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The Boy...

His mother was a woman of disgraced stature, some would say. A former hand-maid of Queen Cassiopeia, Naimora cast off her royal obligations for a simple life as a raiser of sea steeds. It was there in the countryside that she bore her second child; Leviathas.

"I remember when he charged out of my womb, he looked over his shoulder at me and smiled. His eyes were grey, like steel. Like the scales of the Leviathan. I named him for the sea serpent, in hopes that he would grow strong."


Growing up on a farm with only his mother and his older brother, Mercutio, Leviathas learned to be tough at a very young age. It was through these toils and snares that Leviathas developed strength. Strength that would eventually lead him to a life of adventure and mischief.

"His head is like stone. He is stubborn, insolent, brash and quite rude. I do not think he will live to see adulthood." -A Random Teacher

Leviathas, as a boy, was known for many things. He was a dark skinned, wild haired hurricane of laughter and shenanigans. If he was not scheming to pilfer early desert from the school bakery, he was exploring places children would dare not go. Leviathas was always a jovial child. Even when he was battered, bruised and bleeding, he would always respond to his peers with his large, toothy smile and his trademark phrase "I'm fine!"

As he grew, Leviathas regularly visited The Great City to attend school. It was there that he first met Zemos. Father Zemos, a high priest and teacher, served as the father figure of his life. While Mercutio taught Leviathas how to be a good warrior, it was Zemos that taught him how to be a good person. It was Zemos who introduced Leviathas to an orphan girl by the name of Nereidia. Of course, as a child, Leviathas had no idea how to convey feelings of affection, so he expressed his adoration for Nereidia through teasing. If Leviathas wasn't threatening to cut Nereidia's hair or pilfering her books to hide them, he was outright mocking her during her training. Once, while Nereidia was practicing her archery, Leviathas teased her almost to the point of tears. To Nereidia, Leviathas was a rude, mean little boy with nothing better to do than torment her.

But, the wheel of karma is always turning...

Leviathas had been told about a cave with walls of beautiful glowing jade. It was a said to be in a place children were constantly told to avoid. Did this stop Leviathas? Of course not. He told Nereidia and a handful of other children that he was going to search for the cave, but none would come along. Venturing into the wilderness, Leviathas searched until he stumbled upon the glowing stone. He ventured in and began to chip away at the walls, only to find several sets of eyes staring at him. It was then that he realized that he had wormed his way into a brooding pit of moray eels. With only a dagger, he braced himself against the wall and prepared to meet his end.

Until an arrow pinned one eel to the wall. More arrows cut through the murky water and suddenly, a hand grabbed Leviathas, pulling him to safety. It was Nereidia. Even through all his teasing and torment, she had come across the deep wilds just to see if he was alright. Furthermore, she had saved his life. From then on Nereidia was no longer Leviathas' target. She was, in his own words. "My bestest friend ever!" from then on, they were inseparable.

The Scout...

Over time, the child had become a young man. And like many young men in Atlantis, Leviathas sought to join the army. He wished to follow in the footsteps of his brother, but learned that he was not strong enough to be in the infantry. The shields were heavy, the armor heavier. He could not move. He struggled in training. It was in individual combat, whilst being pummeled by a fellow soldier, that his frustration got the better of him. In a display of what some would call arrogance, Leviathas shed all of his armor but his pauldrons and asked for a lighter shield. Captain Andreas, a Merridian mer and an exceptional soldier, oblidged Leviathas and then gave his opponent some interesting orders.

"Hold back nothing. Fight him as you would your sworn enemy. Maybe then he will learn to appreciate his armor."

Andreas folded his arms across his broad chest and nodded for them to begin. Leviathas stared down his opponent and then, with only his buckler and short sword, rushed. His armor clad opponent sought to cleave him in half, but Leviathas was simply too fast. With fluid grace and blinding speed he dodged and deflected his opponent's sword and thrusted his own into his attacker's face, stopping short by inches.

"Good." a voice called from elsewhere. A man in black and green armor slowly emerged from a dark corner. "That was all I needed to see. Captain Andreas, if it pleases you, I wish to take this one with me." Andreas nodded. Leviathas was confused. He looked to Captain Andreas and then to the shadowy man who was now approaching him. "My name is Baracus. And I'm going to make you deadlier than any infantryman."

Leviathas quickly learned that Baracus was actually Master Scout Baracus. It was under under his tutelage that Leviathas learned what it meant to be a scout. A scout was more than a fighter. He was a tracker, a hunter, an expert in survival and shadow-war. Scouts did not have the bravado that soldiers had. They were not loud about their profession. The infantry and cavalry were the sword and shield of Atlantis. The scouts were her hidden dagger; ready to strike with deadly precision. When Leviathas completed his training, it was his brother who fastened his dagger to his belt.

"You are swift, silent and deadly. For that is all a scout should ever need to be."

-Master Scout Baracus
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