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The Electric Fairy is the first character I ever made on City of Heroes, and the only Blaster I play on Virtue. My initial idea for her was quite sketchy and so most of her character has developed over the time that I have played her.

Even so, my inspirations probably show, such as an unhealthy addiction to certain 70's and 80's cartoons!

Electric Fairy flying over Atlas Park!
The Electric Fairy
Player: Coyote Seven
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: EF
Species: Cloned Human Cyborg
Age: Unknown
Height: 4'
Weight: '
Eye Color: Cybernetic
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: '
Occupation: Registered Hero
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Not Married
Known Relatives: Cyborg Systre
Known Powers
Electric Blasts, Devices, Flight, Teleportation, Stealth, Whimsical Non Sequiturs
Known Abilities
Able to surprise most foes due to her uncanny stealth like abilities that go beyond a mere electronic cloak. Usually opens up on her unsuspecting targets with a Tesla Cage and Shocking Bolt.
A cloaking device and short range teleporter built into her cybernetics. Can summon a targetting drone at will. Stays aloft via mechanical wings and leg-attached rockets.



Supergroup: Liberty League
Former Supergroup: Super Mega Ultra Team


Electric Fairy can be somewhat mercurial. While she has no apparent malice specifically towards the Crey, who were chasing her when she was initially discovered, she has shown delight in needling down both The Circle of Thorns and the Freakshow when she can, rather than defeating them as quickly as possible.

She calls herself a fairy and yet she is of a technological origin, being a super powered cyborg. This has confused a great number of actual fae that are serving to protect Paragon City. Some don't know what to make of her, or think that she is confused (and this amuses some of them). If it was only because of her whimsical personality, this might all be dismissed. But the very fact that she causes true faeries so much confusion alludes to something about her true nature.

She shows absolutely no fear of any kind of danger. When she is in peril, she will at best display frustration and annoyance. The only villains to which she has shown some fear are the Cabal and the Red Caps (read below).


Electrical Blast

She can discharge bolts of electricity through her arms. She uses this power quite often and rather effectively to dispatch her foes. Typically she will sneak up on an unsuspecting target (with the aid of her cloaking device and stealthy talents) and hold them with her Tesla Cage before they can even get in a single shot. She's then free to use the power of her Zapp snipe at close range to defeat them as quickly as possible. This doesn't always work, but most of the time it is quite effective.


A cloaking device is built into her cybernetic body, and as well she can summon a laser targeting drone to greatly assist her in making well aimed shots. She carries a handful of caltrops in her utility belt that she can deploy at a moments notice, and also carries web grenades with which she can either hold her foes down or knock them out of the sky.

Electrical Mastery

The power of her Shocking Bolt in conjunction with her Tesla Cage is usually enough to hold more powerful foes and prevent them from returning fire, while remaining hovered and cloaked reduces her chances of getting hit before she can fully hold them down. In certain times of distress, when she finds herself in over her head and completely surrounded, she has been known to discharge an electromagnetic pulse to stun her enemies and give her a chance to escape, or in some cases defeat them all while they are disoriented.


She can hover and fly around easily thanks to thrusters built into her legs, along with a pair of mechanical wings. She greatly prefers to blast her foes from way on high while zooming around and fluttering about to make help herself a harder target. Even in close quarters, she prefers to hover mere inches off the ground.


She has a built in short range teleporter. She usually prefers to fly everywhere, though if she is in a great hurry she has been known to blink her way, using this. She also uses it whenever she has been held down to prevent her from flying away. Many a foe have been stymied seeing her disappear in a flash of light after they thought they had her grounded.


She has displayed an uncanny ability to hide herself that goes beyond her electronic cloaking device. She calls it a talent, and doesn't seem to care much about what that might mean about her true origins. She uses this talent quite often to help her lead villains astray, usually right into the hands of her teammates.

Weaknesses and Limitations


Character History

EF has been a hero in Paragon City, fighting crime and righting wrongs, for as long as she can remember. Quite literally. She can't remember a thing past the time when she awoke, dazed and injured, her cybernetic implants in need of repair. She also found herself being chased by some Crey agents, though she didn't know who they were at the time. Luckily, a group of heroes happened to be in the area, and they saw her half broken body lying on the ground. The Crey agents immediately withdrew the moment they saw these heroes approach EF. They transported her to a hospital, where D.A.T.A. scientists repaired her implants and she was nursed back to health.

The doctors told her that her memory loss was the result of a direct shock from an overload in her own power system, due to extreme damage done to it, and that she might not ever regain her memory. This didn't seem to cause her too much distress. She was already known by the hospital staff to be rather flighty. She fancied herself to be a faerie in disguise, switched at birth and forced to live a human life. She decided that fate had put her in this situation for a reason. When she was discharged from the hospital, she flew directly to Paragon City Hall and registered herself as an official hero. She took the name "The Electric Fairy" and insists on not having any kind of secret identity. Indeed, "Electric Fairy" seems to be her only identity. She has learned how to control electrical discharges from her robotic arms, something she discovered she could do while recooperating, channeling energy from her own power center. Though still quite prone to distraction from pretty things and shiny objects, she does try her best to battle evil in the big city.

Though she has battled many villains in her heroing career, she has not really feared any of them, even in the face of doom. Strangely enough, only the Red Caps, and to a lesser extent the Cabal Witches, both based in Croatoa, have spooked her enough that she generally will only ever attack them from behind, and usually refuses to face them alone, even if they pose absolutely no threat to her. The only answer she's given for this behavior so far is that she "is not their cousin."

She first became fully aware of her so-called "sister", named The Cyborg Systre, when her evil counterpart kidnapped her as part of a diabolical scheme to overthrow The Council, invade their base of operations on Striga Isle and claim it as her own. The Electric Fairy was successfully manipulated and controlled by Cyborg Systre, effectively becoming like another one of CS's heavily armed robot drones, only still a lot smarter and more sneaky. The team that attempted to extract her and foil CS's plans found themselves having to actually do battle with EF first. But even after all that, Electric Fairy didn't seem to show any real disgust or humiliation. Indeed, she seemed to be only mildly annoyed about the entire ordeal, though she was thankful to be pulled out.


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