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(Evan Rengada is currently not seen in the Isles or Paragon, and won't be for a period of time unknown.)

Evan Rengada is a culturally advanced man with the ability to speak Four Languages. He delves in the art of Bionic Implants that his Corporation so offers. He is a serious man and takes things close to him seriously. Being the CEO of a Grand Corporation forces him to be. He holds social finesse that gets him far in the world of business and personal friendship.

Rengada VV.jpg
Rengada in Corporate Action!
Evan Rengada
Player: @jjarebear
Origin: Technology/Natural
Archetype: Widow (He is IC not a Widow!)
Threat Level: (Working on 50)
Personal Data
Real Name: Evan Sebastian Rengada
Known Aliases: Agent Rengada, Mr. Rengada, Evan, Basti.
Species: Human
Age: 29
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 160
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: US Citizen
Occupation: CEO of The Centari Corporation
Place of Birth: Jerusalem, Israel
Base of Operations: Cap Au Diable
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Lisa Rengada-Sister
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Vocal Adjustment, Met-Human Jumping, Intense Physical Combat Training
Vocal Bionics, Leg Bionics, Regenerative Wave Distributor, Acid Mortar, Explosives, Web-Immobilization Grenades, Various Medical Kits, and Psychic Bionics.
Evan Rengada is also a Sonic/Traps Corrupter - Agent Rengada.




Evan Sebastian Rengada was born in Israel, on an (no longer existent) American Base. Returning to Seattle, Washington with his parents shortly after he was born and cleared to travel on Plane, he lived in High Class Seattle Culture. Being international literally helped him strive far in School: Primary, Secondary, Post-Secondary Schooling. Evan has taken Japanese and Spanish in high school, then retouched up his Hebrew at University of Washington. Evan is very physically attuned, even being trained in several Martial Arts, symbiotic-ally trained in the knowledge of Human Anatomy. After a trip to Mexico, Evan came back and relocated to Paragon City, buying a robotics company called, "The Wyatt Institution" , and renaming it "The Centari Corporation". After he fell in charge of the company, it blossomed into an International Corporation. Evan is currently the CEO of Centari, and resides in Cap au Diable, where the Main Office is located, after an Outcast Fire of the original office in Steel Canyon.
After an incident at the Pocket D, Rengada now has an undying fear of Cat Girls, Bird Girls, any type of Animal Girls.

Abilities & Equipment

WidowTraining Confront.png Psion Bionics

These allow him to amplify his brainwaves and convert them into Psionic Signals. These signals come no where to emulating a psychic, but take a different route. The Psionic Waves he produces don't delve into the mind, but creates signals where your brain has no real choice but to react. These signals prevent him from being a Telepath, but he can produce signals that cause the brain to damage itself or it's body. Certain Psionic Signals cause the brain to become more focused and energize the body. Because of the Bionics, it offers him a mild defense and resistance to Psionic Attacks.

SonicDebuff Dispel.png Vocal Bionics

This allows him to emulate any voice he wants. These bionics are connected to his Psion Bioncis, which allow him complete control over his voice by sheer thought. The bionics are capable of emulating a voice perfectly, down to the sound wave. He can even produce Sound Waves and control how they travel to even inflict pain onto aggressors.

Jump LongJump.png Bi-Pedal Bionics

These implants in his calves and areas of his thighs and knees allow him to jump at an inhuman level. The bionics are installed so advanced into his legs, to reduce the shock upon his landing. The alloys of the Bionics were carefully designed to take the shock from the height they added to his leap. However, if he were to jump off a building, the Bionics would not take all that Shock, and he would most likely die. However, he has learned how to jump from buildings strategically without exceeding the Shock Buffer.

Traps DroppedAoEBuffDefense.png Gadgets

Evan carries with him at all times: Web Grenades (with nanites to create a stronger hold), Forcefield Generator, Radiant Regenetive Generator (This device radiates radiation that actually causes skin to heal and skin become less tender), Several Types of Bombs, and a Mutant Nullifying Gun. The MNG can only hinder a Mutant's Power, not strip it. If shot, a mutant would probably loose control over his/her power for a moment, and it would die down for about an hour, then their powers would return. The gun can prove useful to Regenetive Mutants who lurk Aeon City.

Ninjitsu Hide.png Stealth

For some reason, and reasons unknown, Evan Rengada can go invisible. He leaves no Heat Signatures, no Aura Signatures, it's as if he isn't there! However, he can still be felt while invisible. The cause of this is unknown.

Traps DroppedAoEDebuffAttackSpeed.png Anti-Cat Girl Ray

After an incident at the Pocket D, Evan has retreated to building a ray, similar to the Quantum Gun, but for Cat Girls. It locks onto Cat/Human DNA, and fires a powerful ray that disrupts the very equilibrium of a Cat Girl to a lethal level. It even has a Bird Girl Setting. If fired upon regular Humans, it tends to... turn them into Cat Girls, even if they are a boy. If fired upon a regular cat, it turns them into Cat Girls. This gun must be used properly.
WARNING: There is no Stun Setting.

"You'd think Nuclear Bombing, AIDS, and Kiddie Porn is bad... But have you ever seen a horde of Cat Girls and Lived?"

-Evan Rengada






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