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Founder: Doctor Fear
Side: Villains
Motto: None
Leader(s): Doctor Fear, Doctor Positronic, Flesh Sculptor, Doctor Iceotope, Doctor Mutatis, Corpsia Delicti, Xenophidia, Peitho, Doctor Bionic
Logo: A human skull
Group Colours: Black + White
Levels: All
Play style: Mostly Casual
Roleplay: Required
Timezone(s): (mostly Central US, all welcome)
Recruiting: Casually through roleplay
Contact: Peitho
No additional information available.

ei·do·lon (ī-dō'lən) n.

  1. A phantom; an apparition.
  2. An image of an ideal.

A consortium of scientists and madmen who are dedicated to bringing about the next stage of human evolution via transhumanism. Approaching this from a variety of wildly different, and sometimes opposing disciplines, aims, and philosophies, the organization is prone to political infighting as much as it is to cooperation.

The highest rank in Eidolon is the Overseer. Technically this position was originally just an administrative position to oversee day to day operations and issue executive decisions when quick decisions are necessary. The Overseer also has the tie-breaking vote on the Council, and may speak on matters before the Council even when his or her vote is not required. Ever since Doctor Fear has claimed this position, he has subverted it into a dictatorial position that possesses broad discretionary powers that are barely held in check by the Exemplar Primes. His managing to appoint one of his own lieutenants to a seat on the Council was seen by some as an attempt at a political coup. With the power to plunge people into their own greatest fears, he is rightfully respected for his power, but he also has been shown to have a larger perspective than most of the other members of Eidolon. He's very much a "big picture" type, and his plans are very long term and extremely complex. He is adept at playing the forces of the Council of Primes off against each other to ensure that his larger vision comes to fruition. Doctor Fear claims that he does not ever lie, as untruths are for lesser men. That said, much of what he does say is cryptic, revealing little of his actual intent.

The Overseer can be removed by the council of Primes by a vote of no confidence, which must have a two-thirds majority. To date, none have been willing to upset the status quo to such an extent in Eidolon, not because of loyalty to Fear, but rather a vast disagreement on who would be selected to replace him. Few Primes would tolerate any of their peers taking that position before themselves.

The group is governed by the Exemplar Primes, or Council of Primes as they are called collectively. As the name indicates, these are beings who are singular in their accomplishment in their chosen field of endeavor. It is the Council that tempers the power wielded by Doctor Fear and decides issues of import to the group as a whole. It consists of an even number of members, who rarely see eye to eye. Coalitions are often built and sundered for various issues that come before the Council.

The Council is currently made up of nine members:

Flesh Sculptor - Molecular Biology and Surgery. Once a compassionate physician and researcher, Flesh Sculptor is now quite psychotic. He has three obsessions: finding the ultimate regeneration serum (often using himself as a guinnea pig), his ersatz "artwork" which he describes as both a "creative and performing art" but in reality is little more than a series of gruesome serial killings, and lastly the complete obliteration of The Council (the villain group), and will not rest until he has seen The Center twitch beneath his blades. Flesh Sculptor makes little secret of the fact that he despises Doctor Fear and would like nothing more than to usurp his power.

Peitho - Demonology (and Right hand to Doctor Fear)

Doctor Positronic - Physics and Robotic Engineering. Completely mad and more than a bit senile, the aged Doctor Positronic's sanity has been warped by the Positronic Power Suit which he wears at almost all times. His schemes are often considered quaint and old-fashioned by his peers, but sometimes a robot army or an orbital death ray are exactly what is needed. More than a little high strung, there are few who can deal with Positronic for any length of time. Doctor Positronic has nothing but contempt for his peers, often sending his second, Pyre Ballyhoo, in his stead for meetings of the council of Primes. When he does show up to meetings, he almost invariably votes "no" on every resolution.

Doctor Mutatis - Genetics, Cross-disciplinary, and Occult Studies

Corpsia Delicti - Necromancy and Thaumatergy

Xenophidia - Biogenetics and Retroviruses

Doctor Iceotope - Biophysics and Radiobiology

Xuan Wu - Alchemy

Doctor Bionic - Cybernetics and Bionics. Doctor Bionic is the most recent to be instated as a Prime, winning support by a five to three vote in favor, mostly due to the efforts of Five of Swords.

There is one vacant seat on the council currently. So far, the only contender, nominated by Flesh Sculptor and seconded by Doctor Mutatis, is Malignia (Rikti biology and mutation) but she does not yet have nearly enough support with the council to call a vote with any degree of confidence.

A nomination to the Council of Primes requires having one of the existing Primes, or the Overseer, endorse the candidate for nomination. This nomination must be seconded. The candidates are usually selected from the ranks of the Paradigms or the Exemplars, however there have been a few notable exceptions.

Once seconded, the nominee shall have a period of time to convince enough Primes (and the Overseer in case of a deadlock) of providing their support. There is no deadline on this process, but as the Primes rarely get along and as loyalties shift very frequently amongst their ranks, it is usually a long process. As soon as one candidate or another believes they have sufficient votes, they may request an election to be called for. If successful, they join the Primes and take their own seat on the council. If this bid fails, they will still have been scrutinized very closely by the existing Primes. This could be a very beneficial thing, as one or more may decide they wish them to join as one of their Paradigms, or even as an Exemplar, or it could be very bad as the Primes attempt to distance themselves from the political failure. As with everything else in Eidolon, it is risky to be noticed.

The Exemplar Primes have their own lieutenants, the Exemplars, who are their trusted (as much as they trust anyone) right-hand assistants. Some Councilors will even send their Exemplar in their place for meetings or deliberations that they don't consider worth their time. The current Exemplars are:

Atroxius - Flesh Sculptor
Dragonmancer - Peitho
Pyre Ballyhoo - Doctor Positronic
Atomic Fire Ball - Doctor Iceotope
Necromentalist - Corpsia Delicti
Hei Feng - Xuan Wu
Doctor Mutatis and Xenophidia have yet to choose Exemplars.

Beneath these, are the Paradigms. These are individuals who have elected to serve under a particular Exemplar Prime and have been accepted in turn. While they do not have the same burden of responsibility that the Exemplars do, their power in the organization is only marginally more than that of the rank and file, mainly because they have the support of a Prime if they need it.

The Champions are the rank and file members. These individuals vary from Paradigm-hopefuls to common thugs. These individuals are not beholden to any one Exemplar Prime and are often used as pawns in the political games played by the Council. They have the largest degree of personal freedom, but also have the least influence over the group as a whole.

The Lackeys are new members, usually given drudge work, who have not proven themselves trustworthy or valuable enough to be promoted to Champion. Lackeys are given jobs as lab assistants, security guards, and even test subjects.

Eidolon can almost be split into two distinct groupings, those who belonged to the organization under Doctor Bionic's leadership, and those who were in Doctor Fear's force when he forceably siezed control of the organization.

The original members of Eidolon, who tend to represent a slightly less venomous side of Eidolon today, were:

Doctor Bionic
Doctor Mutatis
Doctor Iceotope
Project Proteus (Deceased)
Project Pandora (Deceased)
Kelvin X (Deceased)
Effigina (Deceased)
Blutengle (Missing, presumed dead)
Pyre Ballyhoo
Atomic Fireball

Doctor Fear's forces, a more uncompromising group than the original membership, who've wrested control over the group from Doctor Bionic's leadership:

Doctor Fear
Doctor Positronic
The Flesh Sculptor
Corpsia Delicti
Professor Frostwork (Deceased)
Doctor Arkham (Missing, presumed dead)

All other members have joined after the takeover.

Despite it's factional nature, Eidolon shows a tremendous amount of cohesion and cooperation when either pursuing a common goal or when threatened from without. In these times, the Primes share information and resources with each other in ways that would be unthinkable during the less productive periods.

Eidolon operates out of a State-of-the-Art research facility dubbed Fort Fear, located somewhere in the Rogue Islands.

Recently, Doctor Fear has forged a contract with the assassin's guild known as Ghost Shadow Society for their services.

Eidolon has formed a tenuous alliance with the Theoi Collective, a relationship which has been strained to the breaking point by the creation of Atroxius

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