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Capes & Cocktails is owned and operated by Gwendolyn Snow of the Sisterhood of the Paragonian Knights (a branch of the Paragonian Knights)

Gwendolyn Snow, Owner of Capes & Cocktails



Capes & Cocktails!

A long time a town called Paragon City, there lived a man named Captain Morggan who liked nothing more then having a drink or two or three every hour on the hour, and he thought it would be a grand idea to own his own bar so he could have those drinks with out everyone chatting about him...little did he know that he would acquire a following of heroes that would frequent his establishment, rumor had it that Captain Morggan could make any drink, and when I say any drink, I mean 'any drink'. If you didnt know a drink, or just wanted anything in particular he would make a drink up out of thin air and plop your name on that sucker. The news got around town fast and soon the little joint Captain Morggan set up so he could drink without being called a drunk went full swing, everybody was there...then Grae Knight showed up...and well the rest is what we now lovingly call "Capes & Cocktails"

New Owner


After awhile Captain Morggan had enough of this crazy busy place and hired some chic fresh off the street, Gwendolyn Snow was now the barmaid/manager. At first he just wanted someone to run the bar, take care of business...he just wanted to drink after all. Until one day Captain Morggan decided he had better things to do; he slapped a note on the bar "With regards to the bar, do with it as you please. It is yours." he tossed the keys on the top and walked out the door...he comes back every once in a while, but only to snag a drink, a look from a cute girl in a tight 'Gamecocks' shirt or he is dragged in by Grae Knight. Either way, Gwen always welcomes him with open arms (at least that is how the story is told).


Stans Booth!

There are several patrons and regulars of Capes & Cocktails, mainly Paragonian Knights but a few that are being Gwens favorite customer, her loyal friend she knows she can count on for anything; Stan Walker...he walks in wanting only two things, a bucket of ice cold beer that only Gwen can produce and his dark corner booth. Everyone knows thats Stans booth it might as well have his name engraved on it, Gwens thought of doing that a few times just to see the look on his face, she loves to do anything to cause a stir in him, but truth be told...well thats another story for another day.

The Bar

The Bar!

The bar is set up as a huge room with a dance floor in the middle, some chairs and small tables are set up on the sides and the booths around the corners (since everyone wants a corner booth. Gwen has a helpful hand come in and work just about as much as Gwen herself...Sally is everyones favorite waitress/barmaid, she is almost as friendly as Gwen and is actually more attentive. She remembers everyone, what their name is, their favorite drink, and what field of work their in, which is usually easy cause most of the patrons are heroes. After Sally came the twins...the two blonde bombshells, we arent sure if they are really related but they sure look alike...they only work on really busy nights, cause they get bored easily and start talking, you definitely dont want them to start talking. Then of course there is Jenny, the mild mannered girl that runs to the local restaurants getting food for the Capes & Cocktails patrons, since Gwen only serves the beverages, well unless you consider bar nuts a food group.

Local Lore

Come on in and take a load off!

**if you are a patron of the famous Capes & Cocktails I would like ya'll to include some of your favorite memories, just make sure to mark who you are when you edit (like this)...Thanks, Gwennie**

Memories of the Patrons

Friends of the Bar

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