Omega Lass

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Omega Lass by Chamba
Omega Lass
Player: @Colossal Girl
Origin: Science
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Mary Jane "MJ" Reese
Known Aliases: '
Species: Human
Age: 17
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 135 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Student, superhero
Place of Birth: Paragon City, RI
Base of Operations: Brickstown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Patrick Reese (father), Lorainne Reese (mother), Anthony Reese (older Brother)
Known Powers
Omega energy manipulation, superspeed, enhanced strength, enhanced endurance, Indomitable Will
Known Abilities
Expert surfer and extreme sports enthusiast, skilled hand-to-hand combatant and boxer
Raptor Pack, Zero-G pack, Nemesis Staff



Mary Jane Reese never seemed to be afraid of anything; no matter how dangerous it may have been. When she fell off the jungle gym at the local playground, she’d get up, dust herself off, and get right back to playing on it. Her natural fearlessness seemed to fuel her desire to take part in all manner of extreme sports. She loved to do it all; bicycling, skateboarding, parkour, rock climbing, BASE jumping and especially surfing. When she was sixteen, she went down to Myrtle Beach, NC with some friends and went surfing in choppy waters. She was hooked afterwards.

MJ and her friends would most often go out to Talos Island and surf along the coastline facing the Boardwalk. One day, while she was out in the water, looking to catch a particularly big wave, a large burning object fell from the sky and crashed in the water close to her. There was a huge explosion as water was thrown in all directions from the impact. Several heroes quickly arrived on the scene to carry people on the beach to safety, but no trace of MJ was found anywhere. All that was recovered was her surfboard; floating in pieces on the water.

Miraculously, Mary Jane was found a day later on the shores of one of the smaller islands north of Talos; still alive, but unconscious; and seemingly unharmed. She was first taken to a nearby hospital, and later transferred to Freedom Corps Headquarters; when the doctors on staff at the hospital found some unusual energy readings coming from MJ’s body.

It was later discovered that the falling object was a NASA space probe that was returning to earth orbit after it had landed on the surface on a nearby asteroid. NASA scientists had discovered the existence of rare “Omega Particle Energy” on the asteroid, and hoped to collect some for study. However, instead of remaining in orbit to be picked up by the space shuttle, the probe fell to earth and exploded. Mary Jane, who was in the vicinity of the probe, was exposed to its cargo when it exploded. Her body absorbed the unknown energy and underwent a drastic transformation. Her body was now producing the Omega Energy itself. MJ discovered she could channel the energy into powerful energy punches. And that those same energies also enhanced her body’s natural durability making her tougher and more resilient than any normal human being.

Surprised and excited about her new abilities, MJ jumped at the chance to take part in a Freedom Corps sponsored training program; to help her better understand and use her powers wisely. She underwent a two month training program, not unlike military basic training, which not only taught her combat and safety training, but also special courses dealing with superhero ethics and law. One of her drill instructors made sure that she also received training in Boxing, which he felt would help her get the most out of her powers.

After two hard months of training, MJ had a deep understanding of her powers. Seeing the dedication of the many heroes of Paragon City, MJ felt inspired to use her powers as a hero herself. With the help of an image consultant at Icon, she fashioned herself a heroic persona, as well as an appropriate moniker: Omega Lass.

Recent Events

While investigating Crey Industries, Omega Lass was captured and brainwashed into providing Countess Crey with information on the All Star Teens activities against her company. When Bodkin-Girl discovered her actions, Omega was then ordered to kill her. However with Bodkin's help, Omega was able to resist the conditioning and break free of Crey's control over her.


Omega Lass is dedicated, fearless, and adventurous in her job as a heroine; always ready to throw herself in the face of danger to keep others safe. She is very pretty as well as being very energetic and gregarious; easily making friends as well as being flirtatous. She likes to hang out with other extreme sports enthusiasts, and still loves to go out surfing off Talos Island when she’s off duty. Lately, she's begun to shed her "tomboy" image and begin dressing more feminine; which has been recieved positvely by her friends and teammates.

Friends and Relationships

Although she's friends with almost all of her teamates in the All Star Teen Sentinels, Omega has a close relationship with several members in particular. American Promise was one of the first people in the ASTS she made friends with, and the two remain close friends to this day. MJ enjoys having a fellow teammate who shares her athletic interests. MJ's been teaching her how to surf, and Regina's become a fast learner.

Omega is very good friends with Bodkin-Girl, and the two young heroines now share a dorm room at the ASTS's base. It was Jen who encouraged MJ into dressing up more and the two enjoy going dancing at Pocket D when they're off duty, as well as hanging out at Spanky's Boardwalk on Talos Island. After her abduction and brainwashing by Crey and eventually breaking free of it with Bodkin's help, the two girls have grown significantly closer.

MJ finds the "Geek Duo" of Ace Troubleshooter and De-Frag endearing; especially since Ace found out she shares the name of Spider-Man's wife (or former wife, depending on who you talk to). She's not sure what to think about Storm Front Caster, however. He seems attracted to her at times, and other times seems uninterested in her other than as a teammate and friend. She hasn't been around Psionic Defender very long, but she does like his friendly demeanor.

Zeiban and Sentinel of Twilight are like members of the family to MJ. She loves them both dearly, and is not put off by their marriage in the least; they love each other and that's all that really matters.

Omega has a love/hate relationship with former ASTS member Reichsmaiden. While the two were growing close and MJ was slowly breaking through her stern, icy demeanor, when Reichs started attacking her teammates, the two women eventually came into conflict; culminating in a tumultuous battle across Talos Island which caused significant property damage. MJ did manage to eventually convince Ilse that she was wrong in her convictions and in the execution of her duties. The two of them are slowly rebuilding their friendship, much to the chagrin of MJ's teammates.


Omega Lass is a dedicated member of the All Star Teen Sentinels. She is also close allies with the Golden Age Heroes, All Star Sentinels of America, United Sentinels of America and other groups within her teams coalition.


As a result of her exposure to Omega Energy, Omega Lass possesses several powers

Omega Energy Control

Omega Lass possesses the ability to control Omega Energy. This rare and unique energy source enables Omega Lass to throw powerful energy enhanced punches capable of smashing through metal plating up to a 3/4 inch in thickness.

Superhuman Strength

Omega Lass' energies also greatly enhance her physical strength. She is capable of lifting up to 20 tons under optimal conditions.


Omega Lass can also use the Omega Energy to increase her body’s speed and reaction time; thus enabling her to run and move at superhuman speeds. Her maximum speed is currently 1200 mph.

Indomitable Will and Enhanced Endurance

Through a combination of her strong will and subconscious manipulation of the Omega Energies in her body, Omega Lass possesses a great deal of resistence to physical damage, as well as mind-affecting powers, including attempts to control her mind through mental domination. Her body also recovers from injury and fatigue at a much faster rate than a normal human being.

Other Abilities

Omega Lass is proficient in various extreme sports; as well as being an expert surfer. Thanks to the combat training she received at Freedom Corps, Omega Lass is also a skilled boxer and hand-to-hand fighter.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Omega Lass is vunerable to certain types of radiation, particularly Alpha Wave Radiation. Alpha Wave radiation disrupts the flow of energy through her body, causing her extreme pain. Prolonged exposure could be fatal


Omega Lass sometimes makes use of a Nemesis Staff given to her by Freedom Corps; one of several collected by the various heroes who have fought against Nemesis’ minions.


Omega Lass wears a special costume which provides her with some protection against the elements. She also has a Raptor Pack and a Zero-G pack, for those times she cannot get to a location easily on her own.


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