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The Reluctant Hero
Player: OverlordOutpost
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: ??
Personal Data
Real Name: Hailey Lee
Known Aliases: Hail, Hailey, Hailstone
Species: Human
Age: 15
Height: 4'9
Weight: 103
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Japanese/American
Occupation: Student
Place of Birth: Oklahoma City, OK
Base of Operations: Oklahoma City
Marital Status: None
Known Relatives: Alive and Well
Known Powers
Can drop temperatures to sub-freezing and create ice
Known Abilities
Emergency Kit, Laptop, Assorted Manga and Comics

Basic Backstory

Even at the age of 14, Hailstone always knew she was different. She had an abnormally low body temperature which was written off by doctors as a case of anemia, unsuspecting of the fact that she was actually a mutant. Always shy and scared, the rough nature of high school took her by surprise and her latent powers awoke as she chilled the floor of the gym to ice. Outcast by her powers, she left home for Paragon City to receive special training for her abilities. She hopes that maybe with control she can regain her self confidence and do good to the world, or at the very least return to normalcy.

Hailey had a strange childhood. Her naturally low body temperature had worried her family, and resulted in mainly fruitless visits to doctors. Explanations were given, though usually with uncertainty and confusion. The idea of something being wrong or different stuck with Hailey, she became distance and reclusive, preferring the company of the internet and her books rather then people. Other the years her slowly grew personality into the shy, insecure, and cowardly girl she is today. Her nature made school years, especially high school, rough for her. She became a prime target for jokes and pranks, and her inability to deal with it only caused them to grow worse.

It all culminated into one fateful day, cornered by bullies in the school gym, the air around her began to grow cold. A thin layer of ice formed across the wooden floors of the gym, sending her bullies tripping and falling onto the floor. Scared both by what she did and retribution, she fled the school. That day, she had discovered she was a mutant. Her parents, unequipped for this, sent her to Paragon City, there they hoped she would learn to control her powers.

For Hailey, she too saw an opportunity, a way to reclaim her confidence and the normalcy that she had left behind that day. She left for Paragon City.

The All Star Teen Sentinels

After arriving in the city, Hailey was thrust into a higher security clearance than normal, either by mistake, her inert potential, or her lack of attention to forms. It was during one of these missions, the roughed up and haggard Hailey ran into Kid Canada who lead her to the All Star Teen Sentinels, a group of like-minded teenagers with super powers. She immediately fell in love with the idea, taking up the moniker Hailstone. Through the Sentinels she's gained a grip on her powers, and recovered some of her confidence. She's since been an active member of the group, though she was a bit of a slacker, not treating it as seriously as she could. With the Sentinel's guidance she grew over time, becoming a proper, though somewhat fearful, hero. She has a preference for the easier, non-combative missions, however when push comes to shove, she stands by the Sentinels.


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