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Zeiban hovering infront of the base portal in her nanite suit.
Player: @Zeiban
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: Security Clearance 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Mrs. Melissa Faust Dietrich-Potempkin
Known Aliases: Z, Dr. Z.
Species: Human
Age: 19
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 151lbs (178lbs when she has all of her nanites)
Eye Color: Blue (Green when wearing her contact lenses)
Hair Color: Blonde (Green when she has her nanites in her hair)
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Doctor
Place of Birth: Houston, TX
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Divorced
Known Relatives: Father, deceased. Mother, at large.
Known Powers
Thermo Energy Manipulation.
Known Abilities
Minor boxing, Flight, Ice and Curatives, as well as medicinal training.
Her suit of nanites which is the basis for all of her powers.
No additional information available.



Zeiban is the founder of the Sentinels Forever supergroup.


She tries to be as kind and caring as she can, helping others whenever they may need it in any way she can. She always seems to have a happy and confident tone of voice. She usually let's loose around her friends and her wife, Sentinel of Twilight. She is rarely sad or depressed, unless she begins to question her own humanity, or her friends and loved ones are in danger. During her times of self doubt an depression, she usually turns to her fiancée for support. Other than these rare occaisions, she is usually happy and outgoing, or in a professional demenor at times when she is out in the field. Recently she has been trying to keep her past out of conversation, as it tends to bring sympathy and an end to some conversations, or turns them in unpleasant directions.


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Thermo Energy Manipulation

Her nanites have the ability to aborb, distribute, and convert heat energy, even at a range. All of her powers derive from these nanites as well as the Frostweaver and Lifeweaver Projects. She can be seen encasing select enemies in thin blocks of ice, restraining them. She can focus he efforts on their feet only, close to the ground, and can halt the movement of a large group of foes. The highest form of the Frostweaver Project, Ice Age, is a recent discovery of hers. She requires the use of her Heavy-Suit, which utilizes wings as conducting rods to absorb so much energy, freezing everything around her in a large mass of ice. She has also created a robot, to folow her and aid her battle, by creating several chunks of ice and placing a quantity of nanites in the ice, they will then move using the ice as a shell and fight with Zeiban.

She can also distribute the heat energy, or convert it to another form. On the field she can be found extending the heat around her, into the bodies of her allies, inducing a comforting and healing sensation. She is able to convert the heat energy into other forms, to induce positive physical effects and sensations. She has recently been able to emit two kinds of energy wave-lengths, which she has dubbed the 'coffee-wave' to signify it's ability to give the energy of 20 cups of coffee over a minute. As well as the HoS-wave, which can induce a kind of super-human regeneration in a persons body. Most of these advances come from her medical studies and on the field work.

She also has the ability to fly. She does this by creating hot and cold air around her hands, creating a wind-tunnel, effectively miniature twisters under her limbs to gain lift and thrust.


Zero-energy Integrated Battle Armor Nanosuit; a.k.a Project Zeiban

Her nanites were created by one Dr. Silas Vauld, her father. He was a madman and a genius. He had originally created the nanites for his own malicious purposes. However, upon activating it for the first time, Melissa, forced to be his lab assistant at the time, tripped and came in contact with the nanites. They instantly bonded to her, the Core inserting itself into her chest, like a second heart for the nanites. The Core acts as a storage for all of the files and Projects, as well as keeping the nanites in check and aids Melissa in controlling them. For years she couldn't grasp the proper control, and they slowed down her body, but not her mind. They aided her in her forced teachings from Silas, and kept her brain in top condition. A few months ago she figured out a way to store them inside of her, so that she needn't store them in her hair, as she had been doing until now. They are of a green color for the most part, while some look a dark metalic color when she wears them as a suit.

Character History

Zeiban first came to Paragon due her father's orders. He was a horrible man who treated his daughter like trash. He even resorted to physical abuse once he found out about her sexual orientation. Melissa believes her father sent her here thinking she would die, however, she has perservered, and her suit has done wonders to protect her. When she first came to Paragon, the first person she met was The Ziggurat, her best friend. From him, she learned of the United Sentinels of America, whom for a time, was part of them. There her problems were confronted. Her stuttering, her father, her mother; they were all confronted. Her father came first, when she met with Terratonic and Hammer of the People. Her father's abuse and the reason first came out then, and then during the Golden Age Heroes Gathering, he father, Silas Vauld, came to visit. It was here, with the help of her friends, that she overpowered her father, and he was sent to the Ziggurat prison once and for all. It was at this party that she had tried to get her first date. It sadly did not end as she had hoped; after the atempt she went on figurative auto-pilot, found the liquor cabinet, and woke up the next next in the med lab with a powerful hangover.

It was two days after this event that she met the love of her life, Sentinel of Twilight. They, by simple coinidence, met in Atlas Park as a, Mr. Immortalis, came and confronted Twilight. The three began talking, and eventually the conversation led to Twilights lost eye. Mr. Immortalis offered to retrieve her eye from the Netherworld, piece by piece, while Zeiban offered to make her a Cybernetic eye. Twilight, after much debate, chose to get her original eye back, and so Mr. Immortalis set off to retrieve it. While they waited, Twilight seemed to be in great distress, stuttering and shaking. Melissa, being as kind as she could, brought Twi back to her base, and there, comforted her and tried to calm her down, and get her ready for the events that would transpire. Melissa had been suceeding, and they had to go and meet with Immortalis once more.

Here, they found that Immortalis had indeed gotten Twi's eye back. After some final debate, Immortalis put the eye back, but it was before he mentioned a price. He said that in order to get Twi's cornea, he had to make a deal with a Demon Lord. The Demon would be able to see through Twi's eye for the rest of eternity, and often speak with her. Twi, after her anger had subsided, went into a fit a stuttering, barely coherent. Zeiban, worried for her new friend, broght her back to the abse again. Melissa began to do everything in her power to calm Twi down, from music, to words, to juice to a comforting hug. They talked for many hours, became closer through words and gestures. It was when Melissa had place a simple kiss on Twi's forehead, that Melissa's life truly began. It was after this that Twilight first asked Melissa to go out on a date. It was from this that their relationship, and later engagement stemed from, and Melissa has never been happier because of it.

Through hardships and good times, Melissa and Jennifer and become continually closer and closer. Melissa eventually decided that the time was right, and porposed to Jennifer after a serious event concerning Jennifer's past. It was a time later, on February 23rd, 2008, that they were wed in Talos Island. The wedding was a beutiful one and everyone had a great time at the reception. Soon after it was complete, Melissa and Jennifer flew to their hotel room in Paris, where they spent a week for their honeymoon.


Zeiban had quite a few skills under her belt, ranging from languages to medecine. She is able to speak nine languages, English, French, Russian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Italian, and Greek. She has her Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery as well, and has her license to practice medicine. CErtain mundane skills, however, she isn't very good at, such as cooking. The only thing she has ever successfully cooked were mis-shapen sugar cookies. Her writing and grammar are also quite sub-par, but she tries. She is an accomplished dancer and pianist as well.


Zeiban loves apple pie and cranberry juice, but the former is her favorite treat. She will usually put a stop to what she's doing unless it's important if apple pie comes up. SHe has been known to eat a whole pie in under three minutes if pressed for time.

She does not know her own bra size due to her upbringing, she simply continually uses her nanites because they're always there, always clean, and they always fit perfectly.

The only thing she is able to cook are malformed but delicious sugar cookies.


Zeiban was... honestly someone I made up simply to be an alt I would try and play on occaision for a Super Group I was part of. This was honestly my thought process while making her: "Alright, so... I haven't played a controller much, let's try one. Let's be.. technology, I never technology characters. Alright, now first control set... uh... I saw a controller with ice before, it was pretty neat. Alright, secondary set. I've been Empathy before, might as well be something I'm familiar with to even out the newness here. Now, she's technology Ice/Empathy... what's she gunna look like? Alright... I'm liking this green color, and this dark silver. Let's go for that... oops, had the button for color all on... huh, her hair look pretty neat actually. I think she's using nanites, they stay in her hair, yeah. I like the techbot, let's go full body techbot. Alright, origin screen. Let's see what I can come up with." I then spouted out a back story and a name in about 10 minutes, and Zeiban was complete. She was honestly a character to make as a test, and soon after a character I would try and RP a relationship with. Since then, she has grown a ridiculous amount, is now my main character, and my highest level to date, kinda scary how far she's come.

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