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50's Hero takes on Today's Crime
Doc Atom
Player: ElCucuy
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 32
Personal Data
Real Name: Classified
Known Aliases: Doc
Species: Human
Age: Classified
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 175#
Eye Color: Classified
Hair Color: Classified
Biographical Data
Nationality: American, damnit!
Occupation: Retired
Place of Birth: Classified
Base of Operations: Classified
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Classified
Known Powers
Known Abilities
many and varied by gadget
power gloves, rocket boots, invisibility harness, et. al.
No additional information available.

Doc Atom is an homage to the heroes of the past and a longing for the good old days. I wanted him to be continuously outclassed by the villains of today, because he refuses to update his devices. He might make them more powerful, but that usually means they get bulkier and more dangerous. The obvious choice was to make him a blaster.

It kept your mama safe, it's good enough to keep you safe.

-Doc Atom



Doc Atom is one of the founding members of The Paragon Institute and remains with the organization to this day. He has fought alongside many of the heroes of the past and he was quite well known decades ago, so it is not unusual to find people that have heard of his past exploits. Even so, many are surprised he's still around.


While Doc Atom is a brilliant scientist and inventor, he is not the typical bookworm. Doc is ex-military, and more akin to a drill sergeant. He always wears a crew cut and physically is a bull of a man, even if a bit short. When Doc isn't fighting crime or yelling at the new Institute recruits to stay out of his lab, he will be firmly glued to the television set, beer in hand, watching Perry Mason, Matlock, that show with that MacGyver kid, or anything with John Wayne.

Doc doesn't believe in sugar-coating the truth, he tells it like it is, and that makes him come across as mean-spirited sometimes. He also has little time for the latest batch of angsty heroes, and thinks they need a rocket boot to the back side to get them to put on a pair of tights and act like a man.


Energy Blast

All of Doc's own personal devices run on atomic energy, which Doc considers the pinnacle of human achievement. His power gloves are designed to release bursts of atomic energy into blasts of considerable power. This is Doc's main form of attack, but he is not averse to backhanding a whiny little Hellion with his power glove.


Doc Atom is always inventing devices to give him an edge over the punks of Paragon City. He uses glue grenades extensively to immobilize and apprehend criminals. He uses a targeting system that feeds back information to his goggles. An older invention that still gets much use is Doc's invisibility harness. And, against particularly deserving enemies (like the Fifth Column/Council), Doc will usually bring along his lemon-juice injecting caltrops.

Additional Powers


Doc Atom employs over-sized rocket-powered boots to enable him to put out tremendous amounts of lift. Originally, the design called for the boots to allow him to fly, but he was unable to put enough power into them without making the boots prohibitively large, so he had to opt for smaller burst, rather than sustainability. The result was a device that lets him make fantastic leaps.


Doc Atom, even given his advanced age, is in fantastic physical condition. His years in the Marine Corps built up a discpline that kept Doc active in his later years. In addition, his costume itself is fortified with various servos and enhancements that give Doc boosts to his running speed, lifting power, and durability.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Besides being a normal man with super-powered gadgets, Doc has two primary weaknesses.

First, his age is often a limiting factor in many regards. Even with his suit's assistance, he is more fragile than a younger man wearing the same suit. His vision is not what it used to be, but his goggles are designed to correct that as much as possible.

Second, Doc remains convinced that the good old days were better. He doesn't update his costume from what was popular then, his expectations from the criminals remain unsophisticated at best, his gadgets are all bulky, not quite up to code, and prone to unexpected results.

Character History



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