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Player: @Slid Silver
Origin: Science
Archetype: Dominator
Threat Level: 41
Personal Data
Real Name: Seth Flint
Known Aliases: Shapechanger, Facechanger, Loyalty
Species: Human (Mutated)
Age: 26
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 750 lbs. (Extremely dense biomass)
Eye Color: Milky White
Hair Color: Bald
Biographical Data
Nationality: Praetorian native, currently a citizen of the Rogue Isles
Occupation: Criminal/Vigilante
Place of Birth: Praetoria
Base of Operations: Spider City, Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None (Orphan)
Known Powers
Hyper-evolved shapechanging ability - morphs limbs into tentacles, blades, spikes, and bludgeoning weapons and alters physical appearance; Spreads potent viral infection, causing tissue deterioration, genetic instability, and insanity
Known Abilities
Excellent combat and stealth ability
Little beyond a cell phone and the clothes on his back
Most clothing "worn" is actually part of his body, shapechanged to look like clothes



An orphan used as a test subject by Neuron's agents for various super-serum drugs designed to create a new breed of "super soldiers" for Emperor Cole's army (loosely connected to the failed experiments which produced Praetoria's ghouls), Seth Flint exhibited an unusual reaction to the drugs, causing them to mutate rapidly within his system. The cocktail of performance-enhancing steroids and other injections destabilized Flint's genetic code, initially causing him tremendous pain and tissue damage. However, a further mutation caused his body to generate an aggressive, virus-like infectious agent which devoured the drugs which were damaging him from within, and further transforming his flesh. It wasn't long before Flint realized he could consciously alter his physical form, transforming his arms into crude but lethal weapons, which he quickly used to escape from Neuron's lab. In time, he developed the ability to infect others with his virus temporarily, driving them insane and causing them to lash out at anything nearby, even their allies.

In Exile

As time went on, however, Seth found his body beginning to deteriorate just as it had before his system produced the virus sustaining his life. Only consuming flesh and tissue from other living creatures could keep him from weakening constantly, replacing strains of his DNA that withered and died at an unnatural rate. This kept him healthy, at the cost of gradually altering his body and powers, and his constant need to feast. At first, he stalked the sewers, preying on ghouls separated from their larger packs, but eventually this genetic material grew "stale," providing his system with no new nourishment. Realizing he would need more diverse strains, he was forced to begin preying upon humans. He sought out criminals and social miscreants at first, but as he grew bolder and more desperate, he hunted down the scientists and other workers who had experimented on him.

It wasn't long before the Praetoria Police Department took notice of the "Scientist Slayer" serial killer, and they dispatched a strike force to hunt him down, assisted by a single Powers Division member (known by the alias Loyalty), "just in case." They found the unstable mutant lairing in the underground where he hid during the day, and attacked without warning. Even then, they were too slow. Flint plunged his arm into the ground, his flesh rippling violently just as rust-red tendrils burst from the floor at the officers' feet, cutting them with razor-sharp edges even as they constricted movement. Transmitted via his subterranean claws, Flint's virus seeped into their veins, any semblance of unit cohesion vanishing as the officers opened fire on one another in a mad haze, killing one another in mere moments.

Only Loyalty escaped the crushing onslaught of Flint's tendrils, and charged the cornered man. He was surprised, however, to see his opponent's fists transform into monstrous bludgeoning weapons just before they slammed into his chest, his super strength no match for the brutal power of the shapeshifting criminal. As he slammed into the far wall, he realized that several of his ribs, as well as his spine, were badly broken. Flint slowly approached the downed hero, an unreadable expression on his face. With only a moment's hesitation, he lashed out with his right arm, needle-sharp spines bursting from his skin as he slashed across the downed champion's throat, severing his head.

Flint picked up the decapitated head of his foe, and looked at the cold, lifeless face for a moment. This was not an evil man - just a man who wanted to protect his home, his country. With a sigh, Flint pressed the head into his chest and absorbed it physically into his flesh, his body already yearning to absorb the new genetic material. Evil or not, this man was food - and Flint was hungry. Hungry for the power inherent in this man's super-powered genetic code. As the rush of new genetic material hit his system, Flint doubled over, suddenly seeing flashes of the deceased hero's memories. Family... friends... fellow Powers Division members... and... a portal?

This hero had been contacted for a mission to travel into Paragon City. Chosen for his exemplary loyalty to Praetoria, he would travel to Primal Earth to be an ambassador to the people of that world, showing them that not all Praetorians are evil and bent on destruction. But now... someone else would complete this mission for him. In his own name.

Flint stood straight up again, and closed his eyes, concentrating. As he did, his body re-shaped itself, taking on the form of the slain Praetorian champion. "I've got an appointment to keep," he spoke in the dead man's voice, and chuckled, strolling casually out of the sewers on his way to Keyes Island and a fresh start in a new world.

Primal Earth

For a short time, Flint found employment with Titan Industries, a corporation which employs metahumans in the Rogue Isles for a variety of purposes, but his volatile nature proved to be a poor fit with the company, and he eventually left.

Eventually, Flint encountered a man calling himself The Supremacist, a mutant with tremendous power over energy, and joined his metahuman supremacy organization, Supremacist Brotherhood.


In addition to the crude reshaping of his limbs into weapons, Seth Flint also possesses the ability to transform completely and precisely into any person whose DNA he has recently absorbed. As his own genetic code is constantly deteriorating and being replaced with new strains of DNA from his victims, the "genetic memory" of these forms lasts from one to two months before it fades. For the first week or so, Flint can also call upon selective memories of his victim, though often these memory fragments do not form coherent or useful thoughts.

Flint's devastating, mutagenic virus destabilizes the genetic code of his victims as it wreaks havoc on their sanity. It's hypothesized that this could trigger a secondary mutation in a Mutation Origin hero or villain, causing significant changes in powers or physical form.

Finally, his most sinister power is his ability to absorb the super powers inherent in the DNA of his victims (normally, this limits his absorption of powers to Mutation, Science, or Natural heroes/villains). Like his alternate forms, however, these powers are volatile and only last for a few weeks in most cases. "Stock" powers like super strength, agility, or durability, however, usually exist in simpler genetic strains, and thus can last much longer. This is the source of Flint's enhanced strength, stamina, and leaping ability.


Flint is unaware that Bioessence, his Primal Earth double, even exists.

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