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Episode 8

Soon after Kaldius returned, he had encountered a problem with the people in Paragon City. It seemed that the city really distrusted Dimone still, despite everything that had happened. Many people in the offices were against Dimone, but some were actually on the side of the kingdom. Thus, the government asked Kaldius to make one change. They required uniforms. The government believed that if the members of Dimone could get themselves uniforms, they would be considered highly of and seem more professional.

Thus, Kaldius began developing new uniforms for every rank. He had no reason to refuse this, and he actually thought it was a good idea. This would make the kingdom look very nice and give them a kind of formal appearance in public.

It took him about a week, but Kaldius finally developed uniforms for the three lower ranks of Dimone, since the other ranks weren't so common, he had no need to make documents relating to their uniforms. He went to Icon in Steel Canyon to speak to Serge about making many different sizes of these uniforms. He also registered his new look, ever since the incident with Psylencia, his armor had changed in color on its own. Serge told Kaldius that the uniforms would take a while to create, but meanwhile, he had heard rumors that one of the Midnighters in the University was looking for him. Kaldius had nothing better to do, really.

Episode 9

He took Stormy Darkness and Blue Amaranth with him to check what the new contact wanted from him. When there, the Midnighter by the name of Montague Castanella told Kaldius that he had some information he might like.

"What makes you so sure?" The demon asked.

Montague offered him a map, with a cave in Steel Canyon indicated, "You will have to see for yourself. That place marked is where you will find something you might like."

Kaldius looked over the man and sighed, but nodded, "Fine, fine... I'm bored enough to do this, I suppose. Anything else?" He asked as he gave the map to Stormy, so he could put it away.

Montague nodded, "One of my associates is there as well, I fear he has been captured by the Circle of Thorns mages that are there, could you please make sure he's safe?"

Kaldius nodded and waved him away as he walked off, "Fine..." He muttered, leaving the University. Blue blinked a bit and them smiled to Montague, bowing her head in a thank you and farewell before leaving to follow Kaldius.

When they reached the area, it was indeed a cave like they were told, but upon entering, it was unlike any caves Kaldius had previously entered in Paragon City. In fact, this cave was strangely familiar to him. The first thing that annoyed Kaldius was that he noticed they were fighting The Lost, not the Circle of Thorns. That is until, they found Percy Winkley and a very large room that suddenly caused Kaldius to become very angry.

While they tore through the Lost and now, the Circle of Thorns mages that were there, Kaldius finally roared out, "GET!!! OUT!!! OF MY CASTLE!!!!!" He actually ended up killing a few of The Lost.

Blue and Stormy snapped their attention to him as they watched him obliterate the enemies, "Your... Castle...?" Questioned Stormy.

Kaldius growled as he finished, gripping his blood-covered fist, "... These are ruins of my castle... And now I want to know why it's here..." He said.

They ventured further into the ruins only to find a massive meditation room that the Circle of Thorns mages had turned into a sort of prison chamber it seemed. The very first thing Kaldius saw was an old servant of his, Rakatual. He was a spectral, winged demon.

Kaldius called out to him, but the demon was only filled with fear when he saw his old king and roared out an order to the mages, "KILL THEM!!!"

Kaldius glared wickedly as his powers began being unleashed on the mages, "YOU FUCKING TRAITOR!!!!" He roared out.

The three Dimone Warriors fought through the groups of mages and other spectral minions, every so often reaching the traitor and making him retreat further back every time. By the last time, Kaldius took grip of the spectral being, using his aura to grab him. He tore him to pieces in sheer brute, violent force. Blue and Stormy both looking away, as to not watch.

Episode 10

After they were done in the ruins, Kaldius returned to Montague, only to knock him into a wall and demand explanations as to why ruins of his old castle were in Paragon City.

Montague found himself being held up by his coat, he struggled a bit and looked at the demon, "Kaldius! Please!! Be rational!!"

"Answer me, damnit! Why are there ruins of my castle here?! Don't you dare take me for a fool! Who's trying to toy with me?!" Kaldius demanded.

Montague held up a small paper, "Please go to this address, the office here will have more information. I promise you, Kaldius we are not trying to fool you. Now that you saw the ruins, we know as much as you do."

Kaldius dropped the man, taking the paper with a growl, "You better not do anything you'll regret..." He said before leaving to the office.

The three arrived and there, they found a new structure. This was actually not part of his old castle, but very closely resembled it. Inside they found many Lost and even a Rikti soldier, which explained the place as the remains of a Rikti ship. Something was going on, why would the Rikti be mimicking Dimone Architecture for their ships?

Kaldius found information on some computers and gave it to Montague, only to be told that the analysis would take some time. Kaldius didn't like that, but meanwhile, he went to look through his old documents. The structure they found under the office resembled the area of his old kingdom where they created their own energy source. He had never spent much time there, so it was time to look into it.

Episode 11

A few days later, Kaldius received word from the Midnighters that they had found something. He was told that a Rikti had information for them, but he was being held prisoner and had to be saved. Thus, Dimone was given a task to save the Rikti by the name of Gartut Arterkar. Kaldius took Mobius Tempest, Blue Amaranth, Sean O'Bannon and Dimensional Wanderer with him to save the alien.

When rescued, Kaldius listened to the Rikti rant on about Kaldius being his god and that the prophecy was to be fulfilled.

"What the hell are you talking about...?" Questioned Kaldius.

"You are my God, Lord Kaldius! You have answered the prophecy and you are here to save us!" The alien replied.

"What do you mean? I'm only here because I want to know why my old home is in Paragon City... And stop calling me a God, I am a Devil." Kaldius stated.

Blue Amaranth almost smirked, she knew all along that Kaldius was kinder than he let on to be, and his being a God instead of a Devil did make her happy.

The alien got on his knees, "No! Irisan is the Devil! You are the God. God of Omnipotence! As he is the Devil of the same."

Kaldius growled out at him, "Look at me! I'm a devil!"

The alien only smiled and lowered his gaze, "Where you were born, will not always decide your destiny, my lord..."

Mobius smiled in glee, "See!? See!? I had known of this!"

The alien smiled, "The prophecy is true... Your Oracle and your Angel have come to you, now it is time for you to come as the true God you are."

Apparently, Mobius Tempest and Blue Amaranth were his Oracle and Angel. Kaldius still did not wish to believe this, and in turn left the area, in somewhat of a fit of anger and disbelief. He had grown up hurting people only to learn that his purpose was to help them.

Episode 12

The only answer he could believe was one from someone who did not worship him, someone who didn't seem crazy. Thus, he spoke to Montague about it and the Midnighter told him to speak to a woman who was being held captive by the Circle of Thorns. He took Stormy and Blue with him. They quickly found the woman and when Kaldius questioned her, she only replied, "No, no. I will give you answers once you help me defeat the threat here, my lord." She said and smirked as she ran her hand down his chest.

Blue Amaranth gritted her teeth at the woman's actions but did enjoy the fact that Kaldius did not respond to the affection. Instead, they continued on, they finally got to an empty room with strange blue water around a platform.

"We're done, now tell me what I want to know..." Kaldius told the woman.

The woman turned and walked to the edge of the platform, looking at the water, "Come here! Can you see yourself, King?" She asked.

Kaldius growled a bit and walked to the water, looking at his reflection, "Yes, I can see myself, so what?" He questioned. She only grinned and shook her head, placing her hand on his back, "No... Can you see your self?" She questioned again, then suddenly pushed him in.

Kaldius stumbled in and fell forward. He got up and growled at her, "What the hell is wrong with you?!" He questioned. The water was apparently only knee-high for Kaldius. She giggled and pointed at his legs, "Can you see yourself?!"

Behind her, Blue was glaring, the air around her beginning to become very cold. Stormy ran to the woman, "What did you- King... Your legs..."

Kaldius looked into the water to see his legs, but saw them missing, "How the he-" He was suddenly cut off when something yanked him into the liquid. Stormy jumped in after him, only to find that the water was like any normal water. As he turned to question the woman, he found he was too late.

Blue had lunged forward and gripped the woman's throat, her cold powers forming around the woman's flesh, freezing her neck as she held her, "WHERE IS HE?!"

The woman only laughed weakly and replied just as weakly, "... He will fall... Without you..." She said.

Suddenly deeper in the caves, the sound of a fierce battle could be heard, Kaldius was in trouble, it seemed. Instantly, the duo ran to help their king, the woman following behind them after peeling ice from her throat.

When they arrived to find Kaldius, he was in the center of another platform, fighting off very powerful demons who kept coming at him. These didn't even look like Circle of Thorns minions. Blue and Stormy jumped into the battle, but stayed a good distance from Kaldius, his power was emitting all over and he was draining all the beings around him.

Finally, they finished the demons off and the woman entered the room. Kaldius roared at her and lunged at her, gripping her throat, "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!" He demands of her.

Her eyes widen in surprise at his speed and she kicks her legs in the air as he held her up, using her hands to try to pry his grip from her, "P... Please..."

Kaldius suddenly whipped his arm out and sent her flying into a wall. She crashed into it, causing a small crater in it. She screamed in pain and coughed from the pain of the impact, the choking he had put her through and the dust in the air.

She gripped her throat and looked up, glaring at them, "Who... Am I...? I would have been your demoness! BUT FUCK YOU!!! IRISAN WILL PROVE A BETTER LEADER!!" She screeched out at him. Her body burst to flames, revealing a gorgeous, nude body underneath, but soon she vanished, as she did, a wave of ice spikes flew at the spot she was at. Kaldius turned to look at Blue, who had tossed them in her fury. He was impressed.

Episode 13

After this incident, it took another week before Kaldius received notice from Gartut that he had some great news for him. Of course, seeing as Gartut's claims of Kaldius and Irisan seemed to be true, Kaldus trusted him.

Again, he took Blue and Stormy with himself to see Gartut, who was in the Vanguard building. Once there, Gartut asked Stormy to deliver a document to Azuria. The reasoning behind it, of course, was that Azuria had a strong disliking for Kaldius, and many people in Paragon had begun noticing that Blue was close to him, thus some have come to distrust him as well. But Stormy only was around Kaldius some times and not everyone knew their relationship. Though, for some reason, the alien had confused Stormy for Mobius the first time he spoke to him.

About thirty minutes passed by while they waited for Stormy to return, the whole time, Kaldius only stared at the alien, who had seemed to become very nervous. Silence haunted the room for a while until Kaldius spoke up.

"I forgot your name..." He said.

Gartut blinked, "Huh? Mine? Oh... It's Gurato..." He said, then nodded to himself, as if trying to confirm it in his own mind.

Kaldius nodded, "I see..." Again, he continued to stare at the alien, "Blue, dear... Could you go check up on Stormy? He's taking quite a long time."

Blue Amaranth only nodded and smiled, going off to see the boy. Once she was gone, Kaldius asked again, "I'm sorry, what did you say your name was?"

The alien chuckled a bit, "Forgetful, aren't we, King? I said it was... Gaturo." He replied.

Kaldius nodded slowly, "Ah..."

Suddenly, Kaldius had snapped from his seat and lunged at the alien. In an instant, he had him across the room, holding him above the ground against the wall, "WRONG!!!" He roared and gripped the alien's neck, "WHERE ARE GARTUT AND AZURIA?!" He demanded.

The alien struggled before forcing out his words, "D... Die... King..." After saying that, a high pitched sound filled the room and there was an explosion. A perfectly spherical explosion took a large, sphere-shaped portion of the Vanguard building with it, along with Kaldius and the alien.

In the City Hall structure, Stormy had wandered into Azuria's office while she was still not there and noticed a paper on her desk, for some reason, it was an exact copy of the one in his hand. Why was he delivering a paper she already had? When he heard her coming back, he walked out and she questioned why he was in her office.

"I'm sorry, Azuria. I was looking for you. I was the one who delivered the cloak to you some time ago, remember?" He replied.

She nodded, "Ah, yes! Of course! Well, listen, I'm really busy, so unless you have something for me, I need you to go away for a little while." She said, before entering the room ahead of him.

He only followed to show her the paper. She looked up, almost agitated until she saw the paper, "Oh... You have it?" She took it and as he sat, looked over it, her eyes often time snapping down to a paper she had now hidden with another sheet, "Seems to be what I needed..." She looked up at him and smiled.

He smiled in return, "Good! So what is it for?" He asked.

She grinned a bit and suddenly, something flew at Stormy from under her desk, tearing through the wood. The sharp blade was aimed at Stormy's throat, looking to remove his head completely. He jumped back almost instantly to avoid it, Blue had arrived soon after, to use a large block of ice as a shield against the blade that was used against him. After Blue had arrived, Azuria growled and the blade moved back under the table, revealing itself to be a demonic tail instead.

Azuria instantly lit her body into flames, "Damn you! You're not Mobius at all!" She yelled at Stormy. Her body seemed to shift, revealing herself as the woman from before. Almost instantly Blue began launching attacks at the woman, who dodged them and contered by melting the ice attacks with her own flames. As she reached the end of the room, she again vanished in a flame.

Blue glared and turned around to see if Stormy was alright, but as she was turning, she collapsed, a loud boom filling Atlas Park. Blue gripped her chest and cried out in immense pain, "KALDIUS!!!!!" She could feel that their united aura's link was severed. She felt weak without him.

Stormy carried her to the castle, and vowed to find Kaldius, no matter what.

Thus, Blue was to stay in the castle, often times alone since all the others were looking for Kaldius, searching for a way to get him back.

Episode 14

Kaldius' inability to die of course kicked into effect, but this time, he was greeted by someone in realm of void.

The man was very tall and handsome, the look in his eyes had wisdom that surpassed even Kaldius' own. Kaldius could, for the first time, feel power that made him feel like he was being forced onto his knees. The man's name was Aries Villanite, the King of Aeon. Kaldius was too proud to accept the man's power and flaunted his status as God to the man, who only returned laughter, "God?! You dare call yourself a God?! YOU FOOL!" Aries and Kaldius began battling after a heated discussion. For the first time in thousands of years, Kaldius was defeated by a single foe. In this realm, Kaldius' death meant certain doom, he would never come back again and would no longer exist. Aries only dropped his black sword by Kaldius' side, "... I can see why you think yourself a God... But you are not one. You are not a Devil either and neither is your foe. You are Mystics. Immortals chosen to hold grand power. Purity is a choice you make, not a destiny. As a Mystic, you are one of the few beings allowed to move to your own destiny. You are not bound by the laws of life. I will revive you, but I want you to return to earth in service to me. Dimone is now a Kingdom of Aeon. You are my faithful follower. Take my sword, and use it with the one yo crafted... They will prove useful." He said.

Kaldius agreed, the power he was being given was insane. This was in the best interest of the demon, this man that approached him could have snapped him in half in a second and it took Kaldius a good beating to learn that.

Now Kaldius is back, but in a strange new form. Apparently Aries decided to force Kaldius into a female form. Kaldius is a shapeshifter, but for some reason can not morph into a male any longer and does not know why. He has taken on the name of Lady Kaldia and is slowly learning more about this new form given by Aries Villanite.

After finally encountering Blue Amaranth, Kaldius learned that she had taken on a new alias as Queen Sharda of course, meant to be there alongside his alias of King Kaldius. But during this time, Kaldius was still in Kaldia's body. At first, the encounter was strange, and it only got stranger when Kaldius began to be overwhelmed by a massive surge of lust. Even through he resisted and resister, and warned Sharda to leave, he was overcome and the angel stayed. Kaldius was taken over completely by an alter-ego now known officially as Kaldia, an embodiment of Kaldius' pure lust. It seems Aries Villanite had decided to give this gift to Kaldius, to make it easier to remain loyal to Sharda. The whole ordeal was a test, really. If Sharda had left, then Kaldia would leave and Kaldius would never be able to control his lust, and thus in the end, he would betray his queen sooner or later. Aries works in strange ways.

Unfortunately, Kaldia soon had a bounty on her head. She was wanted for multiple rapes now and really couldn't do too much to avoid being wanted, Kaldius thought it was bed that Dimone didn't cover her on this. Thus, Kaldia fled to the isles and is not working hard to create a faction of Dimone there.

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