Bouncing Jack

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Bouncing Jack
Player: Sloth
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 42
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human / Demon
Age: 18
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Hero
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Believed to be Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None known
Known Powers
Enhanced strength, flexibility and agility. Jack also does not truly feel pain from attacks and wounds, fighting right up to the point where his body just quits. Jack has claimed that he isn't sure he can die, but that has yet to be tested. Lately Jack has also developed his Jester's Laugh, which can freeze a target with fear.
Known Abilities
Jack is an elite gymnast and fighter, though his fighting style of spinning kicks and jumps doesn't seem to follow any known form of martial arts.
Jack is completely insane and believes all women to be his one true love, also believing that they return his affections and that they have loved each other all their lives...even if they have just met



The Hero who registered as Bouncing Jack first appeared in Paragon City in late December of 2007 from Toledo, Ohio, looking to make a big name for himself. Instead, after a rocky start and days spent in the sewers of Paragon, he got mugged in Perez Park, had his hero ID stolen, and in a huff, went back to Toledo to lick his wounds. He never reported the ID as stolen.

And so it was, that in the beginning of January, 2008, a new hero using the "borrowed" ID card began bouncing about the city of Paragon.

Pieced together from what little he remembers, Jack was a high school student who was very much in love with a beautiful girl. New Year's Eve, she brought him out to a secluded spot in Perez Park, for a romantic midnight picnic. Seem strange in the middle of winter? Well, it did to Jack as well, but he was a hormonal teenager in love, so he just did whatever she asked, even letting her tie him to a tree, in what he thought was going to be some kinky foreplay, but in reality, was tying up the sacrifice for a demonic summoning. As the girl stabbed Jack with an obsidian blade, the demon appeared to Jack. It seemed the demon had a sense of humor and since Jack was the sacrifice, it thought Jack should get first shot at a deal.

No one knows what happened next, but the next day, Bouncing Jack was fighting ciminals and annoying heroines.


Jack became a member of the All Star Teen Sentinels after being recruited by Bodkin-Girl. Jack's good natured insanity soon made him several friends among the team, who had done their best to keep Jack out of trouble by instructing him not to go anywhere near Pocket D and by giving him a Comm unit that could only listen to the coalition chatter and not broadcast to anyone but his teammates. However, when Jack ran afoul of the Carnival of Shadows, his mind was taken over by the carnies who caused him to turn on his former teammates. Even though he was cleared of the charges against him and released from the Zig, the majority of the team felt they could no longer trust or work with Jack, and the colorful crimefighter has been working solo since then.


Due to the mystical hold the demon has on Jack, Jack sees every female as his Love. He firmly believes that any woman he is with is the one he has loved all his life, and the only woman for him. He sees nothing contradictory in saying this to two women at once. Even while professing his undying love to a woman, he exudes a sense of complete harmlessness that causes most heroines to simply roll their eyes.

Jack is always happy and almost always smiling. The few times Jack has lost his smile have been times where the actions of those around him have threatened to break the hold of the demon upon him. At these times, his smile falters until the demon alters his perceptions once again.

Twice, the actions of individuals have disturbed Jack's tenuous grip on reality to the point that the demon has completely manifested and given them an ultimatum, "Adjust your behavior or have it adjusted for you." The motives of the demon are, at this time, completely unknown.

Plot Points (Last RP Plot)

For the first time, Jack found himself fighting the Carnival of Shadows alone. This proved to be his undoing, as the first female Carnie to talk rather than attack had him wrapped around her finger. He saw her as his love, and followed her right into the tent. His demon was bound and shackled within Jack's mind by the Carnie's magic, and Jack was listening to their siren song.

Jack was prevented from destroying the All Star Teen Sentinels' security and computer systems by Ace Troubleshooter, De-Frag, Kid Regal, and American Promise, but not before Jack was able to get some information from the system.

The next evening, Jack's closest friend on the team, Twilight Harlequin tried using a spell to enter his mind and dropped unconcious. Unable to awaken her, Jack stole her from the A.S.T.S. base and took her to the carnival seeking their help. The Carnival twisted Harley's mind as well and convinced her that she loved Jack and hated her fiance Ace Troubleshooter. Jack was overjoyed by Harley's confessions of her love for him, and when she wanted to go and say goodbye to Ace, Jack agreed.

Jack and Harley confronted Ace in the Rikti Warzone, and Ace called to fellow teammate Zeiban to help him apprehend the two. In the fight that followed, Harley almost killed her friend Zeiban, and while Jack and Ace sought to revive Z., Harley went off and took her own life. Jack blamed Ace and Z. for Harley's death, believing that if the two had just let them leave and not attacked, Harley would still be alive.

Jack became more and more vicious durin his time with the Carnival of Shadows as they continued to twist his mind, and found an Ally in his battle against the A.S.T.S.; his former teammate, Reichsmaiden, who had left the Teen Sentinels making her hatred of Ace Troubleshooter and Longbow known. Jack and Reichsmaiden fought with Ace and Bodkin-Girl, revealing their alliance to their former friends.

Seeing the writting on the wall as Longbow and more and more heroes began hunting for Jack, the Carnival of Shadows withdrew their main support from Jack, leaving him and a handful of Carnies to face the ASTS force sent to bring him in. Schattenmaus led a team to take him down, including Ace Troubleshooter, Shade Girl, Ahem, De-Frag, Masked Mayhem, Omega Lass, and Yuki Saki. The eight heroes finally managed to succeed in defeating him, and his mind was cleared of the Carnival's influence by Wakan Man.

After months imprisoned in the Zig, awaiting trial, his defense recieved a huge boost as the heroine Twilight Harlequin returned from the dead and agreed to testify on Jack's behalf. With Harley's help, and the depositions of a few other heroes, Jack was found innocent and returned to the streets of Paragon City.


Whenever someone asks how he is, Jack always resonds with "Wonderful".

Jack tricked another hero into giving him a police radio by saying there was a recall and the hero needed to go get a new one.

Like Jack himself, his plot lines have a way of bouncing out of control, but always for the better.

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