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Niemand Sieht
Player: @Coph Nia
Origin: Science
Archetype: Warshade
Security Level: '
Personal Data
Real Name: Justine Bellatrix Cagliostro
Known Aliases: Niemand Sieht, Funeral of Rapture (Kheldian name)
Species: Human
Age: 25
Height: 6'
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Former student, former assassin, ex-con
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Founders' Falls
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Cagliostro family
Known Powers
Nictus energy; teleportation
Known Abilities
Shapeshift, affinity for negative energy
No additional information available.

Niemand Sieht is my first Warshade, though she started out as a Dark Melee/Willpower stalker. Her transformation into a Warshade took me a little by surprise, but it made a lot more sense.... And I kept her name, which means Nobody Sees.




Justine Bellatrix Cagliostro, of the Founders' Falls Cagliostros (a family able to trace their roots back to Count Alessandro di Cagliostro) had a unique, if somewhat annoying talent: nobody seemed to be able to see her. Her parents, especially, never seemed to notice her, even when she was in the same room with them. Initially, Justine suspected that her father was simply preoccupied with his newspaper, and her mother was busy with her Ladies' Aid meetings, weekly bridge game, and whatever other obligations she had.

The ability to be unseen followed Justine to school, where she was picked last for games-- if she was even picked at all, and was overlooked by her teachers-- despite getting good grades. Even the inevitable bullies left her alone, thus reinforcing the idea that no one saw her.

High school was no different. She passed her classes, moving through the hallways with seemingly less presence than a shadow. She had no friends, was never looked at by boys; at times the loneliness made her want to scream. Still, she graduated at the top of her class, and went on to college.

What Happened

College seemed to be an extention of high school; Justine went to classes, passed her tests, and was largely ignored by everyone. Until one night....

Walking home in the snow, a man lurched headlong into her, knocking her over. Struggling to get herself righted, she realized that he was bleeding profusely from various wounds, a knife stuck deep in his side. Without thinking, she pulled it out.... and in that moment, she was no longer unseen.

The police showed up to find Justine covered in blood, the murder weapon in her hand. Her story wasn't enough; there were no witnesses, no other fingerprints on the weapon. Her family, now very well aware of her existance, had her represented by the best criminal attourney that money could buy. It wasn't enough.

For the murder of Lewis Elliott, a salesman from Oklahoma whom Justine had never met, she was given a life sentence and sent to the Zig. Her family disowned her, denying her existance after paying off the newspapers to keep their names out of the headlines.

The Zig

Justine lived in the Zig much as she had everywhere else; her ability to be unseen seemed to have come back full force. She caused no problems, spoke to no one, and generally tried to survive as best as conditions inside allowed.

That is, until one day.... Arachnos was conducting one of their infamous jailbreaks in her cellblock. She knew that it wasn't her they were looking to spring, but the door to her cell was open, and the rules seemed to be set: get through the yard to the flyer, and you'd be taken to Mercy Island. And, taking a deep breath, that's exactly what she did.

How she did it

Justine's family has a natural affinity for darkmatter, the ability to manipulate negative energy. She simply tapped into her limited affinity, and, combined with a sense of determination and her ability to be unseen, sneaked through the yard, and got onboard.

The Isles

Life in the Isles was, in Justine's opinion, no worse than her life in the Zig, except that she had a hell of a lot more freedom. She hated being labeled an assassin, but there didn't seem to be much call in other areas for people with her talents. And she was pretty sure that most employers didn't have much faith in a killer for hire who puked at the sight of blood. But, somehow, she made it out of Mercy.

Port Oakes offered better pay, better jobs, and shadier employers. Mr. Bocor flat out scared her-- she was certain she'd seen him in meetings with her father in the past, and his gaze made her blood run cold. She did appreciate that he gave her a chance, helped her hone her skills... but was thrilled when her contract with him was finished. Bocor suggested that she look into moving on, giving her the name of a broker in Cap au Diable.

Work was work; Justine was getting better about dealing with blood, but was still uncomfortable with her assignments. When Boris the Russian introdiced her to Dr. Shelley Percey, she had no idea that her luck was about to change.


The good doctor eyed Justine, and seemed to shrug, sending her off to a Council base to retrieve a Nictus bearer, warning her that if the entity wasn't extracted from the host's body within two hours, she ran the risk of merging with it.

The base was well staffed, but Justine's talent for going by unnoticed allowed her to walk through the corridors with little trouble-- the soldiers paid her no attention as she slipped past them. Finally, finally, she found what she was looking for-- a Galaxy soldier, newly joined with his Nictus. Taking a deep breath, she attacked.

The fight was, mercifully, brief. However, it ended with the death of the original bearer. With nowhere else to go, the Nictus flowed into Justine, causing her to black out.

She still has no idea how she got out of that base-- for a long time after, she felt a combination of euphoric and hung over. She does recall apologizing profusely to the entity she'd stolen, explaining that she was simply trying to earn a living....

Funeral of Rapture, as his name translated, was in something of a transitional period. He was beginning to think about the lives he'd ruined, the past hosts he'd used with little to no thought for them.... When that bumbling human would-be villain caused him to evacuate his host, he knew exactly what needed to be done.

Convincing Justine to go back to Paragon City took some doing. She would be on the (rather long) list of wanted villains; likely, she'd be picked up the second she crossed the border.

~Not so...~ Funeral whispered to her. ~Not if you agree to merge...~



Formerly on probation with Silent Earth Conspiracy, Justine was recently noticed by Velvet Minerva and is now a member of Pandora Conundrum.




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