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Fayt Saratome
Player: @Fayt Saratome
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Brute
Security Level: 23
Personal Data
Real Name: Fayt Faust
Known Aliases: Fayt Saratome
Species: Human
Age: 17
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 135 lbs
Eye Color: Green and Blue heterochromia
Hair Color: Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: Ledian
Occupation: Student
Place of Birth: Ancarna
Base of Operations: Desmu City, Kranvia
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Kraven Faust (Father), Kaoru Saratome (Adopted Sister), Jin Saratome (Adopted Grandfather), Simon Faust(Half Brother, missing), Maya Faust (Half Sister, deceased)
Known Powers
Control of inner mana, the use of water mana. Small connection to the Void.
Known Abilities
A martial artist skilled in a defensive style similar to Jeet Kune Do created by his adopted grandfather. His weapon of choice is the sansetsukon, or three sectional staff but will use a bo staff in it's place. More athletic than an average human due to the mixed races, but weaker than most races due to unstable DNA. About as strong as an above average human adult.
A three sectional staff, or bo staff, made from a hardwood found in the forests of the Kranvia Region in Ledah. This wood is very durable but flexible and can be used for many uses.
Mana is the life source of all living organisms, flowing and connecting us all. Having the ability to harness not only your inner mana, but the world's mana would make one a powerful force.

Fayt is a character that was created for an original story. A non-canon side-story was created to bring Fayt to CoH so that I was able to use a fantasy character in a world base around Earth. As a side note, there will be a weird blend of canon and non-canon information on Fayt in this page.

Power Grid
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  Energy Projection
  Fighting Skill


Character History

An orphan at birth he was separated from his parents when he was first born through a bizarre accident. He lived with his grandfather and sister in the city of Desmu and was taught martial arts in the Saratome Dojo. The sub dimension known as the Düsterkeit is home to a race called Demons who wanted to claim the land of Ledah for themselves. After the efforts of Fayt and Co. were able to defeat the on coming army, Fayt ventured to the land of Ancarna where he met up with his real father. The Valveigk were terroring the land of Ancarna which Fayt and his father were able to put a stop to. The leader of the Valveigk, Jenal, fled through the Realm Gate into Paragon City. Knowing Jenal had to be stopped, Fayt followed soon after through the gate.


Fayt is very optimistic and protective of his friends and family. He can be lazy at times but will work to help someone. He put the needs of others before his own and being a Technical Pacifist he's not afraid to use violence as a last means, but would rather work things out using words. He has a Big Brother Instinct, acting as a big brother to the younger children. Fayt is also naive and is easy to take advantage of, which has been done in the past.


Able to use a variety of martial arts, he is also able to manipulate mana. He's skilled in Water Mana and uses it for multiple healing abilities. Able to bend any form of water surrounding him, he's also able to use the mana offensively but to a lesser degree. His use of Water Mana is decent and is able to freeze the water in order to form ice attacks which work better offensively, but is almost impossible in hot climates.


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