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The trolls hold hands as they wait for the end.

Goodbye, LOHAV.

Though our home be taken from us,

Though ignorant power and foolish greed beset us,

Though the world itself collapses and all seems lost,

There is no power sufficient to devour our hope.

There is no force mighty enough to end our stories.

Nothing in this world or any other will silence us.

We are more than a story and more than a game.

We will not be forgotten.

We live.

And we will return.

Herostuck is a fan-created Homestuck/City of Heroes Crossover Roleplay Group and Storyline taking place on the Virtue Server of City of Heroes (Blueside). Members include humans, trolls, Prospitians, Dersites, kernelsprites, and more.

When a group of kids on Primal Earth attempted to load up brand-new copies of SBURB (a reality-warping computer game), the powerful entity known as the Well of the Furies took notice. The Well is a nexus of unimaginable power, which it uses to empower mortal beings for its own unfathomable designs. The prospect of a game capable of granting its players godhood was too much to pass up on, and so the Well reached out and attempted to seize control of the fledgling session.

However, SBURB has power of its own, and fought against the Well's takeover, a feat the Well believed to be impossible. The warring powers clashed, eventually resulting in a badly glitched session of SBURB, devoid of many of the features of a normal game. The Reckoning itself was the first sign the game would not proceed as planned. Only a tiny fraction of Skaia's defense portals worked correctly, destroying a localized area known as Galaxy City rather than the surface of the whole planet. Meteors cascaded downwards bringing destruction... and something else.

From some of the meteors, creatures sprang. Trolls from Alternia, Humans from Earth, players drawn from doomed timelines and null sessions all across the many incarnations of Skaia... summoned to this session. Skaia called forth champions to help defend it, to Scratch the damaged session once and for all, and eradicate the Well's corrupting influence. The Well reached out as well, its tendrils slipping into other sessions, claiming its own champions, and imbuing them with corrupted versions of their destined powers. And from the meteors bearing no champions, monsters emerged, amorphous and fiery creatures called Shivans, fighting to disrupt the session and swing the balance of power back to the Well.

Co-lead by @Helblaiz and @Slid.

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