Jezebel Omen

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Jezebel at the D
Jezebel Omen
Player: @Neph
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Corrupter
Threat Level: 36
Personal Data
Real Name: Jezebel Omen
Known Aliases: Jez
Species: Succubus
Age: Ancient
Height: Undisclosed
Weight: Undisclosed
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Purple
Biographical Data
Nationality: Infernal
Occupation: Corrupter of Innocence
Place of Birth: The Infernal Planes
Base of Operations: Undisclosed
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Soul Corruption, Emotion Manipulation, Damnation
Known Abilities
None of note


A succubus who deals in Drugs and Damnation instead of Lust, Jezebel works to extend her influence throughout the Rogue Isles and establish herself as the top player in the drug-infested society...



All demons are born with purpose. Some are frothing-at-the-mouth lunatics who serve as the foot soldiers of hell - their life expectancy is the first battle they face. Some are destined to rule and keep order, so that we may conspire together and work in unison. For myself? My purpose is the corruption of innocence and the damnation of souls.

-As spoken by Jezebel Omen


Created in ancient times, Jezebel was born from the matter of the Infernal Planes themselves - Evil and Corruption given physical forms. These concepts were the foundation stone to her character - immutable and forever.

Jezebel began as a young, immature succubus, serving her Lord in his harem and by small, low-risk tasks on the world of mortals. Her role was one that she took to with great zeal, and her achievements quickly brought her recognition and elevated her status in demon-kind above the rest of her kin. She worked endlessly towards the goals of her Lord, and of the Hells themselves, producing a slow but steady flow of damned souls to their pits.

Long before the time Jezebel had arrived on the Isles, her method of temptation and corruption had changed. She turned away from the "base" temptations of lust and researched extensively into the use of narcotics, hallucinogenics, and other drugs and their effects on others. She came to realise the satisfaction of claiming souls who craved their last hit that was denied to them - when their need became an insane call, she would exchange it for their souls - an offer that the now wretched recipients could not deny.

It was through her unusual methodology that Jezebel came to be well known in demonic circles, and respected for her insightful philosophy into souls and mortal life. Indeed, it was through this networking that ultimately she came to save her own life and wind up in the Isles.

Recent History

Through means that she does not discuss, her Lord was overthrown, and all of his retinue bar Jezebel was slain. Jezebel was spared due to her contacts and pacts with outside agents, but, Lordless now, she was banished to the mortal realm. Some time has passed since then, and she now once more has a foothold in the Infernal Planes, and a new Lord to pass on the souls she reaps.


Run Riot

Inevitable Evolution



Jezebel's front is always a friendly and outgoing appearance. Underneath this though lurks the presence from which she was made from - Evil and Corruption. These very concepts define her being and purpose in life.


Soul Corruption

Jezebel's presence and offers can lead souls towards a darker end. She can sense the presence and current state of souls.

Emotion Manipulation

Jezebel is able to capture emotion and experiences and manufacture them into drug cocktails through a combination of magical and mundane methods.


Jezebel has the power to damn a soul, should it willingly take the offer exchanged.


Jezebel is a thinker, not a fighter. Although capable of handling herself, there's a long, long list who could effortlessly defeat her in combat.

Other Notes

-Jezebel is extremely proud of pure demonic heritage. She holds half demons who embrace their mortal side in contempt.

-She has no soul. She was not born of any parent, but rather is Evil given a physical form.

-Jezebel is sickened by the presence of powerful Angelic beings. She weakens and finds it difficult to concentrate in their holy auras. Likewise, her demonic taint tends to the same to weaker Angels.

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