Exiled Technomancer

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I will Protect the Future
The Exiled Technomancer
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Gabriel Peters
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 32
Height: unknown
Weight: unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: blond
Biographical Data
Nationality: None
Occupation: None
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Single/Widower
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Known Abilities
No additional information available.


Second Ranking Member of the the Sentinels, Former member of the Order of the Technomancers, Villains of Paragon City.


Technomancers are beings of severe dichotomy, slow to joy or anger, but when angered they are like an unstoppable hurricane. The Exile embodies this more than most. His loyalty to the Sentinels and Paragon City is implacable, his hatred of Arachnos is volcanic. His distrustful nature balanced by his incredible devotion to those few he calls friend. He is ruthless in battle, showing his enemies no mercy, no quarter, but he holds to his own rigid code of honor. Through his adventures in Paragon City he maintains his dark sense of humour. While he responds sarcastically to those like Capt. Paragon and Liberty Lad who (naively in his view) hold to their absolute views on good and evil, he secretly respects those who hold to their morality in the face of corruption.

Character History

The Early Years

Gabriel was born to Dylan Peters and his wife Jania, two members of the Order of the Technomancers. His mother was a healer of great renown among their people, and his father was well liked and respected, if not particularly influential. Technomancers are not a sociable order, too iconoclastic and individualistic to truly live in close proximity with one and other, so the family lived in Northern Saskatchewan, where his father posed as a high school science teacher, and where the people didn't prey too much into these strange but kind people. Those who know Gabriel and his dim views of children would be surprised to learn his childhood was a warm and loving one. His father often remarked he loved his son more than he loved his life, and he loved his life a lot. His parents trained him in the ways of the Technomancers, to use science and technology to duplicate feats of magic. Every year he gathered with the other children of Technomancers and was tested, where he proved to be one of the five greatest students of his generation.

When he was ten years old, his father died in a plane crash, through the eyes of the young boy, a random act of a pitiless universe. It was a great tragedy for his family, and the Technomancer Order as a whole, but it brought the young Gabriel in to contact with his father's closest friend, the venerable Technomancer Aldyn, one of the nine members of the ruling Circle, and one of the most powerful Technomancers of all time. Aldyn took the young boy in as an adoptive son, and Gabriel flourished under his teaching. Gabriel was offered his nanotech implants and status as a Technomancer Adept at the age of 15, two years earlier than was customary.

It was at this time he first met Isabelle, a fellow student though not quite in his league in term of ability. Teenage romance is the same, whether between normal teenagers, mutants or Technomancers, and soon the two had fallen in love. At the age of twenty-three, shortly after he became a full fledged Technomancer, he proposed to her.

The Rikti War

Many families and institutions were torn asunder during the First Ritki War, and Gabriel's was no exception. The majority of the Technomancer Order returned to their places of power, hoping to ride out the storm. A few dozen rallied around Aldin, including Gabriel, his mother and his newly pregnant wife. The technological wizards waged war subtly, going to where the fighting was most desperate and tipping the balance ever so slightly in Vanguard’s favour. Aldyn, Gabriel and Isabelle became the iron fist of the Technomancers, and soon the Rikti feared these “demons of thunder” . Jania however took to the role of healer, helping anyone she could find, hero, villain, civilian or even Rikti. Her compassion would be her undoing however, when she was gunned down by a squad mate of the Rikti she was trying to heal.

That same day was one of the most desperate of the Rikti War, when the Rikti broke through the barriers and began to overwhelm the Vanguard bastion in King’s Row. Heroes, Vanguard and Technomancers fought valiantly that day, and much blood was spilt on both sides; however Gabriel could only see the loss of his dearest blood, his beloved wife Isabelle was killed in the fighting. Holding her broken body, he went mad with rage. He opened a portal to the Rikti Home-world and used cursed fire, a plasma flame that would never be extinguished, to raze one of thier largest cities. Millions of Rikti died screaming in the blaze.

The Rikti lost the battle, but the existence of the Technomancers was no longer a whispered rumor, and perhaps more important to the Order that prized control and self mastery above all other virtues, Gabriel had given into his basest instincts and used technomancery that was forbiden by the Code. Even his mentor Aldin was at disgusted and deeply disappointed. For himself, Gabriel’s energies were spent, and it would be years before he would regain his full powers.

The Long Twilight Struggle

With their secret now out, the Order knew it could no longer evade the coming storm, a conflict which would dwarf the Rikti War, and which they feared would destroy mankind and themselves. The Circle made plans to duplicate Portal Corp’s interdimensional gateways and scatter themselves throughout the multiverse. Before they left, the Circle convened for one last time and summoned Gabriel before them. They sentenced Gabriel to Exile, here on Earth, and charged him with a mission: to serve as watchman for the coming apocalypse. They did this out of a certain morbid curiosity, for they would soon be far beyond the reach of any foe, and they did not truly care whether Gabriel obeyed or not. The Circle disbanded for the final time, and in groups of three led the Technomancers to other worlds, though some chose to remain. At first Gabriel obeyed, and used a special signaling device to keep the Technomancers abreast of current developments, but before long, he began to intervene in the affairs of outsiders again, working with heroes to bring justice to the wicked. He created a false hero license and began to work to avert the coming storm. He would protect the future, no matter the cost.

In Paragon City

At first, weak and alone, Gabriel settled with using his limited power to do what good he could on the streets of King's Row. As his powers grew and he was able to access his probe network, his goals increased. He joined the Villians of Paragon City and pledged himself to John Starkweather, hoping that a world held in the iron grip of one leader could be strong enough to withstand the coming apocalypse.But in time he began to see where John's quest for power would lead, and it's terrible cost. So he left the Villians, and wandered aimlessly for sometime.

He spent his time fighting smaller battles, helping where he could while he pondered his mistakes. In time he realized his mistake had been one of ego. He assumed he was the solution, when in fact the solution was hidden inside of many heroes of Paragon. Immediately he set out to search for those remarkable heroes of virtue who can give hope to all the other heroes, who will inspire others to greatness. He looks not for the most powerful, the most brilliant, but the most noble, and caring and determined, those who fight for good not for glory or cities to carry on their names, but would be willing to die in the dark, alone, to protect one innocent life.

In the Sentinels he found such men and women as he was looking for, including another Technomancer who opted to stay behind, and a young rogue named Jack, who would become his salvation.

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