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The Three Mile Island accident of 1979 was a partial core meltdown in Unit 2 (a pressurized water reactor manufactured by Babcock & Wilcox) of the Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania near Harrisburg. It was the most significant accident in the history of the American commercial nuclear power generating industry, resulting in the release of up to 481 PBq (13 million curies) of radioactive gases, but less than 740 GBq (20 curies) of the particularly hazardous iodine-131.

The accident might arguably have been far worse if it hadn't been for the strange creature seen wandering near the contaminated second unit, literally burning with absorbed radiation and dangerous particles. The being seemed to be going on a destructive rampage through the ruins of the power plant, but other witnesses described its actions as clearing rubble and searching for survivors.

Before anyone was able to approach the contaminated area and the creature, it disappeared just as mysteriously as it had appeared. Dubbed "Harrisburg" by the media, the creature is still wanted by the authorities for questioning regarding its activities at the plant, as well as the disappearance of a power plant employee, Dr. Harold Burgess, who was last seen on the night of the accident.

Unknown to his colleagues, Dr. Burgess was working on a serum which would render a human being practically immune to dangerous radiation. Without any resources to fund his research he was forced to take extreme action, and cause a slight meltdown in order to test his serum. When he was trying to administer the serum to an unwitting member of the janitorial staff, the subject overpowered him and plunged the needle with the strange chemicals into the doctor's arm instead.

Dr. Burgess passed out as the serum surged through his veins, transforming him from within. When he came to, the meltdown was a fact and he was right in the middle of a radioactive inferno. Fascinated he could only watch as his body changed before his very eyes with every minute of exposure. Mad with rage the transformed doctor smashed through the power plant complex until he found the teen who was responsible for his transformation. The young man succumbed to an overdose of radiation after mere moments in the doctor's presence, taking the secret of Harrisburg's identity with him to his grave.


Dr. Burgess can transform into the gigantic Harrisburg by drinking or injecting himself with a mixture of radioactive isotopes and his serum. As Harrisburg he grows to over 7 feet tall and his skin becomes bright green, glowing and often bursting into radioactive flames. He becomes unnaturally strong and tough, and heals at a fantastic rate. In this form the normally calm scientist is prone to anger and extreme rage which will sometimes cause him to act in a rash and irrational manner, to his great frustration.


Harrisburg's long term goal is to turn the world into a radioactive wasteland. Those humans he deem worthy will be allowed to buy his serum to ensure their survival, while he, as the sole provider of the serum will humbly accept the position as supreme god-king ruler of the world.

After a few million years the Earth will recover from the radiation and life will be returning, guided by Harrisburg's intelligence and wisdom. Only lifeforms he consider useful will be allowed to prosper. Humanity, free from the chaff which was weeded out during the cleansing period, will from then on live in a utopia without selfishness, crime or other vices, for fear of another cleansing if they stray from the path dictated by their benevolent master.


Since he first declared his long term goal in public, the Devouring Earth have targeted Harrisburg for destruction or possibly devouring. While the monsters would probably survive the nuclear holocaust they do not wish the kind of destruction of the Earth that this would cause, and they certainly don't want humanity to survive to prosper from it.

Dr. Burgess' laboratories are constantly threatened to be overrun by the Devouring Earth, destroying his work and stealing his research. He is usually capable of fighting them off himself, but every attack forces him to start over in a new location.

Besides the Devouring Earth, Harrisburg has gained the enmity of Crey and certain Arachnos factions for repeatedly breaking into their facilities to steal valuable equipment and material, not to mention the loss of lives as their security forces feebly try to stop him. To curry favor with Arachnos, Harrisburg has helped their science division on some occasions. As a "Destined One" and a Mad Scientist he has been granted much slack.



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