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File:Found a clue.jpg
Player: Draugadan
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Maus
Species: Unknown
Age: Young
Height: 5'
Weight: 100
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: None
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None living
Known Powers
Dark Melee / Regeneration
Known Abilities
Teleport / Stealth
Member All Star Teen Sentinels

Darks... darks all 'rounds me. Hood Mann wakes me's... feelsings so weaks... everythings darks... Eye's wakes ups in shinies places. Eye's ist seeings zhe Katze Manns und Blacks und Red Debil Manns. Zheys ist scaries. Eye's nots understandings zhem... Waits... 'cepts zhe females... her ist talksings mein talks... Says Eye's be oks. Wells... Eye's ist trainings mit zhem fur long times. Zhey ist teachings me's Englisch; und asking mein names. Eye's tinking 'bouts its. Und ist sayings Shattenmaus... Buts... Eye's tinkings it soundings diffrents und zhe Englisches. Zhey ist askings und askings... Wheres ist yous comings froms. First ting Eye's 'members ist zhe darks... und zhe Hoods Mann...



Schattenmaus is officially registered with the All Star Teen Sentinels.


Maus is a bit naive, even after a bit of time in Paragon she is still often overwhelmed by things. She doesn't have a very good grasp of English; shes only been speaking it a few months.

She can be a bit skittish, and nearly filled with terror around anything resembling a cat. She is quick to make friends, and has a heart of gold.

Ich sehe nur Licht von der Hilfe von anderen.


Schattenmaus' powers come both from her mutant regeneration ability and from Nazi experiments. It was her mutant regeneration ability that allowed her to survive the horrific techniques used. The Nazis used her to apply their vast technological skills of conditioning and surgical enhancements with the intent to expand their super soldier program. The result of these experiments has given Schattenmaus the ability to drain life from targets, and strengthen herself.


An unexpected result of the experimentation was the ability to Teleport from place to place. Schattenmaus just thinks about being at a location takes a step and she is there. She also can focus on a person she is familiar with and pull them to her side.


Schattenmaus' conditioning included training in stealth tactics. The conditioning, and her small size make her very difficult to detect.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Maus has had some odd reactions if she hears mention of anything [Norse]. Just saying the world Valkyrie, Odin, Viking, or something similar she gets a glazed look on her face and starts to mutter the Old Norse [Eddas].

Character History

Ten Years

The Masked Devil walked past Stuart, grabbed the day's messages, barely heard Stuart's greeting and grunted something as he walked on past. He wasn’t sure what was troubling him today; well, the entire week actually. He walked through the moon base checking various parts of the structure. It was unusually empty. He noticed Badru, Spirit Panther, meditating in his study; Sapphire Swift was busy burning up the running track and Freedom Flag busy in an office writing something. All focused on their own worlds, leaving the base very quiet. It was that quiet that was pounding on The Masked Devil’s head. Incessant and demanding to be let in; sometimes the quiet could be the loudest sound of all. He found his irritation growing with every step he took, not quite able to nail down just what was eating away at him. Just then he reached his office, threw the messages on his desk, and sat in his chair with a humph. For quite a few moments he just sat there inspecting the same spot of the desk. Eventually he shook his head and attempted to focus on the concerns of the day; he reached over to grab the stack of messages without looking and knocked a small wood horse off his desk. Looking down at it he sat frozen, suddenly realizing what it was that had been troubling him. Ten years. Ten damn years. And today was the anniversary. He had to fight back an angry tear as he reached down and picked up the horse. He gently rubbed it with a thumb as he began to remember. The memory was still as sharp as a blade. The police had notified him that an immigrant family's daughter, a girl named Kati Lilienthal, had been kidnapped. The detective asked for help from the Sentinels and The Masked Devil had responded. When he arrived at the scene he spent sometime reviewing all the evidence and forensics. Once he was certain he had all the clues available, he then went to talk to the grieving parents. They had emigrated from East Berlin before the wall came down; their entire life’s savings, the rest of their family... all gone; given up for a chance to have a free life. The father was a bit vague on their life in Germany, but currently had been working odd jobs to make a living. Both had thick accents, but The Masked Devil still spoke some German he had learned in the war. That is when he’d made the promise. It was that promise that was just another burnt hole in his chest. He’d stood there all smiles in his bright costume and assured them, “Of course I’ll find your daughter." Ten damn years. For months the case was all he worked on. Then, other more immediate things began to replace it. 5 years later he went to the funeral. There was no body; it was never found. There had never been a ransom notice, nothing. For sometime the Masked Devil had thought that perhaps he had a lead. It seemed at one point that a Oberst Adalwolf Aurick might have been involved. He had connections to both the 5th Column and to Requiem. But there were never any clues that lead to any real information. So... 5 years later there he was in the rain standing around an empty child coffin with the parents and a few of their friends. He tried to maintain the standard hero brave face as he gave his condolences, trying his best to ignore the look from the parents. That look was an accusation; “You promised." Ten damn years. An angry tear finally broke free as he lovingly sat the horse back on his desk and picked up the messages.

ASLS Case File Agent Eleven-m4I_I5-0001-10162007

Agent Eleven slipped the last bolt off and silently lifted the sky light before nimbly dropping to the floor below. One Council guard stood inside, concentrating on anything but the watch he was supposed to be keeping. Eleven leapt at him, immediately delivering a swift blow to the head and then lowering him to the ground without a sound. Eleven took a moment to get his bearings, and then headed off to the office area of the warehouse. As he crept through the warehouse he thought about what brought him here.

He let his mind drift back to the events that unfolded several months ago:

Patrick sat at the All Star Liberty Sentinel duty desk and rubbed his ribs. He understood the importance of always having an ASLS member manning the base, but after the tussle with the Council he was still a bit sore. Sometimes, being Agent Eleven took its toll physically, but Patrick had been down that road before. Before his thoughts could wander too far Stuart walked in, both his arms full. "Hello Patrick, not too sore I hope." Eleven nodded indicating he wasn't. "Well, I know sitting here isn't the most exciting chore, and I don't want you eating all the refreshments I prepared for the meeting later today, so I brought you something to keep you occupied."

Agent Eleven looked at the pile of things placed on the desk in front of him. There was a thorn blade, a carnie mask, and an old movie reel.

"Stuart, I've no idea where this stuff came from, well except for that reel. I'm not sure what you want me to do with it," he said, trying to keep the irritation out of his voice.

"Why Patrick, all of this you placed in the ASLS evidence vault, but never properly cataloged. Each item needs to be properly written up so that our databases can access it as needed," Stuart stated with a slight hint of mothering in his voice. Agent Eleven just sighed and started to sort through the pile as Stuart walked off. Just as he was leaving he looked over his shoulder and said "Oh, I placed an antique projector on the shelf behind you so you can properly review that old movie reel. Get that done today, and I'll make sure you get extra cookies." Stuart smiled and rounded the corner leaving Eleven to his task.

Stuart's last comment intrigued Eleven; he'd always wondered what was on the film. Suddenly filled with energy, eager to see the film, he spun around, located and grabbed the projector, and proceeded to set it up and load the film reel. He asked the base computer system to lower the lights, aimed the projector at a bare spot of wall, leaned back and began the movie.


Film countdown test leader numbers appeared on the wall, then a very blurry image of what appeared to be a man replaced the numbers. Wesley leaned forward, trying to make out the insignias on the uniform the man was wearing. As if responding to his thoughts, the camera focused in, revealing the man to be a Colonel in a neatly pressed Nazi uniform.

"Is it on?" He barked in German, looking off screen for a moment, then nodding curtly. "Very good, shall I show you around?" he asked, the hint of a satisfied smile threatening to break through his steely visage. The camera pans its focus outward, and Patrick's head tilted slightly as he saw something move into the camera's field of vision from the right. By its movement, he discerned it was another man in uniform. He strode up to the Colonel and began to speak.

"Why the film, Aurick?"


The Colonel paused a moment, then responded, "I am sure our work here will change the world, Herr General. I want to make sure that the future Reich will have documentation of my-- of *our* brilliance."

The General puffed out his cheeks for a moment, and he seemed momentarily lost in thought. "A wise idea, Oberst Aurick. Proceed."

Aurick nodded and the camera pulled back farther to show the two figures walking through a warehouse that had been apparently converted into a laboratory of some sort. Nazi Flags and Waffen Schutzstaffel propaganda posters lined the walls.

They moved into a room filled with manakins, combat equipment and other equipment. "This is where we do the combat training, Herr General." The General simply nodded, and the pair moved on through several rooms where Colonel Aurick detailed what each area was used for. They toured labs, class rooms, barracks and even pool rooms. Aurick took great pleasure in pointing out their new state-of-the-art Komputer lab; which housed several room-filling computers. Patrick figured that from the size of those computers, the film had to be at least forty years old.

After watching the tour of several rooms, Patrick became intrigued, as it was never mentioned who used those rooms, or why. Nor could he understand how it would be considered brilliance. Suddenly, he heard singing, and diverted his attention back to the film on the wall.

The two men entered a room full of blond haired girls all singing the "Horst-Wessel-Lied".

"What of your results in mental conditioning?" The General asked, paying the girls no mind. "Ah, yes indeed," Replied the Colonel.

"Anwärter Lilienthal post!" barked Aurick; pointing to a spot in front of him. With perfect military precision the young girl marched to the spot and stood at attention. Aurick allowed a satisfied smirk to creep onto his face as he nodded once towards the General. Colonel Aurick then softly said "Valkyrie," and immediately the young girl seemed lost. Her gaze became flat and she started to recite the words:

"Hljóðs bið ek allar helgar kindir, meiri ok minni mögu Heimdallar; viltu, at ek, Valföðr! vel framtelja forn spjöll fíra, þau er fremst um man."

"Remarkable!" Exclaimed the General. "What is it she is saying, this is actually a language I don't speak." "This? It is a small indulgence I must admit. Are you familiar with the Old Norse Edda?" asked the Colonel. The General nodded in understanding, and Aurick continued his explanation. "This is an example of our key word response conditioning. If she hears anything involving our glorious Norse heritage she will begin to speak the various bits of the Edda. It is amazing, that she has memorized them all, in such short a time."

Anwärter Lilienthal continued as if speaking from a dream:

"Ek man jötna ár um borna, þá er forðum mik fœdda höfðu; níu man ek heima, níu íviði, mjötvið mœran fyr mold neðan."

"Now, the application of this can come in many forms. A trigger to assassinate a key leader, or better yet it can be used two fold;" said the Colonel, grinning and obviously pleased with himself. "For instance, one word can make them the perfect infiltrator: they will think, speak, and act as if one of the enemy. And then another word; they awaken and the sabotage can take place." With a wide smile the Colonel stood obviously expecting praise from the General.

Anwärter Lilienthal continued without pause:

"Ár var alda þar er Ýmir bygði, vara sandr né sær né svalar unnir, jörð fannsk æva né upphiminn, gap var ginnunga, en gras hvergi."

Without paying her any attention the Colonel crooked the first two fingers of his hand and motioned for the General to follow out another door. As they walked the General asked "What about the Genetics? Are those girls in there test subjects for that too?"

"Ah... yes." Replied Aurick. "Anwärter Lilienthal is to be the first as a matter of fact. Indeed, we've decided with her to... well... start small."

"And if there the Genetics procedure? I would hate to waste such a valuable specimen, Colonel," the General grunted. Colonel Aurick stopped, and looked over his shoulder at the General. "My dear General, I have seen to it, that we shall never let such a magnificent specimen slip away. We have... duplicated our efforts to assure us of this." The general puffed out his cheeks again, a thoughtful look on his face. He nodded and started to respond...

Abruptly the film ended, Patrick had sat staring blankly at the screen, not able to shake the dread he felt in the pit of his stomach. He hadn't heard of Colonel Aurick before, but he was well aware of the evils perpetrated by that General. Silently he mouthed the name "Requiem". He knew he had to return to were he found the movie and search for clues. And that had brought him back to the warehouse.

Agent Eleven saw a dark shadow ahead of him, and snapped his focus back to where it needed to be; the here and now. He rounded the corner, ready to strike; but it was simply a stack of boxes that had cast a shadow roughly the size of a man. He had healed well in the several months since he viewed the film; as soon as he was able, he was on the trail.

He had snuck past most of the guards, and was in the office where he had first found the movie reel. He was surprised that the Council had returned to this warehouse after his initial raid, but found far less than he had hoped.

After an exhaustive search of the office, he found only a solitary clue, that he stared at ominously as he removed it from the oversized chair: A single, white hair. He wondered where to hunt next.

ASLS Case File Agent Eleven-m4I_I5-0001-05172008

Agent Eleven stood on the corner Estr da Gavea and Travessa da Alegria in the Favela da Rocinha neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro. He was thankful for the dark night as he shook his head. "Neighborhood," he mouthed, still shaking his head. The Favelas are the Brazilian equivalent of a shanty town; Constructed from a variety of materials, ranging from bricks, garbage, and human suffering; a squalid testament to a decades-old housing crisis, and a rural exodus of workers into Rio. Eleven pulled his fedora tighter onto his head as he listened to the rain fall against his raincoat. Steam from rotting sewage swirled at his feet as he thought about how ridiculous he must look standing there in his tux.

He had been at the U.S. Consulate in Rio to attend yet another Carnaval celebration. It was cocktail hour and he had found himself in a corner talking with some political appointee about potato imports to Brazil when a server, dressed in a floor length red velvet dress, walked by with a tray of hors d'oeuvres. As she passed, she slipped a piece of paper into Eleven's hand. It was a Taxi driver's business card. Written on the back was the name of the intersection at which he currently found himself, wet and out of place.

He stood there wondering for the hundredth time why the driver had picked this place for the rendezvous point. Down the road, headlight beams shone through the steam and the rain from around the corner. Eleven instantly recognized the taxi as it turned and pulled towards him. The jalopy looked more dilapidated than last time. The engine coughed and sputtered as it splashed its way through the murky puddles and screeched to a stop before him. Beto grunted, "Oi, hop in." Forty years of smoking mangled his voice. "We have things to discuss. Tudo bem?" "I'm good, thanks Beto. Were you followed?" Eleven knew the answer already, but liked to jab the informant. Beto's eyes slanted. "Não, meu chegado." He tsked as if to say "This isn't my first time around the block." Eleven grinned slightly and Beto allowed a trace of a smile to creep to the corner fo his mouth, and then turned to the business at hand. Beto began to explain what he had found, as Eleven strained to translate through the thick, smoke-encrusted accent. Eleven always thought that Portugese sounded like Frenchified Spanish. He strained harder. "There is only one warehouse in all of Brasil that handles this kind of diamond, the Amazonian Blue Diamond. The odd thing is that the workers were speaking Alemão, ah German as you say. That's when I realized this business is nooo legal. Vishi maria! There are many companies that handle this kind of diamond, but this is the only company with Germans."

Eleven nodded his head. He knew he was close. Now he just had to put it all together. He chuckled as he reflected on what Spirit Panther had said. "Rio de Janeiro," Eleven remembered Spirit Panther confirming as he handed the hair back. "I've performed every divination I can and that is the best I can do for you. But, it will only lead to more questions I'm afraid. It will not end there." And then the oddest question... "Have you talked to the Masked Devil about this? I am not sure how, but I can assure you he is as much a part of this as you are." DATA and SERAPH had analyzed the hair and detected traces of Amazonian Blue Diamond, but Eleven had sought out Panther for confirmation from... well, another point of view. Yet another puzzle piece fell into place, as he recalled he had seen pictures of Colonel Aurick with decorative Prussian blue diamonds adorning his Uniform cap. Eleven smiled to himself; he was definitely getting closer.

"Fila de puta! You think es funny?" Beto accused as the cab bounced past a particularly large pot hole, immediately bringing Eleven back to the present. "Excuse me, no, My mind was wondering." Eleven mumbled as he gestured for Beto to continue. His mind stayed focused as Beto explained in-depth about the blue diamond market in Rio. Like a floundering ship, the cab swerved around a last corner and came to a sputtering stop in front of Eleven's hotel. "Beto, you've done well. See what you can find out about the Germans. Get me an address." Beto nodded as he exited the cab, acting a bit drunk. Almost as an after thought, Eleven leaned in through passenger side door and handed Beto a roll of C-notes. He turned like a drunk trying not to look drunk and headed into the hotel. As he passed the doorman shook his head; just another rich American.

Eleven was awoken mid-morning by a knocking at the door. He got out of bed, slipped on a robe and went to the door. He cautiously opened it and saw a cart with a breakfast of fruit, eggs, and cheese. He wheeled the cart in and began to consider the food. "Safe?" he wondered. Just then he noticed the bill. It had "Germans" written on it, directly below that was an address. Eleven smiled as he dove into the meal.

It took him some time to get to where he had hidden his SpyCraft and fly to his destination. This was far from the first time Eleven had fast-roped down the line to sneak into the top floor of a building, but it thrilled him just like it was the first time. He slowed himself as he reached the bottom of the rope and landed without a sound. He made his way to a skylight, disabled the alarms and slipped inside. Landing again inaudibly, Eleven took a moment to get his bearings and look around. The office was everything he expected and more. The place dripped in opulence. The walls were covered in rare art; here and there he could see priceless antiques. In the corner, a Chinese carved lacquer vase from the Yongle period of the Ming Dynasty sat on display. "15th century", Eleven thought. He shook his head, remembering he was here for a purpose. He moved through the office spaces, allowing his instincts to lead him. He quickly found what looked like the head office, whose simple lock offered little resistance to keeping him from his goal. A few scant minutes later, Eleven froze as he came to a deadly revelation.

In his right hand he found a telegram that read: "Die Flasche im Hotel Copacabana Palace, Schick 'Einweg' Selbstmordattentäterin. Ankuft: 17.05.2008 21:00."

"Assassin? Today? Nine?" The thoughts fired through his head like a stuttering machine gun. Still staring at his watch he realized he had only 10 minutes to get to the hotel. As he sprinted back to the SpyCraft, he remembered that several of the dignitaries he had met at the Consulate the prior evening were staying at the Hotel Copacabana Palace. The SpyCraft darted through the night; a dark knife ripping between the city lights below and the stars above. As Eleven got closer, he triggered every sensor on the Craft. As he made his final approach, sensors registered gun shots from the penthouse. Deftly setting the ship to hover with one hand he released the canopy with the other. Seconds later, he sprinted along the wing and dove through the window. He landed with a roll, popping to his feet and found a room full of German Secret Service Agents staring at him. He was certain that had he himself not been a registered agent, he would have been riddled with bullets. He could see they were all gathered over a black clad body. He saw the German President being led safely out of the room as he approached the Agents, displaying his registration card. Eleven walked the perimeter around the corpse.

Approaching the body, he looked down and felt his heart freeze as grim recognition sunk in. "It couldn't be." He knelt next to the body checking for a pulse. Confirming there wasn't one, he couldn't resist a tear. "Maus?" He looked up at the black suited secret service agents. They stood rigid and stoic, their faces blank, focused. He fought the urge to sob as he looked down, the image of a bullet-riddled Maus etching itself permanently into his mind.

"You can't blame yourself, old boy" Doctor Crux said as he continued with the autopsy. The ASLS was able, with some negotiation, to get Maus' body moved to their base. Finally finishing his grim task, he stopped a moment. He hung his head and his shoulders slumped as he looked to the heroes waiting for him across the room. He was saddened that the responsibility had passed to Soveriegn Seer; he had no wish for his friend to have to deal with this. Agent Eleven was, of course, still there. Reports say he never left the body from the time he arrived on the scene until it was delivered to the base. Soveriegn Seer stood silent, looking grim. Spirit Panther stood next to Seer, maskless. Panther's eyes were emotionless and perfectly still like a cat waiting to pounce. The bravest face amongst them was Kid-Olympus. Doctor Crux could see through the veil of blankness that Kid-Olympus was struggling to maintain his emotions. "It is Maus." He confirmed. "I've checked everything against our original physical when she was found by the Sovereign Seer in Paragon city. There can be no doubt; everything matches. It is her."

Just as those final words hung in the air, and Doctor Crux had turned his gaze downwards, a small dark shape entered the medical bay, looked at all gathered and said "Eye's ist kommen as fastest as Eye's coulds. Eye's ist hearings zhe calling fur ales zhe Teens Sen'nals Offizier to reportsings to zhe Sen'nal bases. Und Eye's ist here's now."

ASTS Data File

Hero Name: Schattenmaus

Real Name: None

Nicknames: Maus

Occupation: Student

Identity: Just hero

Legal Status: U.S Citizen

Place of Birth: Striga Island

Date of Birth: 13 May 2007

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: Kati Lilienthal (Original DNA donor, status unknown)

Current Affiliations: The All Star Teen Sentinels

Previous Affiliations: 5th Column


In 1942 a Nazi scientist, Oberst Adalwolf Aurick, was put in charge of a project to create super soldiers for the Third Reich and supply them to the 5th Column. At first he pursued quite a number of various projects trying to find at least one that worked. Then members of the Nazi Vril Society during a particulary nasty ritual sacrifice of children discovered a human female mutant with exceptional regenerative abilities. Kati Lilienthal, after being tossed on searing flames had miraculously healed herself, and though burned rapidly healed without scars whenever she was removed from the fire. Oberst Aurick felt very lucky when the young mutant was placed in his care. After finding the regenerating girl Aurick began to clone her so that he would not lose this valuable resource. Her ability to regenerate made her the perfect test subject.

In 1943, Oberst Aurick was visited by the Italian General Requiem. After the fall of the Fascists in July of 1943 Requiem visited Germany. He quickly took an interest in Auricks experiments, and offered ways to improve his super soldiers. It was then that Aurick began to experiment with combining animal and human DNA. The first animal human hybrids were from what he had on hand, ordinary lab mice. It is also at that time that he began to implant, with Requiem's encouragement, Nictus Shards into various test subjects.

The first successful test subjects were from his "Maus" project, or called Selbstmordattentäterin (suicide assassin). These "Mordermaus" were disposable Kati / Mouse hybrids combining Kati's regenerative abilities, Nictus Shard, and certain mouse qualities perfect assassins.

Sometime before October of 1944 Oberst Aurick and his project disappeared. There was no trace to his current location. Until 1997 when the Masked Devil stumbled onto what appeared to be a kidnapping case involving a young girl named Kati Lilienthal. This young girl was being raised by a couple of German immigrants. While he made heroic efforts to find her he ultimately was unable to. He did find several leads to the 5th Column, and to Oberst Aurick. At this time it is presumed that this Kati was most likely a clone of the original given to the German couple to safeguard. They apparently decided to keep Kati as their own and ran to Paragon City. Unfortunately the 5th Column tracked them down and retrieved what they believed to be their property.

On 13 May 2007 one of Auricks hidden laboratories was attacked by a few of Paragons finest heroes. During the chaos one of the nearly completed Selbstmordattentäterin, or Maus projects was released. She was terribly frightened, and confused. She had no idea who she was or where she was. A member of the Sentinels of Liberty the Sovereign Seer discovered her cowering in a dark ally. He took her back to the Liberty base where she was examined and treated. Eventually she trusted them enough to accept some training, and a few English lessons. Eventually it was obvious she needed to be with a more age appropriate group, and so she was sent to interview with Olympic Kid who was then forming a new team the All Star Teen Sentinels.

Height: 5'

Weight: 100 lbs

Eye Color: Yellow

Hair Color: White

Skin Color: Black (Covered with Black Fur, white patch on Face and Ears)

Age: 2 / Effective Age: 14

Strength Level: Standard

Known Superhuman Powers: Maus' abilities come from her different aspects.


- Regeneration. Maus is a clone of a mutant with exceptional regenerative abilities.

Nictus Shard:

- Negative Energy attacks. Maus can attack with Negative energy because of the Nictus shard implanted in her.

- Teleporting. Maus can teleport because of the Nictus shard implanted in her.

Nazi Hypno-indoctrination:

- Hand to Hand combat. Maus is expert at several martial arts. It was hypno-trained to her when she was still in the clone chamber.

- Schattenmaus' conditioning included training in stealth tactics. The conditioning, and her small size make her very difficult to detect.

- German. She is fluent in German, and speaks it natively.

- Edda. Oberst Aurick loves all things Viking. As a test of the hypno-indoctrination, and of his post hypnotic suggestion methodology, or key word response conditioning set all Maus units to begin reciting the Edda when hearing any "Viking" word.

Mouse DNA:

- Heightened Senses. She has exceptional sense of smell. It allows her to track anyone she has met before. While she cannot see in total darkness she does see better in the dark than any normal human.

- Near Olympic level balance and dexterity.


Maus is a bit naive, even after a bit of time in Paragon she is still often overwhelmed by things. She doesn't have a very good grasp of English; shes only been speaking it a few years. She can be a bit skittish, and nearly filled with terror around anything resembling a cat. She is quick to make friends, and has a heart of gold.

Ich sehe nur Licht von der Hilfe von anderen.


Costume Reference Screen Shots
Schattenmaus from the front.
Schattenmaus from the back.
Schattenmaus from the side.
Her hands with gloves. How she is usually seen.
Action Pose.
Bare hands showing claws. In costume she always wears her gloves.
Eisregen Suggested a table
Close up Photo to show the only color on Schattenmaus; her yellow eyes.
T Pill showed me how to make one


Maus-Speak: Yes... Maus talks funny. There are three elements to her voice. German accent... this part is somewhat obvious. Second, is young girl... though when speaking English she often sounds younger than she actually is. And last is what in my head a talking mouse might sound like.

The inspiration came from a bunch of things. I like to play [Warhammer], a tabletop minitures game playing [Skaven] (a race of humanoid rats). That is where the mouse part came from. I've also always liked comic references to WWII and Nazi's. Having altitis I've played many characters... but wanted one a bit more vulnerable and dark. But... was hoping to do it without being too Emo or "darkity dark". I absolutly love scrappers. All that together became Schattenmaus.

The only color on Schattenmaus are her two golden yellow eyes.

She wears no mask. Her face has two colors of fur.

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