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Jenna Faris had a wonderful life... up until the point where her father ruined it. Being the daughter of Kellon Faris was a hardship she had to endure for many years. Knowing that her father, a once brilliant and kind man had turned into a monster was something incredibly difficult to deal with. When she came of age, Jenna took legal actions against technology giant Crey Industries in an effort to reclaim the rights to her father's inventions.

She argued that her father should be considered legally deceased after transforming both mind and body into the villain Exadeus. After a long and grueling legal process, Jenna won the battle and all of Kellon's intellectual property was now hers. She gained not only wealth but fame from the events. Amon Aser, founder of Styx Industries had shown an interest in Jenna because of her lineage. He was a dark matter enthusiast, and recruited her to help him rehabilitate criminals.

While Aser's intentions were dark, Jenna genuinely wanted to assist Aser, thinking one day the work she did for Styx Industries would help rehabilitate her father. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Jenna was wrapped up in the scheme spearheaded by Aser, which intended to put a prison in the DMZ. Aser used the captured Exadeus to build the prison but was ultimately double crossed by the super villain. After The Challengers defeated Exadeus, and put an end to Aser's plot, Jenna was left as the new CEO of Styx.

She became obsessed with revenge against the heroes who had seemingly killed her father, and the man who only used her abilities. The the entire corporation and all its assets now at her disposal, Jenna began to make preparations to exact her vengeance. She built her own portal, and began to map out portions of the DMZ in a desperate search for her father. The short trips were to keep her from losing sanity, like so many others. Unfortunately she did succumb to the adverse effects of dark matter, and as her father before her, made claim to the Dark Matter Zone as it's lord and master.

She had become Exadeus.

An armor based on the designs by her father was created, and she was now under constant bombardment of dark matter. Styx was used to now manufacture ExBots, powerful robotic drones powered by dark matter and other various dark matter weaponry. The ExBots and DM-powered weapons were made readily available to anyone calling themselves an enemy of The Challengers.

Jenna hired out The Deceiter, a shape-shifting villain who had once infiltrated Orthrus Inc., and was nearly victorious in bringing down the organization, as well as The Challengers themselves (in their earliest incarnation). Jenna worked together with Phanto, who developed a contingency plan for his Memorial Mayhem attack. Knowing Havok's apparent obsession with bringing Phanto to justice, she planned to replace Red-Havok with Deceiter and make steps to destroy The Challengers from the inside.

Deceiter was successful, and Red-Havok was picked up and delivered to Styx Industries, without the knowledge of his teammates.

Now, with Havok in her custody, Exadeus would begin working on her new plan. The Challengers would be destroyed within 60 days, the same amount of time Rave Spider had given her father, and Red would be used as the host body to bring about her father's resurrection.

While finalizing development on the machine that would locate, and transfer the disembodied Kellon Faris into Red-Havok, Jenna struck another deal with Phanto. She signed over a vast majority of Styx resources to the villain in exchange for time enough to complete her work. Phanto agreed and started mobilizing villains to relentlessly strike The Challengers.

All was going according to Jenna's plan and finally the time came to bring her father back. During the process a large humanoid figure emerged from a portal to the Dark Matter Zone and killed all of the lab's scientists and security team. It took Jenna back into the DMZ before locking eyes with Havok. The portal collapsed on itself and neither Jenna nor the strange being have been seen since.

Since their disappearance, all normal access to the DMZ has been lost with the exception of Raechell Mardok's"Death Ray".

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