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Dervish virtue.jpg
Player: tbear326
Origin: Science
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Jase Richards
Known Aliases: "That guy stole my wallet!"
Species: Human
Age: 19
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blond
Biographical Data
Nationality: U.S.
Occupation: Student: Paragon University
Place of Birth: Paragon, RI
Base of Operations: Personal Pocket Dimension
Marital Status: Unattached
Known Relatives: Deceased Brother Tom, Parents
Known Powers
Teleportation Portals, Extra-Dimensional Movement, Darkness Control
Known Abilities
Claw-Based Martial Arts, Slight of Hand, Extra-Dimensional Navigation
Strap on Claws, Multi-Pocketed Custom Trench Coat, 100x100x100 Meter Pocket Dimension
No additional information available.



Dervish is a young Martial Artist in Paragon who turned to a life of crime fighting after a terrible accident with the leftovers of a failed experiment outside a Crey facility gave him the ability to teleport by opening portals between two locations.

Secret Origins

Growing up as a young punk in Paragon City, Jase Richards was a latch-key kid. His older brother hung around a group of kids who called themselves "Hellions" and his parents were both chemical researchers for S.E.R.A.P.H., which left Jase free to pursue his own interests, usually grinding on his skateboard at one of the many statue filled parks in Paragon, or exercising his 5 fingered discount at the local Quicke-Mart.

One day, while skating down an alley he tripped, hit a pile of trash and landed on the ground, boxes falling on top of him. The building he was behind was a secret Crey research facility, the boxes were the left overs from a few different, failed experiments. The combination of chemicals that spilled onto Jase's unprotected skin changed him in unexpected ways.

Being claustrophobic, he panicked under all the boxes and before he was aware, he felt himself "fall" from the alley onto an open park lawn a few hundred meters away.

Not knowing where to turn next, Jase sought out his brother, Tom. He found him in Perez Park, in the middle of an initiation trial to join the Hellions. To his horror, he watched as one of the Hellion leaders, deciding Tom wasn't cut out for their life, execute Tom on the spot.

From this point on, Jase devoted his time and energy to learning to control these new powers. He learned he could open portals between two spaces, allowing him to attack an enemy multiple times from any direction, and so he renamed himself Dervish from the way he would whirl around an opponent.


Originally, the accident had caused his right arm to be ruined from all the chemical exposure, and so it had to be completely replaced with a cybernetic arm, attached to which were 3 metal claws. Crey had, of course, done all the work at Dervish's request, desperate to avoid a law suit. Dervish strapped a matching set of claws to the left, and learned to fight with them.

In addition to the claws, Dervish possesses the ability to open portals between any two spots within range. He uses this not only to get the drop on his opponent, but to attack often from a ranged position, never giving his target the chance to fight back.

He also possesses faster than normal speed and reflexes. His self-preservation instincts are finely honed from jumping off the sides of statues with his skateboard, but the exposure to so many chemicals seems to have increased his ability to avoid danger. Realizing there might be more chemicals that could help, Dervish has frequently "helped" himself to chemicals in his parents lab at S.E.R.A.P.H. The exposure has been so severe that, for a time, Dervish has to live inside a bio-suit to contain his body's chemical output. But continued experimentation has calmed the effect, and he can once again expose his skin to the outside world.

Recent Changes

Dervish's cybernetic arm was replaced recently with a genetically cloned and regrown real arm. Crey scientists did the research and the work, for which Dervish was initially grateful. However, after recently fighting and defeating his very own Paragon Protector Clone, he knew he would never truly know the cost of his new arm.

Dervish has discovered that he can use his teleportation ability to not only move through space in this Dimension, but also move between Dimensions. At first it was simply the ability to "retreat" to a pocket dimension, attuned to him. But since then he's discovered the ability to travel between many dimensions, some larger and more strange than our own. Traveling through one of these dimensions empowered Dervish with control over darkness itself, and through his portal he's able to summon the darkness to help entangle and cloud his opponent, though the effort is still very taxing.

The Unknown Heroes

Dervish has always been a welcome member, and is indeed the current de facto leader of the super group known as The Unknown Heroes.


Dervish has been attacked both by the media and other heroes for some of his...less heroic personality traits. The first his is apathetic regard for human life. Dervish doesn't fight for the preservation of lives, but rather for revenge for what happened to his brother. If the Super Villain he caught breaking into the Steel Canyon vault doesn't survive the claw wounds that Dervish inflicts, he's not really broken up about it.

The second is his kleptomania. Even before he had powers, Jase had a bad habit of walking away with items that didn't belong to him. But once he gained the ability to open a portal into anyone's pocket, no wallet was safe from the kleptomaniac hero Dervish.

Current Deployment

Dervish is currently devoted to helping the Vanguard "fight the good fight" or whatever that means. Longbow and Vanguards carrying a surprising amount of cash on them. But he's always up for a good trip to another Dimension, or through Time.

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