me, join Arachnos, and I will help you to not only gain your vengeance, but power to fulfill the dream you and your master shared, a place where your kind will not be looked down upon by others, but where your strength and power will grant you all you desire! A place where you can live as you like, without regard to their hypocritical ethics." It was all he needed to hear, he had a purpose again: revenge against the brother that had betrayed them, and the ability to strike back at the world while realizing their dream. He leaped at the chance offered to him.

When he first entered into the employment of Arachnos, he did every job they gave him to prove his new loyalties to them. It didn't mater to him who he had to kill or for what purpose, he reveled in the carnage he and his robotic minions caused. It was during these early times that he ran into demons either sent, summoned, or for whatever reason drawn from hell to the Rogue Isles. It says much of his personality at the time that he was able to befriend many of these he encountered. He decided that he was tired of being a false demon, and if he was destined to go to hell anyway, why should he wait to gain the powers of a full demon? This was a goal that his new friends, as much as they could each call the other friend anyways, felt was a worthwhile one. They were all too happy to help corrupt him, and bring him to their side. One of them even showed him a new group that had formed up, called the V.I.P. Club, that he felt they could take over and corrupt to their cause. He joined him in this new group with that goal in mind, not realizing just how much that decision would yet again change his life.

((more to come later, thou by this point most peeps that know Dark well know what happened ;P))

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