Twilight Harlequin

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Twilight Harlequin
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Sister and Harley
Species: Kin'alei
Age: 18 A'verelm, 16 Earth
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 109lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: The Vaizard Kingdom
Occupation: Honorable Assassin
Place of Birth: A'verelm
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: In a relationship
Known Relatives: Brother
Known Powers
Quickness and Stealth
Known Abilities
Knife Throwing, Acrobatics, Extreme Flexibility.
Personal communicator.
No additional information available.



Born on the planet A'verelm and trained in the arts of assassination, The Twilight Harlequin has been sent of missions from her master to clean up the galaxy. Having no parents in her early life, and she was forced to take care of 'brother' all by herself, she is very protective of him because of his lack of mental skill. She and him both were trained to become assassins, a very honorable job where she comes from. Though has left her with a dark past and mentally unstable when people she loves die. One day, her master approached her and told her that 'brother' needed help, and filled her mind with a place called Earth.

Time before Earth

A tall elderly man walks hastily down a stone moonlit hall. He seems to be in a rush, holding a small scroll to his chest, each step he takes, he seems to get faster. He pointed ear twitches, listing to see if he had been followed, he waits... nothing. He continues to make his way through this maze of old stone hallways until he reaches a large room with a thick wooden door. He slams it open, showing strength that no one would have expect from his appearance. Four teenagers are sitting on the two stone crafted benches, two boys on one side, a boy and a girl on the other, though their full attention goes to the sweating elder man. The girl pipes up.

"Master, what is wrong?" He quickly looks to make sure they were all there.

"A mission, and a high security one at that." The kids all look at each other, the girl goes back to her questions.

"You said we couldn't get a mission like th..."

"I know, I know, but this is important, we don't have many free teams, lots of problems are going on right now. We need you too..."

He opens the scroll and starts to read from it.

"You are to infiltrate a small military compound on the outskirts of our territory. There will be many guards, so this mission will have to be done at night. Your target, a military general by the name of Sevron Hy'lar . He has planed several raids on our villages, and unless he is taken down, hundreds more of our people will die. This is a very high level assignment."

The girl and her teammates look almost saddened about the task, she speaks up one last time.

"But Master, we can't possibly hope to accomplish this."

The two guys that were sitting across from her stand up and start putting on their gear, the slightly taller one turns to the girl and reinforces what has already been said.

"If we don't do this more will die, we have to hope that we have the skills at this point to save our people."

The girl almost looks depressed.

"I am your team leader, and I know where our skill level is, we stand NO chance in this, at all!"

"Why must you always doubt us, it never helps..."

"It does, why do you think I am the team leader, because I can think things through better than you two."

The boy that was sitting next to the girl just continues to stare at her, not much else is going into his mind. Looking over at him she asks,

"Well, don't you object to this?!?"

Her master snaps his fingers producing a sound like a firecracker.

"This mission is not to be questioned, you will complete it!"

The girl nods and all four proceed to put on their gear. The boy that was next two her keeps his eyes on her face the entire time.

That night, the four head out for the military base, after many hours of sneaking and jumping, they near the base. The two boys start to get cocky like always, not always sticking to cover, and jumping the gun. They almost get the group caught by the entrance guards by getting into a small argument about what to eat for dinner when they get back. The girl quickly silences them and they go back to the task. Though this seemed to get on their nerves despite the fact that they almost got them all killed.

The team crawls along a few wooden beams over a small outdoor area, there is a large piece of cloth below the beams, covering most of where they are standing, but some sections were purposely cut out, so the sun could get through, though it was night, and there was an ambush set. After a few more hours, the man from the picture their master gave them emerges with a handful of body guards. The two boys jump down not thinking or waiting for the signal, the guards immediately stab one, and shoot six arrows into the other, horrified, the girl grabs the boy, and tells him to run. They try to make it as far as possible before they stop. Though, the boy, to the girls surprise trips halfway back, he falls down face first and is gasping. She runs over to see what is wrong, and looks down at a poisoned arrow tip, lodged in his leg. She tell him to stay quiet as she pulls it out and attempts to suck the poison out, though he only got worse. He keeps rambling to her, until he just looks up and smiles, and whispers, “I…I……v....". He smiles and whispers, "Keal’ye” Passing away, right there in her arms, she screams out, having just watched the last member of her squad and best friend die. She pulls a small silver container, and flips it open looking at the picture taken the week before when they were all out in a field having fun. When they were all there, when they were all friends, when they were all alive.

Time on Earth

After being brought to Earth she started to look for her brother immediately. Scouring the city, eventually she ran across a woman named Space-Girl, overjoyed to find someone who could take her in when on this new planet, she joined a large group of heroes who went by the name The Star Emporium. Quickly after she got used to the people from her group a member from another group stood out to her, he went by Ace, quickly the two fell in love, but there was still the matter of the mission at hand. On an average scouting run, jumping from roof to roof she spotted her brother sitting down looking at a crowd of people in Atlas Park. She ran over, hugged him and told him how much she missed him. Though he was confused why he couldn't go home, he had thought his mission was over. She tried to explain that he was not finished with his task and that the need to continue right away, currently they are tracking one of the most evil men in the galaxy here on Earth. More recently she has joined the All Star Teen Sentinels, in effort to be around more people her age, and her loved one, Ace. Through a series of events with the Sentinels she has given up her twin blades and use unarmed combat.

All Star Teen Sentinels Carnival Arc

The day started normally, wake up, shower, eat breakfast, and so on. Harley had another nightmare, though she has them every night, so it was nothing to special. After getting ready, she straps on her new Vanguard armor that she had worked so hard for and set off into the War Zone. Unwillingly teaming with villains the whole day she made some progress in the field and started to head back to the base.

At the base, it was her time to relax, sitting under the tree by the pond like she always does, and she looked up to see non other than Bouncing Jack. Though he was different, he was without his mask. After exchanging greetings, he starts to act a bit strangely. The conversation moves from point to point, why he didn't have his mask, why Harley was acting so nice to him the last few weeks, and then Fraggy showed up. An A-Bomb of confusion swept Harley, what had Jack done, Fraggy stared to talk about the carnival, and how something had happened to Jack, also Jack was attacked. Harley couldn't stand the confusion, she used what magic she could to read Jacks mind and see through his eyes, what happened.

She saw Jack asking for help, like he meant it from Promise, though to destroy the bases computer. He pushed Promise to the side and told her that she is not his love. Ace, Fraggy and KR showed up to help the cornered him and told him to stop, Jack agreed and wanted to leave, though they all agreed that it would be a bad idea to let him walk back to the Carnies. He summons a Shivan and sets it loose, telling them to pick who to stop, everyone goes after the Shivan and Jack runs out, he makes it to a train station. He takes the train to a far station where the Carnival is set up, and he is greeted by the head of the performance, a mistress of the Carnival of Shadows.

Jack Harley passes out from the magical pressure that was building up on her. She is quickly taken to the medical center in the base by Jack and Fraggy. Jack asks Frag if he can find his mask for him, so when Fraggy runs off to get it, Jack kidnaps Harley. He takes her to the Carnival, where the mistress claims to have healed her, and she fills Harley's head with lies and overrides everything she knew, and for Jack brining a new servant she rewards him. She makes it so her former love is now hated and Jack is her new love. After this Harley is given her new carnival uniform, the two set out for trouble.

In the War Zone, they run across none other than Ace himself, he immediately recognizes the carnivals doings on Harley. Even though he tried his best to make a point, the magic was to strong over the both of them, and he was ineffective. The two pushed his buttons and harassed him, then ended up going back inside the compound. Z was there to confront them again, she summoned Ted, and Ace went after Jack. With Z freezing the two in place, Harley felt the need to end the fight fast, she set a fire cracker on Ted, melting him, and then throwing an EMP grenade on Z. Not knowing the effects, it caused ALL of Z's nanites to collapse and she fell down.

Audio & Video logs following

Bouncing Jack: *clicks on his comm* Is she alright, Ace?

Ace Troubleshooter: Why the hell do you care?

Bouncing Jack: I didn't want a fight. I asked you to back off...*sighs* Is she alright?

Twilight Harlequin: *comm clicks on* I never wanted to fight either, I just wanted it to end.

Ace Troubleshooter: She's... She's gone.

Twilight Harlequin: What!

Ace Troubleshooter: She's...dead.

Bouncing Jack runs into the base and shoves Ace out of the way

Ace Troubleshooter: Jack... I suggest you leave. Now.

Zeiban lies dead, arms draped over the sides, her eyes blank.

Bouncing Jack begins CPR

Ace Troubleshooter: You can't save her that way. Her body is partly bionic. Wait...

Bouncing Jack: But I can keep things moving! So find more bionics! She must have more nannythings!

Ace Troubleshooter runs to his locker.

Twilight Harlequin: No.... Please... please... please... NO.

Bouncing Jack keeps up the CPR, trying to keep oxygen and blood moving

Ace Troubleshooter brings back the vial of nanites zee gave him when they met, shoves Harley and Jack out of the way, and dumps the vial on Zee.

Ace Troubleshooter: I'm glad I kept thses.

The nanites flow into her body, and attempt to repair the core as it's emergency protocol.

Twilight Harlequin lets out a scream, "Why, why, why, why, why, why..."

Zeiban continues to lie dead, the nanites not enough to fully repair the core.

Ace Troubleshooter can't contain his anger anymore. "YOU SEE WHAT YOU'VE DONE, JACK!? ARE YOU SATISFIED!?"

Bouncing Jack: Me?! I didn't attack!

Bouncing Jack continues the CPR

Ace Troubleshooter brings chunks of different scrap metals: impervium, iron, silver, aluminum, etc. and presses each thing into the nanites, one at a time, to find a reaction.

Twilight Harlequin rattling noises, "It's all... my fault.... all mine, I killed her... my teammate..... no, no, please... let it all end here!"

The nanites instantly devour the impervium.

Ace Troubleshooter: Don't you quit on me, zee.

Ace Troubleshooter is shaking from the emotional overload.

Zeiban 's nanites don't take anything else but the impervium it seems. They begin repairing the core, a second heart to her, with a new multitude of nanites.

Bouncing Jack: C'mon! C'mon! *continues to keep oxygen moving through her*

Ace Troubleshooter: Please, Zee...

Zeiban 's nanites complete her core, and begins aiding in circulation, the Lieweaver Project resucitating her, but... soemthing else happens as well.

Bouncing Jack sees the vital signs begin to appear on the equipent and sighs

Zeiban 's eyes come to life. One glows a pitch black, one light. Her hand shoots out and grabs Jack around the throat. She pulls him closer and inhales from her mouth, sucking in Jack's essense... or perhaps more clearly his demons essense.

Ace Troubleshooter reacts with shock.

Bouncing Jack pulls free and backs off

Bouncing Jack runs over and hugs Harley who is huddled on the ground facing the corner "She's alive. It's alright!"

Zeiban 's eyes go back to normal and she gasps for air. She pants heavily, only uttering "Im *gasps* per *gasp* vium! *wheeze* Now! *cough pant wheeze*

Twilight Harlequin is foaming at the mouth with dozens of pills floating in the bile and siliva, she has been dead for a short ammount of time now.

Ace Troubleshooter: Jack, give me a hand over here.

Ace Troubleshooter: Help me feed these nanites so they can replicate.

Bouncing Jack: NO!!!

Zeiban grabs the impervium and actually swallows small chucnks.

Ace Troubleshooter: Don't tell me no. This is partly your fault.

Bouncing Jack: Ace! *is holding Harley's body in his hands*

Ace Troubleshooter: ...

Zeiban looks to Harley with a flash of anger, and then shock.

Ace Troubleshooter: What.... Why?

Zeiban: I need more, give her to me!

Ace Troubleshooter: Did you do that to her!?

Zeiban: More Impervium, it's not too late to save her!

Bouncing Jack lays her down

Zeiban holds out her arms, as if wanting to take HArley in them.

Bouncing Jack hands Harley to Z and then runs off for more impervium

Ace Troubleshooter: I only have one bit of Impervium left.

Ace Troubleshooter holds out his bow. "Take it."

Zeiban takes the bow, melting it instantly

Ace Troubleshooter: I can get another bow. I can't get another Harley.

Bouncing Jack plunders the trophy cases for anything that even might be impervium and passes it to Z

Zeiban holds out her arms, "give her to me! Quick!"

Ace Troubleshooter picks her up and hands her to Zee.

Bouncing Jack is sobbing, tears falling down his face

Zeiban wraps her arms around Harley.

Ace Troubleshooter gives Jack the most hateful, cold look he can muster.

Zeiban says in almost a panicked screech "Activate Project Lifeweaver!!"

Zeiban nanites flow into Harley's body. They begin to remove the drugs. It pours out of Harley's hands.

Ace Troubleshooter: I should've never taken Z from the slumber party. Then none of this would've happened.

Zeiban mutters to herself "12 minutes... the file said 12 minutes..."

Ace Troubleshooter: She would've been okay. Harley would've been okay.

Twilight Harlequin lies unmoving, her homemade medication pills spilling out of her mouth, bile and siliva covering them.

Bouncing Jack stops crying and just watches, numb

Zeiban 's nanites finally get all the drugs out, and they begin working on Harley vitals, trying to pump blood, shocking the heart mildly, trying to re-activate the brain.

Zeiban: C'mon Harley...

Zeiban speaks between tears. She mutters "Twelve minutes... it said I could do this if I had twelve miuntes..."

Ace Troubleshooter: Jack... I suggest you leave.

Bouncing Jack stands very still, not wanting to give up hope, but his heart breaking

Zeiban begins crying openly, her nanites doing everythign they can to recusitate her.

Ace Troubleshooter looks at jack venomously, then says with a cold tone, "you should leave right now, because if she dies, you die next". He is obviously not kidding.

Zeiban cries out low at first... " no no NO!!"

Zeiban continues on, even though it's futile.

Bouncing Jack says softly "Give her to me."

Ace Troubleshooter: NO!

Zeiban: ...her brain hasn't gotten enough oxygen, twelve minutes... that's why it was twelve minutes...

Ace Troubleshooter: It's because of YOU that this has happened!

Bouncing Jack: Me? Did I attack? Did I do anything....but love her?

Zeiban: ...I can't bring her back...

Ace Troubleshooter: I LOVED HER! YOU KNEW I DID!

Zeiban: They we're engaged Jack...

Ace Troubleshooter picks a scalpel up from the counter and walks toward Jack maliciously.

Ace Troubleshooter: You have five seconds to leave or you'll be smiling with your neck. And leave HER here.

Bouncing Jack reaches out her hand and touches Harley, lightly befroe turning to Ace

Ace Troubleshooter is breathing hard, practically spitting with every exhale.

Bouncing Jack: Goodbye. I'm...*chokes* I'm glad you are alright, Z.

Ace Troubleshooter: 5

Zeiban: Jack... leave...

Ace Troubleshooter: 4

Ace Troubleshooter: 3

Bouncing Jack runs from the base.

Bouncing Jack’s Comm clicks on. His voice is hoarse from crying and completely devoid of warmth* I just want you to know...I blame you both for this. It was your unprovoked attack that brought us to this pass. And I will see that you pay. *comm clicks off*



Harley has a variety of talents; she is very acrobatic, she can leap long distances, she is a contortionists, can juggle knives with ease, can also throw them to hit a pinpoint 20 yards away. She has amazing footwork when it comes to assassination, completely silent though always moving. On top of that her body has been conditioned for many years, though she still gets hurt. She bleeds and feels pain, she has no true 'powers' just a lifetime of training.


She has a small communicator given to her by Space-Girl. Also a few loose fitting outfits that make it easy to move during a mission. She also carries around twenty throwing knives at all time.


The most apparent feature about Harley is that she is short and covered from head to toe with tattoos, to some this is seen as odd, but it is normal among her people. She has long pointed ears, these are noticeable and are great help in her job. With them she can pick up sounds further that anything on earth could hope for. Her nose is also very powerful, it puts every tracking dog from any planet to shame, because of her nose and ears, he people are some of the best trackers in the universe. She also has a large diamond tattooed on her chest, there are marks to show in was put on there after the full body tattoo was completed.


Very energetic, fun loving positive teenage girl, speaks with a light tone all the time, and is very mischievous.


Ace and Harley spending some time together.
Brother: Her mentally impaired brother is the most important person to Harley, she has taken care of him all his life, she is protective of him all the time, sometimes overly protective of him. He is the one other person that she can truly trust with anything, though she tends not to tell him, our of fear it would confuse him and make him mad. Died in a fight when in Atlas park, Harley never found out before she took her own life though.

Ace Troubleshooter: No one ever would have thought that an alien girl that dropped out of the sky, tattooed from head to toe with pointy ears would find her match here on earth. Ace has treated Harley with the utmost respect and been a kind and caring person ever since he met her, and he even gave her the nickname 'Harley'. It would be wrong to say they were just friends, their bond is one fate established and is stronger than anything else.


-Her ears can pickup sounds from up to half a mile away, and her nose so sensitive it can track people better than a dog can.

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