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File:Screenshot 2007-07-05-12-49-55.jpg
He's big, he's armored, he's quite scary, and he's here to HELP!
Player: @Hinto
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: Hinto
Species: Reptillian Humanoid
Age: 77
Height: 9 feet tall
Weight: unknown
Eye Color: Look like that of a crocodiles.
Hair Color: none
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Attending Law school
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Jack and Nicole Sampson(Parents: Both Deceased), Alyssa Curio(Wife),Charlie Sampson(Daughter), Isabella Sampson(Daughter), Listel(Soon-to-be,Daughter-in-Law)
Known Powers
Super strength and Invulnerability
Known Abilities

Birthday: 10/11/1930



Hinto is generally fun loving and enjoys jokes. He has some minor anger problems though, so if you get on his bad side it can get ugly. If your polite he will be cheerful and kind. He can be quite stubborn when he wants to be as well.

Powers and Abilities

Hinto Banner.jpg

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Super strength

His reptillian DNA and muscle mass give him extreme natural strength.
File:Screenshot 2007-09-10-20-40-12.jpg
Hinto 'showing off' his strength.
File:Screenshot 2007-09-11-20-05-21.jpg
Hinto and Alyssa versus Dominatrix.


His scales and muscle mass give him a really tough hide. He can withstand a huge amount of different things.


His wings are very powerful limbs, and very flexible, enabling quick easy travel.


Hinto has always enjoyed coming up with strategies and plans, he loves the position of leader, but he isn't so rude to demand it.


Hinto has a set of fangs that are like a cobra's, but he prefers to keep them retracted and hidden. He is afraid to use them in any situation due to them packing a very deadly poision.

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

Time before Paragon

How his powers came to be.

Hinto was once a simple fifteen year old kid named Tony. Born in L.A. California He remained normal, till one day, a mysteirious man appeared before him. The man's name was Nightmare, he stole Tony away from his freinds, family, and everything he knew of his old life. THe next thing Tony knew he was in a hidden location inside a secret corporation, run by a man named Dr. Nyles. They intended to create 'The Ultimate Life-Form.' With Tony as the test subject, due to his 'Easily Manipulated' D.N.A. For the next week or so all Tony could recall was pure torture, they analyzing every single part of him for best results. Untill finally, he awake inside a large tank, tubes and needles of all short inside him, then all he knew was pure agony and pain. Moreso then almost no one else has ever felt. When the pain ended Tony the average boy was no longer in the tank........Hinto the Monster, in his place.

'Enslavery' then 'Escape'

Hinto was injected with chemicals on a daily basis to keep him feral and controlable. Everyday they tested his abillities having him slaughter 100's of soldiers, even building him a powerful suit of armor. He stayed controled in this manner for a year long, by Nightmare,who killed Dr. Nyles shortly after the expieriments and took over the corporation. Till one day a mistake occured in which a Doctor failed to inject the formula due to carelessness. Hinto snapped out of the control and escaped in a fury,......the only remnants of that lab now are ruins, and dead bodies,everyone dead except Nightmare and Hinto himself.

The discovery of his family

After his escape the first thing he wanted to do was find his parents.....he did so only to discover them at home, recently killed...suicide... Completely heart broken he fled the scene in a hurry hot tears pouring down. Eventually finding his brother had a similar fate. He was so pain struck madness consumed him. He heard of Paragon along with the Rogue Isles and decided that there he could take out some agression.

Before becoming a Hero

Villanous Career

Hinto originally started out as a villain, taking out agression through slaughter, he decided to head to the Rouge Isles at first, due to Paragon's mass number of heroes. He found a place in Arachnos and for a few months stayed a villain. Till one day during a assignment inside Paragon. In which he was supposed to simply, rob a bank. When he arrived there he noticed all the citizens and innocent people about, unlike the gangs he was killing in the isles. He then realized what he was doing and snapped out of his madness, for the most part. He went and struck a deal with the superhero Registration. If he never does a criminal act again, he can be a hero.

His expeiriences in paragon.

Meeting Fenrix

File:Screenshot 2007-05-06-22-07-21.jpg
Hinto (right) and Fenrix (guy in orange.)

Hinto once met a strange man named Fenrix when inside Pocket D. Hinto was a bit new to the Hero game but so was Fenrix. THey quikcly saw being Partners in crime fighting would be a valuble tool. They went out and fought a few crimes, they working together extremely well. Till one day Hinto started having beastial periods, times when he grows feral. Fenrix was one of the few who knew of this and tried to help. Hinto found some medical treatment for the feralness but it was only temporary. When the mutations started up again he found a Silver Suit similar to Nightmare's that could sustain him. For a time that worked, along with Fenrix's asistance but that quickly fell apart too. Hinto's feral side slowly grew intoa full fledged personality calling itself 'Ragnarok'. Fenrix suddenly left the city, for good, after a while leaving Hinto to fight of Ragnarok alone.

Meeting Rizzy

Hinto was once in Pocket D casually hanging out when he met a mysteirious and playful Mutated Gecko named Rizzy. Hinto discovered that they both shared common sense of humor and became freinds. Hinto didint know that Rizzy in fact had a dark side which split from her long ago, who shortly arrived upon the good Rizzy leaving. Hinto spoke with the evil Rizzy but Ragnarok temporarily took over Hinto's body. Ragnarok (still in Hinto's body) found out a method from speaking with the Evil Rizzy which he could break free of Hinto. Ragnarok broke out of Hinto's body creating one for himself. Leaving Hinto disoriented untill he found the Good Rizzy. Rizzy was deeply sorry for the trouble she caused Hinto, but they remained freinds. Hinto remained freinds with her untill he started to realize.....he had feelings for her.

His time with Rizzy

Hinto confessed his feelings for Rizzy and he found out she had feelings for him as well. He and her quickly became boyfreind and girlfreind, working together constantly. He noticed that whenever he had emotional torubles she was there to help, but she was always a bit harsh. Nonetheless they stayed together.

Rizzy's fusion

Hinto was one day meeeting up with Rizzy and discovered that she had fused with a Nictus, becoming a warshade. The Nictus was currently in control of Rizzy's body since Rizzy's mind was disoriented for a while. Hinto afraid of losing Rizzy lashed out at the alien, being a s rude and brash as possible. The alien hated him for it and said Rizzy wished him ill as well. Hinto absolutely furious that even his most sincerist heart felt apology diddint work on the alien, he decided to stay seperate from Rizzy as long as the alien was in control.

Meeting Alyssa

One faithful day while Hinto was in pocket D he met a Lizard like woman, named Alyssa Curio, alias hero Radiant Reptile, she apparantly being originally human. He talked with her a bit and they both became real good freinds due to their sense of humors. They worked together on quite a few crime fighting cases. They both enjoying joking around quite a bit.

Joining the Galacto-Rangers

File:Screenshot 2007-09-10-20-53-59.jpg
Hinto hanging out in the Ranger's base.

Alyssa was apparntly apart of a well known super group knowm as The Galacto-Rangers! Hinto told Alyssa that he wasnt apart of any group and she offered to set him up for a interveiw with one of the recruiters. Which she did. Hinto was interveiwed by Chogori. He was able to get into the group and found out he enjoyed the base and freindly members quite a bit, he also felt a bit accepted.

Hinto's accident

Hinto was with Alyssa when a terrible accident occured -one which they both refuse to tell about- Hinto had to be sent to the hospital. Alyssa stayed by his side the whole time despite him being very dazed, his heart breifly stopping during the expeirience. When he was able to recover enough he immediately went to leave the hospital, Alyssa offered for him to stay at her apartment which he accepted. From then on he stayed with Alyssa at her apartment.

Hinto's Relationship dilema

Alyssa's confession

Hinto was really good freinds with ALyssa ever since the accident, he and her got along very well. Till one day Alyssa confessed that she had been harboring feelings for Hinto, but was afraid to say anything since he was with Rizzy. Hinto realized that his feelings for Rizzy may have never been real, maybe only caused by Hinto and Rizzy's evil halves being together. Hinto confessed that he as well would like to be with her but was unsure what to do....so he spoke with Rizzy.

The final moments with Rizzy

Hinto went to Rizzy and found out she was in full control of her body again. Hinto then told Rizzy that they should become just freinds, due to their evil halfs, having a relationship. Rizzy diddint take well to the idea but in the end she agreed to them becoming just freinds, although she hated the idea. Shortly after that time, the Rizzys vanished...

Hinto and Alyssa

Their relationships progression

Hinto went to Alyssa and told her what happened, they shortly becoming boyfreind and girlfreind. Hinto was unsure of it due to what could happen to Alyssa but he went with it. Soon he accepted his decision and he and Alyssa's feelings for eachother grew immensly. Although not common knowledge Hinto proposed to Alyssa a bit back and she said 'Yes', so they are now engaged. Although he is a bit reluctant to tell others of it. They still continue to crimefight together when ever chance presents itself.

Hinto's 'Sexy Sidekick'

File:Screenshot 2007-09-11-20-02-05.jpg
Hinto with Alyssa in her replica armor.

A bit after the proposal Hinto and Alyssa went out to crime fight together, but Alyssa had a surprise for him. When she arrived on the scene she was wearing a replica of Hinto's armor. Hinto was flattered and she then decided to wear it whenever they work together. After a while though people started to think they were a 'crime fighting duo', so Hinto and ALyssa agreed on Alyssa being the 'Sexy Sidekick.' They forming the duo.

The Rizzy's Return?!

Rizzy returned upon meeting with her Hinto suffered guilt trips and nightmares of all sorts. Alyssa consulted Hinto and stayed by him... One night Rizzy and Hinto had a talk to end it all... closing off all bad feelings, agreeing to become freinds... Ragnarok and the Evil-Rizzy of course decided to finally try to finish them off for good...

The death of the shadows

Ragnarok and the Evil Rizzy challenged Hinto, Alyssa, and the Good Rizzy... This fight took place in a dark secluded canyon... at the end the Rizzy's were slain by eachother... and Ragnarok suffered his own death... Hinto was saddened by this and gave the Good Rizzy a proper funeral... but he stayed strong, since after all... he still had his love by his side.

The Marriage

Hinto and Alyssa were wed inside a sea cave off of Talos, by the Hero 'Hungan' on the date of November 10th 2007. Alyssa wore a beautiful flowing red wedding dress(look up what the color white symbolizes and guess), and Hinto wore a stunning tuxedo. The Firey-Tempered kind Pyroflash, The Cocky yet freindly Megabubble, The adorable Kaniney Girl, The self-indulged speedy Johnny Turbo ,and Galacto-Man even. To Hinto and Alyssa's delight they had their freinds come.. By the end of the night they were united in marriage and happier then ever. The next day Hinto and Alyssa went straight for Hawaii! Where Hinto sharpend his surfing skills and Alyssa learned to Hula. Both had a very good time and still love eachother just as much, maybe even more so.

The Rikti Invasion

Hinto heard of the Rikti coming to attack earth and immediately wished to help. He quickly signed on with Vangaurd and has helped them quite a bit. He doesnt work with Vangaurd too often but he helps out every so often.

New Groups new beginnings

Farewell to the Rangers

Hinto and Alyssa decided it was finally time to depart from the Galacto-Rangers. They both using their com links delivered their final words to their teamamtes, Hinto and CiCi shared a breif talk about how brothers never stay away forever. As they bid their adeu's they received a message from American-Marvel...

The United Sentinels of America

Hinto and Alyssa were invited into a prestigious group known as the United Sentinels of America. Upon joining Hinto and Alyssa were welcomed with open arms. Hinto felt a sense of kinship immediately with them all, and now he fights for them till' the very end, and if he has his way there WON'T be a end.

Hinto's first job

Hinto a mere week after joining received a speacial assignment... negotiate with a kidnapper of one of the USoA's teammates! The captor was Diasumat of the Young Rogues, Hinto knew Samoht the second in command of the group so he felt he might have a edge on that matter... he diddin't... He was appalled by the sheer stupid-y of their demands... naked pictures, decrees of superiority ... and that's all... Hinto realizing his wife would be in a naked picture grew a bit upset and decided to trap the villains like they trapped him. Rescuing his freind Samoht from Arachnoids he traded Samoht for the captured USoA member... leaving the villains with nothing gained, and nothing lost... well they DID lose a bit of dignity and gained a new enemy... Hinto slept peacefully.

Ragnarok Returns


Ragnarok was somehow revived and had a run in with Hinto... they were on freindly grounds fighting the Praetorian of them, the way they beat the Praetorian isn't for certain, but all is known is they won by fighting together...

Hinto's Family Time


So Hinto lately has been easing down on the heroing taking time to stay with his wife, his Naga daughter Isabella, and his future step daughter Listel. Hinto couldn't of been happier, relaxing and just enjoying life...


Little to Hinto's knowledge a certain little miracle showed up! Hinto and Alyssa had a baby! Charlie Sampson, their new baby girl, named after Alyssa's mother. Hinto although at first frowning on the idea of having children... quickly cheered up. He now spends his days going to law school, then at the end of each day being with his loving family. Truely he is in the happiest time of his life... and he hopes it will last for all eternity...

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Freinds and Family


Hinto considers his closest freinds to be Psi Cicada, Hungan, Knight Sentinel, and Samoht. He would do anything to make sure there safe.


His wife Alyssa is the love of his life, soul, and beyond. He will do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING to make sure shes safe and happy. With his Naga daughter Isabella who he is very protective of, his soon to be step daughter Listel, and finally his baby girl Charlie. He also considers CiCi(Psi Cicada) to be kind of a step brother.

To be continued

Hey its not the end trust me I will be adding more n.n;

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