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Origin and Goals

Originally founded by the Peacebringer Solaira to combat the Nictus threat, the Dawnfire Vanguard has since grown far beyond its original purpose. First sanctioned by Vanguard to help deal with Nictus invasion while Vanguard was occupied with the Rikti, the Dawnfire's policies have expanded since the recruitment of Agent Anarch. Coinciding with his promotion to Director, Thomas Cann's (Anarch's) policy has since expanded to encompass all extradimensional and extraterrestrial threats, including Rikti, Praetorians, subversive Kheldians and Nictus, and Rularuu.

Despite its name, the Dawnfire is not a true branch of Vanguard. They have been called mercenaries and privateers by those wishing to discredit them, but the names are not entirely inaccurate. As Director Cann defines it, the Dawnfire Vanguard is an elite first-response unit contracted by Vanguard to handle threats too large or too ambiguous for the UN-sanctioned organization to handle itself. Black ops, counterespionage, and blitzkrieg are all hallmarks of a Dawnfire-led operation. They are the ones who get in, get out, and get on with their lives before the world at large even knows how close it came to subjugation or destruction.

After the massive Praetorian push, in which many good members were lost, Agent Anarch has slowly begun rebuilding the Dawnfire, restoring its strength and prestige. While still relatively small, the Dawnfire is comprised of a number of truly mighty individuals; it would be unwise for any villainous group to attempt an attack.


There are only two circumstances in which the lethal force policy is rescinded, but this may be expanded with more frequent incursions by the likes of Rularuu. The first circumstance is Rikti invasion. All Dawnfire Vanguard members are instructed to aim for killing blows against Rikti, as the enemy intends genocide. The war is real, and so must be the riposte. The second circumstance is Praetorian incursion. This was difficult to put into writing, as it felt unjust, but after watching so many good people slaughtered by Praetorian forces, Director Cann will no longer stand for such atrocity. While the civilians of Praetoria are not to be blamed, and assassinations are off the table, any Praetorian who sets foot on Primal Earth with hostile intent has effectively signed his own death warrant in the eyes of the director. No quarter will be afforded these deadliest of foes.

Ranking System

The Dawnfire Vanguard operates its ranking system on a mixture of Prestige and arbitration from the command brass. The first several ranks in the Dawnfire's system rely on mainly Prestige gain while the much higher commanding ranks are by arbitration only. As one can guess, the higher ones rank in the Vanguard, the greater their access to the groups recourses.


Coalition Allies

Hostile Forces

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