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Empire of Atlantis
Player: Slid Silver
Empirical Standing
Rank: Unknown
Profession: None
Origin & Archetype: Magic Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Atlantean's Personal Data
Real Name: Erebus
Known Aliases: Tideshaper
Species: Atlantean
Age: 241
Height / Weight: 6'3" / 224 lbs.
Eye / Hair Color: Blue / Blond
Citizenship: Atlantean
Current Residence: The Temple
Marital Status: Single, never married
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Water manipulation - subconscious and conscious control of moisture and water currents.
Training & Abilities
When underwater, can control massive currents of water to propel himself or others. On the surface, can surround himself with a protective aura of water, enhancing his defense and strength.
Personal Items
Helm of Marinus - Formerly worn by his grandfather, a legendary general, this helmet is rumored to have mystical powers.
Though still growing accustomed to life on the surface, he has been struck by the courage and nobility of Paragon's heroes.

Erebus is a dedicated and fearless warrior of Atlantis, determined to give his all to serve the Empire on the surface and bring his strength to bear for his King.



Erebus was never a "normal" Atlantean. While every denizen of Atlantis is at home in the seas, Erebus discovered he had the unique ability to manipulate water currents at an early age, propelling him along swifter and farther than his peers could swim. When he was attacked by an injured and confused shark at the tender age of 80, it was this talent that saved his life, sweeping away the animal and sparing the young boy's life. As soon as he was able, he enlisted in the Atlantean military as a scout, zipping ahead of his comrades to bring critical information about the state of the aquatic battlefield.

When he heard the call of Leviathas, he longed to rush to the surface and take up arms in the King's defense, but had had sworn to remain beside his comrades in the military for a short time longer. When his term of service was up shortly after his 240th birthday, however, he bid a bittersweet farewell to his friends and set off to serve the Empire of Atlantis on the surface world.


Erebus discovered at a young age that the currents of the deep sea always seemed to flow smoothly for him, propelling him along and shepherding him from danger. As he grew older, he began to learn how to consciously control this power, and could travel faster and farther underwater than any of his peers. Now on land, the sea refuses to abandon him, surrounding him with a watery aura of protection which he has used to great advantage in surface battles.

Aquatic Melee

Although it still responds with a mind of its own, Erebus has learned to control his watery aura consciously for a variety of close-range attacks.

DarkMelee ShadowPunch.png Water Strike: Wrapping his fists in the watery aura which surrounds him, Erebus jabs forth with a fast, accurate punch to the jaw.

DarkMelee Smite.png Aquatic Smite: Erebus launches a devastating punch to his target, surrounded by the watery aura which protects him.

DarkMelee ShadowMaul.png Rain of Blows: Empowered by the force of ship-killer storm, Erebus unleashes a flurry of rapid strikes, powerful enough to hit multiple foes.

DarkMelee SiphonLife.png Extract Moisture: Erebus's most fearsome attack. Concentrating for a moment, he forcibly rips the moisture out of his foe's body through their face and eyes, thus replentishing the strength of his aura.

DarkMelee DarkConsumption.png Mass Extraction: Though weaker than his Extract Moisture ability, Erebus can pull some moisture from multiple foes simultaneously, re-energizing the Atlantean warrior and enabling him to continue the fight.

DarkMelee SoulDrain.png Might of Poseidon: When faced with insurmountable odds, Erebus can call upon this ability to strengthen himself, growing more powerful for each foe who dares to engage him in combat.

ShadowFighting MidnightGrasp.png Clutch of the Sea: Calling forth crushing tendrils of solid water, Erebus ensnares and constricts a single foe in a watery prison.

Aquatic Aura

Outside of his conscious control, Erebus's watery aura comes to life on its own, springing into existence to defend him from any dangers.

DarkArmor DarkEmbrace.png Aquatic Embrace: Blessed by the power of the sea, this cloak of warm water spontaneously surrounds Erebus whenever he is in danger of physical, negative energy, or toxic attacks.

DarkArmor DefractingCloud.png Caress of the Sea: When energy or elemental attacks seek to harm Erebus, this aura springs to life, shielding him from their touch.

DarkArmor ObsidianShield.png Freedom of the Waves: Shining water bubbles float in the air around Erebus's head, protecting him from both mental attacks and anything which would ensnare or restrict his movements.

DarkArmor TouchOfDeath.png Wrath of the Seas: When too many foes threaten Erebus, boiling water bubbles to the surface at his feet, scalding those who stand too close.

DarkArmor DarkRegeneration.png Whirlpool: If Erebus is injured in battle, his aura lashes out, forcibly pulling moisture from the bodies of all foes nearby to heal and strengthen the wounded Atlantean.

DarkArmor CloakOfDarkness.png Elemental Form: Erebus has unlocked the ability to completely transform himself into living water, gaining increased defense and stealth, and protection from immobilization.

DarkArmor CloakOfFear.png Terror of the High Seas: Within the watery aura which surrounds Erebus, the souls of a thousand drowned sailors scream their dying agony into the minds of his foes. Their minds assaulted by this psionic onslaught, weak-minded enemies can do little but cower in fear before him.

DarkArmor OppressiveGloom.png Oceanic Aura: When Erebus enters battle, the sheer amount of water surrounding him increases the amount of moisture in the air to almost unbreathable levels. Deprived of the oxygen they need to breathe, his enemies choke and suffocate as they attempt to fend off his mighty attacks.

DarkArmor SoulTransfer.png Rejuvenation of the Sea: If Erebus is defeated in battle, his aura lashes out in a final retributive strike, draining massive quantities of moisture from nearby enemies to rejuvenate and revive the fallen warrior. Affected enemies suffer immediate and severe dehydration and intense disorientation.

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