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The Ruthless
Havoc Bane
Agent of Discord
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Umbral Blast
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Player: @Antares
Real Name
Bane Creed
Cap au Diable
Etoille Islands
Mercenary, Hitman, Protection
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What happens when a Kheldian merges with a Villain? Whose will is stronger?

H archetypeicon warshade.png BANE

The Creeds are a family of Villains native to the Rogue Isles. The ruling patriarchy of this family is proud of their contributions to the villains of Primal Earth. Some even claim that Lord Recluse has some Creed blood in him! Due to constant mixing with many different kinds of villains, every Creed is born with some mutation, abnormality or trait.

Born a mutant in the early 80's, Bane Creed is the eldest of the most recent generation of Creeds. Has the older brother, he was pressured by his elders to be the best villain he could be - To set a good example for the little ones. Although his name was derivative and obvious for a villain, Bane didn't let that stop him from making a name for himself. At 14 years old his mutation was already manifesting - He stood nearly 6 ft. tall and was more muscular than most villains! Sneaking onto the Ferries to Paragon City so he could "mess it up with the heroes," he made a name for himself as a teen delinquent; burglary, arson, grand theft and even some manslaughter. Eventually, he was caught and served a seven stretch in The Zig. For the Creeds, serving time in The Zig is a right of passage and shows that you're serious about villainy.

The next step was to get caught by a hero. When he was released after his first sentence, at 21, Bane set out to really get "made."

Havoc Bane/In and Out

H archetypeicon warshade.png HAVOC

As a former Nictus, the Kheldian known as Havoc was eager to redeem himself for good. Searching the galaxy for a suitable host, it focused on the injured soul of Bane Creed - Serving a long conviction in the Zig for manslaughter. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to Havoc, when serving time in the Zig, the Creeds learned to put on a facade of redemption. This "fake exterior" will shorten the length of time-served and allow for early release. So, when the reformed Havoc sought Bane, it mistook fallacy for truancy.

Joining it's essence with Bane, Havoc was dismayed to realize that this soul was corrupt beyond all hope. In it's earnest to absolve it's sins, the Kheldian had bound itself to a Villain! Havoc was trapped & powerless, it's will conquered by Bane Creed. The mutant Bane became Havoc Bane. A villain with nearly limitless cosmic powers.

H archetypeicon warshade.png HAVOC BANE

As so often is the case with Human-Kheldian unification, the new person takes on the first names of the two individuals they were before the joining. Taking the name "Havoc Bane" Bane Creed became the single most successful Creed Villain ever to live. The pride of his heritage, Havoc Bane's reputation quickly gained notoriety in the Rogue Isles. A Villain Warshade? The concept was practically unprecedented. With his mind enjoined with Havoc's, Bane gained a vastly improved intellect, at least compared to his previous intelligence. No longer a simple rube to the Family, he submitted his resignation as professional enforcer...By decimating a Family-run front in Independence Port. Rumour has it, Paragon's Finest never found the bodies. At least, whole bodies.

Cutting a swath of murder and destruction through the Rogue Isles, Havoc Bane will do whatever it takes to make a name for himself. He will not rest until he has achieved the coveted "Arch-villain" status. Whether he has to kill one or twenty-five heroes, he will make his parents proud. And if he meets turncoat, hero brother along the way...So much the better. With all the powers of a Warshade at his disposal, who is going to stop him?

H archetypeicon warshade.png FORMS

Security Image: Havoc Bane uses Black Dwarf to break into a vault.

Kheldians are masters of energy and matter and they have no inherent form.

  • Black Dwarf form is derived from a previous race encountered by the Khedlians called the Kurukt. They evolved on neutron stars and are slow moving yet tough form. It's very durable, and has an inherent self-teleport ability.
  • Dark Nova is as close to the natural Kheldian form as possible. It is pure energy and is highly resistant to most damage.
  • Mutant Prior to his joining with Havoc, Bane's mutation was in the early stages of development. Possessing quick regeneration, improved stamina & strength and superhuman resilience Bane's mutation is most self evident in his forearms which appear to be nearly reptilian. However, the joining seems to have halted the process because Bane has not exhibited anymore mutations.

H archetypeicon warshade.png ALLIES

Havoc Bane suffers from a classic case of Antisocial Personality Disorder. He repeatedly breaks the law by performing acts that are grounds for arrest, he is deceptive, impulsive, aggressive, reckless and shows a consistent disregard for the safety of others. But he is also narcissistic - Egotistical, vane, conceited and completely selfish. On top of everything, his joining with a powerful cosmically enhanced energy being has result in a massive superiority complex.

H archetypeicon warshade.png ENEMIES

  • Bitter Exile A former Circle mystic that Havoc met while roaming Nerva for some contacts. Bitter Exile was able to control his own body temperature through complete concentration and control of his mind. Havoc Bane killed this Villain in St. Martial when the two crossed paths during a heist.
  • Antares Prime The young Peacebringer Prime combined itself with the vigilante Antares and became Antares Prime. Antares Prime combined the accumulated battle experience of Antares and Prime with the child-like innocence of Prime's youth. Antares Prime was a calm, collected hero. He rarely said much, not because of any anti-social behaviour, but because the two beings had only recently merged. Antares Prime was in fact quite sociable. Havoc Bane broke Antares Prime's neck when the two met in Brickstown, just after Havoc merged with Bane.
  • Gothic Creed Bane's little brother and vigilante hero. All Creed's are under strict obligation to kill Gothic on sight.

H archetypeicon warshade.png NOTES
  1. Gothic Creed is Havoc Bane's brother, a member of the Creed family who are known for contributing many (in)famous Villains to the Rogue Islands. Gothic Creed is one of only two Heroes in the family. Subsequently, he is a bit of a black sheep among the Creeds.
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