Death of a Superweapon

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(A month or so before the announcement of CoH shutting down is when this takes place, this isn't fully accurate as details escape me XP)

-In Bloody Bay, Ground Zero graveyard

A man who looked tested by time, and worse for wear looks upon the graves of his soldiers, or to be more precise the tombs he had commissioned for those who he considered 'True Heroes' his eyes show little to no emotion as he leaves flowers upon the graves, he always does this, and given that he had retired from his 'work' and became an undertaker, he has had alot of oppurtunities...what day it was however, he had lost all sense of time, but then his eyes widen, a spark long since unseen flickering within.

The reason for his reaction, he sensed a ton of power, he thinks to himself, 'the only time I've felt that was in Virtue War I....but its from one one being...calm down.' then looking to his right, he sees the source, a Djinn, "What are you doing?" The Djinn asks, the answer comes rough, broken but warily, "Just placing flowers upon the graves of those who died for Paragon and the Isles." what was said next gave him a small smile but it would immediately fade, "I see, they fought for our freedom, and I will have to fight for my freedom." Immediately he could tell that it was about to get not so peaceful in Bloody Bay one last time.

"I see, I want you to turn back, I don't wish to kill you." says the man as he pulls out a katana, sharp impervium with a light outline, energy coursing through the blade and the outline. The Djinn got into a fighting stance, "I'm sorry but I must, I was wished to do so." the man knew that his time was coming, but he wasn't about to go down without a fight. "You dare to fight Superweapon 0? the ELDER OF WAR!?" his voice was boastful at first, then it took a grim tone, "If today is my twilight, you shall not find me easy prey!" He then lunged, with reflexes that were dulled in comparrison to his hayday, the Djinn kept pace, his fists stopping the blade and fire flying out of his fists. a burning pain hit him, and he could do nothing but ROAR in defiance, after a while he vanishes, and suddenly the Djinn is surrounded by 5 of him, each slashing at lightning speed, the damage was substantial and the Djinn the man known as Superweapon 0 thought the fight was over, the Djinn immidiately rose, the wounds fading, "Impresive, no one surives the blade of light...this is going to hurt."

The fight went through the graveyard, thunderous crashing thus heard along with screams of pain, Superweapon 0 was glowing with energy, his adrenaline spiking to dangerous levels, but the Djinn just wouldn't go down, the Djinn started to pummel him rapididly, the sword's handle cracking with each blow, growing closer and closer to shattering, finally it shatters, but he grabs the blade, cutting his own flesh but he delievers a stab and a kick, sending the Djinn back.

Superweapon 0 approached the Djinn, thinking he had won, but the Djinn rose one more time and with a very quick movement he was infront of him, the man tries one more attack but then he feels a sharp pain....suddenly he could hear his blood flowing out, he looked down and saw that the Djinn's fist had punched into his chest, he drops his blade, with it sheathing itself permanantly into the grass, he looks up and the Djinn had a face of regret. He hits the floor with his knees, using the last of his strength to crawl to the tombs of those who died in the Virtue Wars, and placing his hand upon the tomb of the casualties of the first, spoke...his voice laced with knowledge of his impending death....

"Well boys...looks like I'm gonna join ya for that drink in that great" his voice gave out, he turned his head a bit and mouthed the words 'thank you' to the Djinn and finally...he hits the floor with his face, and breathes his last. the Djinn with sadness and respect, left a flower upon the man's corpse.


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