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The Sentinels is a super group founded by Capt. Paragon to help protect Paragon City against the threat of Arachnos and others. Capt. Paragon recruited several young heroes to the cause however tragedy struck as Arachnos struck back. Several Sentinels have disappeared without a trace. It is believed Arachnos is attempting to knock them off one by one. Capt. Paragon did not lose hope. He gathered several heroes together to strike at Arachnos in Siren's Call. Although much damage was left in his wake, no clues were discovered about his missing comrades. He has begun recruiting and hopes a new crop of Sentinels will succeed where the others have failed and finally bring down Lord Recluse.

Current Active Roster

50px x 50px Capt. Paragon

A Longbow agent whose squad was captured and expiramented on by Arachnos. Only he survived and now seeks justice for his fallen comrades by using his super-human strength and invulnerability against Arachnos.

50px x 50px Liberty-Lad

WWII Sidekick thrown into an interdimensional portal in order to save his life by his mentor Captain Freedom. The portal has given him extraordinary invulnerability and energy punches.

50px x 50px Mouseman

Sworn Protector of Perez Park. He uses his mutant abilities to protect the city.

50px x 50px Sun-Lord

Fire Blasting Son a hero who sacrificed him during the Rikti War. He has joined up with the Sentinels to earn a reputation in order to join Vanguard.

50px x 50px Star-Avenger

Time and space displaced hero from the future where the Earth was destroyed. He now uses his new found powers to prevent history from repeating itself.

50px x 50px Kid Independence

Patrotic teenage hero.

50px x 50px Exiled Technomancer

Enigmatic hero from a secret order who uses advanced technology to protect the city.

50px x 50px Azure Warstar

Millionaire inventor whose power armor demonstration was sabotaged, killing his test pilot wife. He seeks his wife's killers using the rebuilt power armor.

50px x 50px Crimson Roach

Wisecracking ,non-magic believing hero who uses his super strength and toughness gained through an accident to protect the city.

50px x 50px Bedroc

Mutant hero rescued by the Sentinels from Dr. DNA. His body is made of stone.

50px x 50px Gentleman Gambit

Card playing, sword wielding southern gentleman who is out to get the $5 million owed to him by Arachnos.

50px x 50px Dr. Sigma

Researcher examining the Oroboros Crystal and acquired powers over space and time.

50px x 50px Photon-Man

Policeman merged with a Kheldian and now fights crime.

50px x 50px Electrostar

Given powers by aliens to bring offenders to justice

50px x 50px Yanamahri

M.A.G.I. mystic rescued from the Hellions by Sun-Lord. The two started dating and now she is an honorary member of the Sentinels.

Lost in Combat

50px x 50px WinterMaid

Ice control mutant who perished fighting Arachnos in Siren's Call.

50px x 50px Lady Windrider

Weather controlling superhero who perished fighting Arachnos in Siren's Call.

50px x 50px Star Colossus

Alien Behemoth who perished fighting Arachnos in Siren's Call.

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