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Player: @TheOneTrueBling
Origin: Natural/Incarnate
Archetype: Peacebringer
Security Level: 51
Personal Data
Real Name: Elenor Aurthor/Nah'Rei
Known Aliases: Sol
Species: Peacebringer
Age: 3 (20 by Human half, unknown by Kheldian half)
Height: Confidential
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Confidential
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Super Hero
Place of Birth: Paragon City, RI
Base of Operations: Paragon City, RI
Marital Status: Dating
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Energy Control; Energy Projection; Shapeshifting
Known Abilities
Refer to "powers"

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Paragon City over the years has grown familiar with the Peacebringers and how their kind come into existence. The willing fusion of a Human and energy beings known as Kheldians causes the birth of an entirely new entity. A being that posses the power, experience, and knowledge of both beings that caused it to come into existence. Many times these unions are the result of a Kheldian who has discovered a potential Human host with a strong sense of justice, or desire to help others. Other times, this union is the result of mutual desperation and self-preservation.

Such was the case for one Elenor Aurthor, a hostage to a Vhazilok kidnapping. One of the many cells of this demented group had kidnapped a large number of people for their twisted experiments, keeping them in individual, makeshift cells where they could select them one at a time for "treatment". Elenor herself, though lacking any training, powers, or weapons, felt it necessary to fight the Vhazilok every step of the way in their works too. She wouldn't let them do as they pleased without at least working for it after all. For each moment they would try to remove her from her cell, Elenor would waste no time in jumping the first surgeon to come near her, which often resulted in the Vhazilok having to beat her into submission, sedate her, and put her back in her cell. After all, a half conscious subject was no good to them. Finally, after roughly two days of fighting with the Vhazilok only to succeed in for at least a short while, prolonging her own life. Elenor began to grow weaker and weaker with each beating and sedation she was given. She knew that it wouldn't be long before she could no longer fight back and would be at the mercy of her captors.

Half conscious and barely able to move, Elenor was about ready to give up hope of escape or rescue, when finally she heard a voice... It was faint at first, but then it slowly grew louder until she could hear it clearly. The voice echoed in her mind, and was soft and strangely calming to her. She was introduced to the voice by the name, Nah'Rei, and was told that Nah'Rei was actually a Kheldian the Vhazilok managed to subdue and capture. Nah'Rei also went on to tell Elenor that it had sensed her desire to stop these madmen from harming her, or anyone else they had captured... As well as her sense of despair for not being able to do anything about it.

Without waiting for a response from Elenor, Nah'Rei then offered itself to Elenor. Offering its power and experience in order to not only save her and itself, but also everyone else that were in their situation. It was then at that point; Elenor recognized the ray of hope in the speech she was being given. The power to free herself, the others with her, and stop the Vhazilok that were everyone’s captors! How could she refuse such a chance? Accepting the offer Nah'Rei presented then, Elenor was soon flooded in a bright light, feeling immense power start to quickly pour into her body. Feeling Nah'Rei within her mind, body, and soul as the two became one! It was then much to the Vhazilok's surprise, that Elenor and Nah'Rei, together as one, blew open the cells that held them. Freed the prisoners that were being used for their experiments, and promptly subdued the sadistic surgeons that would have done the two of them in for good.

On that day, the Human known as Elenor Aurthor and the Kheldian known as Nah'Rei were no more. In their place was born a new Peacebringer... Solaira!

Since that day, the newly born Peacebringer has saved numerous people in the city, having been working closely with the coordinator of the Peacebringers, Sunstorm, in the on going war with the Nictus. Despite the horrific things she's witnessed the Nictus to be capable of, this seems to have only steeled Solaira's resolve in stopping them, and as a result has found new allies in the heroes of the city that also endeavor to put an end to the Nictus and their pawns.


The Rival

While Solaira had proven to be a valued member of the hero communiy in the short time she'd existed in Paragon City, her presence did not go unnoticed by those from Nah'Reis past. Eventually approched by a man inhabited by a Nictus warlord named D'Hari, Solaira soon learned that D'Hari was an old enemy of Nah'Rei. Though rather than an immediate battle breaking out, it was revealed that D'Hari sought to turn away from the ways of the Nictus and pursue a nobler path... A goal that soon was pushed toward the back of his mind when the Nictus concluded that Solaira was nothing more than a Human trying to use Nah'Reis power for her own gain. While Solaira tried to explain to D'Hari several times that Nah'Rei had sacrificed himself to create her, D'Hari still wasn't convinced and took hold of an abandoned laboratory with equipment used for separating Kheldian's from their hosts. Luring Solaira to the lab, D'Hari attempted to seperate Solaira into her supposed two halves, only to be soundly thwarted in his plan.

It wasn't until their second encounter, that D'Hari was finally convinced that Solaira was in fact her own entity. Believing her to be a lesser creature from him at that point, D'Hari attempted to exact his will upon her and force her to submit to him as the lesser of the two, though his attempt only ended with Solaira once again resisting him and making her escape. Since those day's, D'Hari has sought to try and surpass Solaira in power and ability to prove that she is an inferior creature to him, by working more closely with his own host and taking on the name Beregond.

Dr. Burrenflogger

During the battle's with D'Hari, Solaira had attracted another Nictus that was watching her from the shadows. The one known as the Ebon Nightmare, along with her own host, Dr. Von Burenflogger. The two of them were interested in the state Solaira was in, two seperate entities fully formed into one being. It wasn't long after Solaira's feud with Beregond that Burrenflogger made his appearance and attempted to capture Solaira. An attempt that both Beregond and the Warshade, Darkvigil themselves stepped in to prevent. Though Burrenflogger was able to subdue Beregond, he was quickly pushed back by the combined efforts of Darkvigil and Solaira, rescueing Beregond from what ever fate the doctor had planned for him at the time.

After some time of research from that encounter, and planning, the doctor appeared again. This time catching Solaira alone and managed to drag her back to an area he'd taken over as his own laboratory. Though Solaira put up a valiant fight against the doctor, his cunning, combined with Ebon Nightmares own power and blood lust were enough to defeat Solaira. Though she managed to escape from Burrenflogger at the last second despite her defeat.

The Epiphany

Realizing the full length to which Burrenflogger and Ebon Nightmare would go to get what they wanted, Solaira concluded that as she was, there was no chance for her to stop them from their goals. Dawning a new costume then, and registering a new faction in Paragon City, Solaira has began the Dawnfire Vanguard. Seeking to overcome her own shortcomings in all areas of her existence, the young Peacebringer now is training herself to become stronger in fighting off not only the doctor, but the Nictus threat as a whole, all the while seeking out other heroes that would join the Vanguard and assist her in her new mission.

Where Solaira's endeavors will take her at this point, is anyone's guess...

Death's Door

As the Dawnfire Vanguard grew in numbers, strength, and success, so to did Solaira herself. So much so in fact, that it drew the attention of the Void Hunters in full. Sending a group of elite hunters after the Peacebringer, Solaira was eventually cornered during a field mission in Founders Falls where the Void Hunters unloaded the largest barrage of quantum blasts they could into Solaira. Were it not for the expedient response of one Dr. Tracey Camp, otherwise known as the super hero Stitchwork, who had been passing through the area at the time, Solaira would have surely been done for.

Thanks to the empath's actions how ever, Solaira was swiftly brought to Founder's Falls local hospital and put into intensive care were Dr. Camp herself over saw the Peacebringer's recovery. With Solaira indisposed, her closest friend and compatriot in the Dawnfire, Agent Anarch, assumed position as the head director for the group until Solaira's eventual recovery and reclaiming of her place as leader.

Second Ascension

After several months in intensive care, where the best medical technology, coupled with Solaira's own recuperative abilities healed the Peacebringer from the damage that was done to her, she soon after returned to active duty in the city. Though not feeling ready yet to assume her place as the Dawnfire's leader again yet, she instead began an intense training regimen for herself to fully master her Kheldian abilities. It was then when she finally peaked in her power she began to look into how to further are power to an even greater hight and started working more directly in dealing with the Praetorian threat. Fighting along side the Incarnate's and Elite Heroes and Villain's of Primal Earth, it was the battles in Praetoria where she finally felt something spike within her. Her power breaking through the barrier it had hit as just her mere proximity to so many incarnates cause her to inadvertently absorb enough of their power to allow her to ascend to their level. With the first barrier broken, Solaira now plans to use her new found strength to reach for even greater levels of power!


With her Human and Kheldian parts having merged completely together, Solaira posses' the memories of both Nah'Rei and Elenor Authors, and is a mesh of the twos different personalities and view points. On the one hand, she can prove to be very insightful and wise in certain situations as well as steadfast and impossible to scare away while in a battle. While in social situations there can be moments where she can became very shy and awkward if a situation causes her to be so. Though with the recent work she's been doing to improve herself in the world, she has also become a little more confident with speaking to others.




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