Fire Rail

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Fire Rail
Player: @Mercurias
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Corrupter
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Warren Richard Ferrel
Known Aliases: n/a
Species: Nanite-Altered Human
Age: 28
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 189 lbs
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Auburn
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Freelance Mercenary/Researcher
Place of Birth: Indianapolis, Indiana
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Rosalin Ferrel, PhD (mother, Deceased); Andrew Ferrel, PhD (Father, Deceased); Andrew Ferrel, PhD (Brother); Jennifer Ferrel, PhD (Sister)
Known Powers
Plasma generation/manipulation, kinetic energy manipulation, superhuman regeneration, superhuman speed, enhanced vision/perception
Known Abilities
Genius-level intellect (formerly), basic hand-to-hand training, skilled inventor
Various devices/inventions, always carries a communication device/PDA of his own making.
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Interests/Hobbies: n/a

This article is an ongoing work in progress.


Ancient History

Warren Ferrel, the denizen of the Rogue Isles known more often than not by the alias "Fire Rail," is on record as a child prodigy who had obtained doctorates from MIT, Vanderbilt University, and Georgetown by the age of eighteen. The son of prominent Behavioral Psychologist Rosalin Ferrel, he was raised along with his brother and sister in an environment designed to foster high intelligence and exceptional learning skills. While his siblings both are members of Mensa in good standing and highly respected members of their fields, Warren's development was above and beyond all predicted success. He was an intellectual dynamo, and his work with nanotechnology advanced engineering and medicine in strange new directions that are only beginning to be explored.

He would be been able to near-singlehandedly steer the world onto a new course had he not developed a severe and aggressive form of cancer. Suddenly, all the work he'd been pouring into creating new vaccines and molecular water scrubbers went into trying to save his own life, only for him to hit dead end after dead end. The story was even printed in the news, of the brilliant young scientist trying to cure his own illness even as his body is ravaged from within.

After having delayed the inevitable for three years, the twenty-four year old Warren self-diagnosed himself with six months to live, said goodbye to his family and friends, and claimed that he wanted to spend the rest of the time he had on one final project.

New Life

On October 14th, 2008, a man wearing Warren Ferrel's face awoke with no memory of who he was.

After rolling out of bed, the man realized that his surroundings were absolutely CRAMMED full of books, CD's, photo albums, computer screens, and other odds and ends, along with a note, folded in half, addressed "In Case of Amnesia."

"Dear Warren (Yes, you name is Warren. I'm as sorry about it as you are),

If you need to read this, then the worst happened and I wasn't able to preserve the frontal lobe's long term memory. Thankfully, you don't need to worry about a repeat occurrence, but I'm sorry to say that the chances of you regaining your memories are essentially jack squat.

Don't feel too bad about it. Nine tenths of it was spent either working or studying. You Nerd.

I'm sure that, by this point, you want me to tell you exactly why this is happening, and why I'm being so nonchalant about the fact that I, and by that I mean the person who is now you (only you'll never remember being the you that is me, who is essentially deceased as of this writing), have lost an entire lifetime's worth of experiences, and may even be eager for me to share with you why this is the case.

Everything in this room will tell you who (I'll just say "we" for the sake of simplicity) we were, as well as what we knew, how we knew it, etcetera. Basically, it's everything I could possibly think you might want to know about who I was before becoming you. That's the long version, and you'll have to look for it.

The short version is that losing our memories was a risk of the procedure that I underwent willingly as a single, last-ditch attempt to save our life from a terminal illness. In layman's terms, I used nanotechnology to completely rebuild our body so that the disease wouldn't have any place to exist. Now this was a SLOW process in order to get everything right, so by my guess it should be sometimes in October of '09, roughly two years after it started.

So you've lost your memories and two years off your life. That's the bad news.

The GOOD news is that you got more out of the process than "not dead." Put this letter down, go outside, and think about heat. Hot thoughts. HOT thoughts. Burning up. You get the picture.

Did it work? Badass, huh? There's a whole manual in the library called "Warren Make Stuff Go Boom." Cutting THAT into bite-sized information, you can control kinetic energy and generate plasma now. Also, your aging should be dramatically slowed (I tried for immortality, but I'm not sure I got it before I ran out of time), as well as send out clouds of the same nanites that altered you for a variety of purposes. Read the manual.

I also made a few other adjustments that you'll probably be happy with. Enjoy that eyesight. You wore glasses since first grade, and now you'll almost never need binoculars. As for the rest...Well you're exceptional in a -lot- of ways. Read the damn manual.

That's about it, Warren. You're beyond human and potentially one of the greatest minds on the planet (If I may be so modest).

Get some reading done, ESPECIALLY THE MANUAL.

Sincerely you,

Warren R. Ferrel"

First Steps

The first thing that the new and improved Warren Ferrel invented was a brand new type of self-loathing.

Consequently, the first thing that the new and improved Warren Ferrel used his powers was his own library.

Current Activities

Warren is currently an active and extremely dangerous force in the Rogue Isles. He is unaligned with any known group and currently making a living off of mercenary contracts while pursuing the power to be gained from the Well of the Furies, which he has eagerly taken to.



Warren is intelligent, powerful, talented, and still growing. While he is certainly arrogant and rarely suffers fools gladly, he isn't necessarily an unpleasant person. He enjoys keeping busy and prefers to have his own space to work in. While he will accept another person's leadership, he refuses to follow blindly unless the person in charge has earned his trust, and Warren's trust isn't earned lightly. Very few people have ever known him closely, but those who do will see a basically decent individual who struggles between an extreme desire for self-sufficiency and a need for the company of other people.

Warren has an odd relationship with compliments. Admiration is dismissed, and appreciation for a good deed is usually met with gruff denial, but appealing to his vanity in other ways can be quite effective. This all, of course, depends on the person giving the compliments.

Insults, however, he knows exactly what to do with, and revels in the chance to find an outlet for any and all frustrations.

Despite his ability to quickly learn, Warren displays an aversion to being thought of in the same light as his previous self, the miracle-working genius. As of right now, he seems to have a natural affinity with biology, chemistry, computer programming, and engineering that have enabled him to perform regular maintenance on extremely complicated devices, once even refitting an underwater base for human occupation. He seems to slowly slide into the role of researcher, medic, or engineer when jobs are being assigned, no matter how much he attempts to fight it.



Warren's frame is no longer quite human in composition. While his strength and durability are far from superhuman levels, his upper physical limits are far beyond the norm for a man of his size and build. He has ripped the door off of a truck one-handed and punched hard enough to crack a tree, but the efforts left him physically exhausted (and the episode with the tree broke his hand). His body heals at a rapid pace, requires little food or water, and self-maintains to the point that he need never exercise or worry about weight gain in order to keep his current state of fitness.

His body can also feed off of ambient energy in the surrounding area should his physical reserves become too depleted.

Energy Conversion

This power allows Warren convert ambient energy, as well as the bio-electric fields of others, in "bursts" of various other forms of energy, including kinetics, heat, and more exotic types of radiation.

Kinetic Manipulation

By and far the greatest of Warren's powers, his control over kinetic energy is the basis of his combat style. By "Siphoning" the kinetic force from other moving objects or organisms to reducing or even reversing inertia, he can perform a variety of feats, both in and out of combat.


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