All Star Teen Sentinels

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Fight the good fight no matter where you go!

All Star Teen Sentinels
Type: Supergroup
Debut: Unknown
Website: All Star Teen Sentinels
Ace Troubleshooter Technology Blaster
Action Junior Science Scrapper
Ahem Mutant Defender
All-Star Girl Natural Scrapper
American Sun Magic Blaster
American Paladin Natural Scrapper
Arctic Shrike Mutant Blaster
Astral Twilight Natural Warshade
Atti Stargleam Natural Blaster
Automobile Technology Tank
Babyface Fire Science Blaster
Beast Girl Magic Tank
Bond Banshee Magic Defender
Blue Coal Mutant Controller
Bodkin-Girl Natural Blaster
Boy Wasp Natural Defender
Bronze Hammer Magic Tank
Bronze Maiden Magic Tanker
Calamity Girl Mutant Scrapper
Chameleon Boy Science Warshade
Cacophony Technology Blaster
Cole Snap Science Blaster
Danger Rose Science Tanker
DeathGirl Magic Scrapper
De-Frag Technology Scrapper
Econaut Mutant Controller
Eternal Youth Natural Scrapper
Frost Imp Science Blaster
Galaxy Boy Natural Scrapper
Ghost'Raven Natural Blaster
Granite Face Mutant Tank
Guiding Hand Natural Defender
Hyper Active Mutant Scrapper
Junior Emissary Mutant Scrapper
Kid Draco Magic Blaster
Kid Gravity Shield Mutant Controller
Kid Harrier Natural Scrapper
Kid Regal Mutant Controller
Kid Void Science Warshade
Kid-Illusion Magic Controller
Kid-Olympus Magic Tank
Lady Serafina Magic Blaster
Lashout Mutant Blaster
Martian Boy Natural Controller
Mini Marble Mutant Tanker
Miss Glory Magic Tank
Ms Avenger Magic Tank
Net Space Technology Controller
Night Lynx Natural Scrapper
Omega Lass Science Tanker
Polemos Natural Tanker
Power-Lad Natural Tanker
Psionic Defender Natural Blaster
Psylah Mutant Blaster
Pulse Polaris Magic Controller
Schattenmaus Mutant Scrapper
Sentinel of Twilight Science Defender
Shade Girl Mutant Scrapper
Star-Lad Science Blaster
Steller Boy Natural Peacebringer
Stingerbelle Natural Peacebringer
Tongs Natural Tank
Twilight Harlequin Natural Scrapper
Violet Starlight Mutant Controller
Volare Mutant Scrapper
Wakan Man Magic Defender


The All Star Teen Sentinels were founded by Kid-Olympus after the passing of his grandfather, a former member of the Sentinels of Liberty, Mr. Olympus. He knew the Sentinels had things well in hand when it came to the big cosmic issues, as they are stationed on the moon, but what about the streets? The little people? With that in mind he decided to begin another branch of Sentinels, featuring future heroes who would shape the world in a better light; into something the Sentinels of Liberty could be proud of.

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