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"No, it's not the end of the world. But it's the end of a world."

Hi, I'm Slid. You may remember me from my old global name, @Slid Silver.

A dedicated role-player on the Virtue server, I primarily enjoy playing heroes, with a few villains mixed in. I love to link to appropriate TVtropes articles on character pages, both to add some humor to the mix, and to show connections with other characters in fiction.

Currently holding out against all odds that NCSoft will go bankrupt and sell off their intellectual property, and the best MMO ever made will come back.

Edit: MUAHAHA! NCSoft could never kill our home forever! City of Heroes returns!



I run the following SuperGroups:

Hero Groups:

Villain Groups:

Retired Characters:

These characters have finished their ongoing storylines and have been retired permanently as a result.

Active Villains:

Active Heroes:

Works In Progress:

Future Projects:

Rule Systems:

I'm working on a Dice Combat system to provide a fair alternative to text-fighting or the Arena, for resolving in-character conflicts. This system has been used with great success by my supergroup Herostuck for multiple in-character tournaments and several RP conflicts!

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