Elemental Array

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Elemental Array
Founder: The First Elemental
Side: Heroes
Motto: With the power of the Elements, we defend the Earth.
Leader(s): The First Elemental
Logo: Image Unavailable
Group Colours: Brown, Orange, White, Blue
Levels: All
Play style: Casual to Frequent
Roleplay: Heavy RP
Timezone(s): (All welcome)
Recruiting: Yes
Contact: @Slid
This RPSG recruits only Elementals and heroes/vigilantes with Elemental powers (known as Champions). Many diverse elements are accepted, from Fire and Water to exotic ones like Darkness, Sonic, or Chaos.

The Elemental Array was originally formed in Paragon City by Primus, the First Elemental, to organize and unite all Elementals under a single banner and fight as one to protect the planet. However, he quickly discovered a new breed of beings blessed by the elements: heroes with elemental powers, whom he dubbed Champions. Whether mutants, wielders of powerful technology, or spellcasters, these heroes possessed a connection to the powerful elements of the Earth that they did not fully understand, and Primus welcomed them into his alliance. In time, many of them would further develop their connection to the elements, gaining many qualities of normal Elementals, and even the ability to assume an elemental form.

The Elemental Array accepts Elementals and Champions of all elements, from the four Primal Elements (Earth, Fire, Air, and Water), to many more exotic elements, such as Light, Darkness, Sonic, Chaos, Order, Plant, Metal, and even Psionic.

Recruitment: The Elemental Array is always eagerly seeking new Elementals and heroes with Elemental powers to join its ranks. We welcome newly-created characters just as readily as powerful level 50s, so long as they fit the theme and are friendly, active role-players. Whether you're interested in joining on an existing character, or creating a new level 1 Elemental to join, please contact @Slid in-game.


The Nexus

The Elemental Array uses the interdimensional world known as The Nexus as a base of operations. Existing as a sentient plane of existence, The Nexus is comprised of all the elements, with each chamber within being attuned to a specific element.

The Ascension

When a non-Elemental member reaches the rank of Primal Champion, a mystical transformation may begin, granting the member the ability to temporarily transform their physical form into a full-fledged Elemental of one or more of the elements which they control.

When an Elemental reaches the rank of Primal Elemental, they may gain a mortal form, temporarily becoming a creature of flesh and blood. Sometimes, this form is not human in nature, but elven or fae-like, or even animalistic.

These transformations do not happen to all members. This is essentially an entirely optional "uniform" that takes up a costume slot, allowing members whose characters are not Elementals to become one if they wish, and vice versa as it allows Elementals to take a mortal form.

Members List

This is an incomplete list of Elemental Array members, distinguished between Elementals and Champions.




The Elemental Array has a few particularly hated foes:

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